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Copper IUD

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OK so I got the IUD about 3-4 years ago and I do have panic attacks can't really remember if I started getting them right after I got the IUD or before either way a couple weeks ago I started getting dizzy, panic attacks like no other..not just panicky but extreme fear, tingly hands and legs.. I was so scared I went to doc and he ordered an mri and it came back normal. Then I remembered I have an IUD (copper) and looked online and found this board. Im just wondering could the symtoms just come after 3-4 years of not having them or at least not as much? Anyone felt something similar after having it for a prolonged time?

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I've never hear of such symptoms caused by an IUD.  But I suppose it's possible. shrug.gif

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i have read somewhere online before that it can in fact cause panic attacks and depression

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