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How to alleviate motion sickness in 6yo

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Well, I suspect it's motion sickness, at least--the last time we flew, DS threw up when the plane landed.  On our return trip a week later, he thought he would vomit again during the flight but did not do so until we pulled into our driveway and stopped the car.  He rarely throws up, and in this case, the common denominator seems to be that he got sick both times when the movement stopped.  He had never had any such travel discomfort before and has no problems riding in a car.


We're flying again soon and he's afraid this will happen again.  I'd appreciate any tips.  Is this motion sickness?  What can we do about it?  Thanks in advance.

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Does he like ginger?  I take candied ginger whenever we fly and it really helps me.  Ginger is a natural for easing upset tummies!


Our ds doesn't like ginger, so we keep a bottle of Emetrol around (Wal-Mart has it) and it always helps him if he's feeling queasy.  It is very sweet (cherry), but it really works.

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Oh, poor baby.  I have wicked motion sickness, and have since I was little.  It is truly the worst feeling in the world.  I often get sick at the end of the ride (car, plane, train, boat)  Stopping and starting is a big trigger and on planes take off and landing is usually the roughest.


A few things I have noticed that help me:

Moving air - if there is a fan, you can open the window whatever to get some air moving over him it might help.  I think some motion sickness stems from the feeling of moving without the whole body feeling like you are moving. (this is purely my own little theory. LOL)

Keep him cool - if I get overheated, it is all over, I will be sick.

Kid's Bonine or Dramamine - I have been taking it my whole life, and I can say that it has allowed me travel and be active. (well, not the kid's version. LOL)

Sea Bands - These do help and do work. 30 hours of train ride with no sickness is a huge deal for me, and would not have been possible.

Water on hand - small sips can help

Ginger ale or carbonated water - sometimes the carbonation will help you burp, which will let your tummy calm down.

Make sure he is not too full or too hungry - either can make me feel worse. 


I hope some of those help. 

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our kids use them....some sort of motion sickness braclets....put them on wrist, buy two packs...and they hit some magic pressure point and like magic....worked great on our two kids...we got them at Walgreens (you have to look in the motion sickness section yourself...they come in a small square box...think of half of an index card.......hope that helps........OH...what about his ears...could he have an ear infection that is going nuts?

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