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Question about Lact-aids

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I am a little bit confused about the point of a lact-aid.  Is it for babies who can't/won't latch or is it also beneficial for building supply?


Does the baby get any milk out of the breast or is it just pure supplement?  do you have to pump afterwards to maintain your supply?


I'm pumping 6-7 times a day but fall about 150-200ml short of what my baby needs each day, is this something that would benefit me?  Also i'm trying to get her back to the breast, starting with the night feed when I prob have the most milk (saves me from pumping in the night as well :) ).  at some point I want to try during the day as well but the at moment i'm supplementing 1-2 150ml bottles each day, when should I give her the supplement then?  If I offer it after each feeding she will drink a lot and then not want to nurse for hours.  If I nurse really regularly while I still don't have enough milk and don't supplement, she won't be getting enough surely?


Sooo confusing, thanks ladies!

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I've only used an SNS - but I think the idea is the same.


The idea is that baby is stimulating supply while getting suppliment if mom doesn't have enough milk - while pumping after will just encourage supply even more, you do not neccesarily have to. It also helps baby associate milk with the breast and could be benificial in getting baby back to the breast.


It will only work if your LO can latch/suck effectivily. My DD can't/couldn't suck well (getting much much better - I think I responded with our breif story on one of your other threads), so the SNS has never worked for us unless I leterally squeeze  the bottle into her mouth, and since she needs so much support to stay latched I just don't have enough hands.

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I would usually let my DD nurse bare until I heard the swallowing stop. Then I would take her off and relatch her with the lact-aid. So basically your breasts are drained and then you get even more stimulation as baby drinks the supplement - so it stimulates your supply. It sort of takes the place of having to pump afterwards. So yes, it is beneficial for building a supply. But ultimately, your supply will max out and it is just about being about to keep baby at the breast. Not using bottles eliminates nipple confusion and it also allows you more bonding time at the breast. 



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Ah I see, that seems like a good idea.  The last two nights I have been breastfeeding for the night feed.  I pump for the last time nat about 21.00ish and then she doesn't wake until 3am so I know that I have enough milk for that feed, boobs are like rocks by then!  a lactation specialist is coming over today to give me some advice as to whether it will be feasible to try EBF or when to supplement etc, the SNS does sound like your getting three jobs done at once, stimulation, feeding and pumping :)


I was thinking about adding Goats Rue to my regime but the sites that DON'T sell it don't say it's safe to use during breastfeeding.  The sites that DO sell it of course say it's fine and promotes growth of glandular tissue etc...is there any more concrete evidence that it is safe?

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I've never heard it was unsafe. I started taking goats rue when my DD was 9 mos old and it increased my pumping output by at least an ounce (which was like a 50% increase!). I had lost most of my, albeit small, supply on my right side from mastitiis early on and taking goats rue brought it back! I took the max dose of the tincture. I plan to start taking it at 36 weeks pregnant (I'm 25 weeks now). 



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