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Ok o even though I am what 15 weeks we haven't told anyone really yet.

 I am starting to show so telling people if they ask. BUT we need to tell our family(mine 6 hours away, his 2 days drive). 


Ideas, and yes this is our 9th his 11th(2step-sons) so creative is hard and might have been down L?

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How have you told them in the past?
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I just blurted it out but that was the 1st one.

The big sister shirt with #2. 

I have sent save the date type things for the edd. #3


I have sent flowers and a note at mothers day(when we found out). #4

I sent all three grandmothers new birth month charms(they all have various grandkid necklaces). #5

I sent the u/s photo(had bleeding issue and it was right after a m/c). #8

Told them when they called to wish us happy annivseary that Tim's gift was going to be 9 months late when they asked what he gave me(MIL didn't get it). #7

 #6 inlaws found out when he was 3 months old cause I posted halloween photos(they never called us for the entire preg or we would have told them) my family when they called that easter the oldest 2 got on together and told them(. We had just moved to Korea(Had Vonage so US number) and they both told my family that they weren't getting a puppy in Korea but a new baby-hubby promised a puppy cause we couldn't take ours so my sister took our dog.


Think that is pretty much al the ways. 

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Maybe do an early holiday card from each of you "and a baby coming EDD"?  I know it's similar to #4, but seasonally appropriate!  And I bet they'd be curious as to why they were getting a holiday card in June!


How about a belly picture with all the kids and your and DHs hands on the belly?  I thought about doing that for this one, but went with a photo of my kids lined up, then my belly, with "2004 Model" "2006 Model" "2009 Model" "2012 Model coming Nov/Dec!" on our shirts (just put the letters in in a photo editing program, didn't actually get shirts.)  This was for my FB announcement.


Maybe send them 9 (or 11) of something?

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I can't do photos with all the kids, half them are visiting family for the summer.