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Prodromal labour? Ugh.

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Hey there!,

Okay so I'm 40+6 today. Yesterday I had an appt and my OB offered to do a check, I hadn't had one since around week 20, so I agreed! I was very curious. She said I was 1cm and 25% effaced. Good to know. She offered to do a sweep as well, and I agreed.

Well very soon after that, I started getting strong menstrual pain. Was definitely not like the BH I've been feeling on and off for weeks now. Over the next 12 hours the pain never went away, and I was able to time my contractions to a minute in length, around 6-7 minutes apart. My iPhone app tells me it was "first stage: active labour". So.

12 hours is a long time? So I let my doula know, and truly thought that was the start of it all. Was kinda expecting a baby today lol. Decided to to sleep, and I've awoke this morning to the pain and contractions pretty much disappeared. I did think I lost a tiny bit of mucus plug though (was clear and very slimy).

Idk. I'm so confused. Is this prodromal labour? What do you guys think? I've been awake for an hour now (just lying here in bed beside my husband), and I've had two gradual pains with a peak, but nothing like yesterday.

I'm hoping if this is prodromal or whatever, it is only a matter of a day or days until real active labour begins. I can't afford weeks at this point. greensad.gif
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It still sounds pretty likely that you'll get your baby.

I had prodromal labor with my last for three weeks. (37-40 weeks). I had episodes like this 4-5 times, but most of mine were much shorter spurts (3-4 hours of contractions and then just stallout). I will say, during all of my 3 weeks, the ONLY day I had what I could describe as "menstrual like cramps" was the day my son was born. It's pretty likely that you got some good work done down there and are well on your way to having that baby.

My good friend who had a baby last week had a very similar thing happen to her, and she just had a really long labor.

It's good that you got some sleep. What are you doing? Moving around? Walking? Those things are good for keeping contractions going.

With both of my births, I was able to diffrenciate "real" labor (I hate that term, because prodromal labor is real labor, it just doesnt result in birth) by the feeling of contractions. All throughtout pregnancy I had BH and those are pretty painless up and down contractions. The contractions that happened during birth felt like my muscles were being pulled from side to side, not up and down. Much more painful- and I immediately *knew*, "No, THIS is it. THIS is the real thing. THIS is a crapload of extreme pain."

Hopefully you get your baby today smile.gif
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Oh, and I dont know if this is your first or not, but with my prodromal labor I sat at 4-5 cm dilated for 2 weeks. But I headed to the hospital as soon as that first side to side contraction happened, and he was born 20 minutes after we arrived.Prodromal labor doesnt mean you arent getting anything done, sometimes it just means it's more spread out.
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Well, I can only hope you're right! Haha. I want to meet my little man sometime soon smile.gif and hopefully avoid any other induction measures, etc. I'm so blessed to have made it this far. I have insulin resistance, and managed this entire pregnancy MED FREE, and fought my way into a low risk status! I'd hate for all my hard work to go down the drain. 

Haven't been doing anything this morning. Husband is still asleep, so I just lying here. But he said we'll go walk around the entire day if that's what I need (and he has one leg in a full leg brace right now from a work injury. What a sweetie!)

Oh and yes, first baby. I still feel "off", and I am having very tiny tiny contractions. Like how I normally feel when menstrual pain is starting (yesterday I had a few hours of this, and then gradually got worse and worse). So I'm crossing my fingers it gets more stronger today! Or at least tomorrow. I'd like to avoid the fetal assessment I have scheduled for Monday, haha. 
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And just remember, no matter what happens during the birth- it doesn't mean that all your hard work to stay meds free during the pregnancy has gone down the drain. If you have meds for one day, that is a lot better than having them for 9 months.
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Of course you're right, and that's very true. I can't help but feel anxious about it though. greensad.gif
I have it strictly in my birth plan to avoid IVs (they are a source of incredible fear for me, and they're far too traumatizing because of past experiences). So ideally I want to avoid their usage at all costs! Haha.
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Lost a huge piece of mucus plug this morning. Can't say I ever thought I'd be excited about something that resembled a massive piece of snot LOL.
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hey - I had a couple days of early labour - it went on and off, progressing each time to around 5-6 minutes apart and then fizzling.

My babe was posterior, and my MW suggested it was my body and babies way of trying to turn her before the active part started.


After 3 days of many bouts, my MW did another sweep. I was at 3cm, fully effacted at this point, (on day one I was 1cm 80 percent effaced). AFter the sweep she said I would likely go into active labour within 2 hours and was right. Babe was born 9 hours after. My active labour was normal length.


So don't fret that this means long active labour, and REST REST REST. Body and babe are smart - so get as much rest as you can, eat some healthy protiens. Embrace this time as your prep time :)! GOOD LUCK AND BLESSED BIRTH!

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Cervical checks and stretch/sweeps can cause contractions like that. I would bet that's what happened. You probably made some progress but it doesn't sound like your labor had really started, it was just from the sweep. It will happen and your baby knows the right time to be born!
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I always have 3 days of prodromal labor before each birth (3 times now, expecting it to happen again in December lol). It's frustrating, for sure. But honestly, rest, stay hydrated, and know birth is coming SOON.

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These "soft signs" of labor are not really predictive of when active labor will start. Sometimes active labor will follow immediately sometimes even these early signs will disappear. When contractions are taking your breath away and coming every 3-5 minutes, or when the water breaks it is time. Here are some links to videos that give good information about these concepts:



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Corat, any update?
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