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Does terrible nausea in early pregnancy decrease your chance of loss?

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I am hoping that my extreme symptoms are a good sign, and that this one is going to go the whole 9 months.  I am only 5 weeks 5 days but my life has changed so much already because of the nausea and tiredness.  I have heard the more you "feel" pregnant the better are your chances.  Any thoughts?

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The nausea is definitely a good sign - tells you the hormones are working as they should!  But of course not everyone gets that nausea and still have healthy pregnancies.  I have had 2 m/c and 2 healthy pregnancies, and had the nausea/vomiting only with the 2 healthy pregnancies.  Hope this gives you some reassurance!  Congrats to you!

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Sort of. :) It's not that the nausea causes a reduction in your likelihood of miscarrying, but the nausea does signal that you are less likely to miscarry. It's not a cause and effect relationship, but they are related.

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Here's a link to a relatively recent article:



The NYT has a blurb with a reference to a slightly older article:



Both indicate that there is a correlation between morning sickness and lowered rates of miscarriage. 

Severe morning sickness, however, has also been shown to be associated with increased complications, possibly due to the stress the body is under, poor nutrition, and dehydration.  So really, both extremes (no morning sickness and really bad morning sickness) are associated with poor outcomes (though causation is unclear).


Good luck in the rest of your pregnancy!  Hopefully you fall right in the middle.  smile.gif

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Very interesting... I know someone who recently had a loss and she had horrible MS and really struggled with it. It seemed cruel really that she was so sick and still lost her baby. :( But it's good to know that generally it is a good thing!

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Yes.  No one can give me the assurance that I want to hear of course. That everything is going to be ok.  I just have to take great care of myself... but ultimately let go of control and.... trust.

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Extreme nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (hyperemesis) is correlated with higher HCG hormones. High HCG levels correlate with a much lower chance of miscarriage. There are some rare things that can cause extremely high levels of HCG like a molar pregnancy and this would not be a viable pregnancy. The chances of this are very slight. Multiples can also cause higher levels of HCG and therefore more nausea and vomiting.


There a re a lot of remedies for the nausea and vomiting both natural and pharmaceutical. The most important thing is to stay hydrated. Drink lots of fluids especially fluids with some sugars in them such as Gatorade or juices.


Even though being sick is miserable you can enjoy the silver lining of knowing you are very unlikely to lose this pregnancy.


Here are some very informative videos dealing with these issues:




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Drmsg you made me feel so much better. I am trying to stay hopeful after all of my losses.

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