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eBooks or Physical Books

Poll Results: When given the choice, which do you choose?

  • 23% (3)
  • 53% (7)
    Physical Book
  • 7% (1)
    We don't use textbooks.
  • 15% (2)
13 Total Votes  
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This is mostly pertaining to textbooks. I am curious what seasoned (and new) home schoolers choose in this regard.

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E-books are just so much easier to manage. In our house we have 3 Kindles, 2 Ipads and e-reader apps on all of the phones. Our entire library goes with us everywhere. We can all study anything at anytime. And the "find" option makes a world of difference.  

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I love to read fiction on my kindle, but if I'm reading non-fiction, a physical book works better for me.  

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We do not use textbooks and I also have not gotten anything specifically for homeschooling for our e-reader yet. I am considering it though depending on cost and availability of what we want to use next year.


Dh is a college student and is considering getting some of his books next semester as e-books.

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Honestly- it just all depends.  I have a NookColor and the ability to get books from the library on there is great, I can also get numerous books for free that way.  DS takes some online classes and most of that material is online or email format.  He also loves printed material as well.


I guess we are non-committal at this point and love all the options available to us.  I love my Nook and wouldn't give it back for anything but sometimes I just want to curl up with an actual book as well.  DS loves technology but sometimes printed material is better.  Graphs and charts are difficult on e-readers, sometimes he needs to 'see' 2-3 pages and you can't do that electronically.


I would say ideally: literature, history on e-books while math and science printed books.  (at least for jr high and above)

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So far, most "texts" that we have used are either math (which I really like printed out) or a text/workbook combo (science).  So, I find that I still prefer regular books.  But, I still prefer regular books for pleasure reading too.  

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I prefer physical books.

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physical books 100% reading on screens gives my daughter and I a headache

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I say a mix of both. Having a library at your fingers is fantastic, but having a phsical book is great for note taking etc... there is just differant experiance. 

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We will start to homeschool in the beginning of the year and I had an option of buying online curiculum and ebooks for our materials. I choose to go with traditional books because I like the ability of leafing throught the book and looking up quickly parts that interest me. I have sony reader and kindle and love both for reading fiction books but reading educational books also did not work for me. I missed flipping the pages. 

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