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difficult to get thimerosal free flu shot in Canada

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I found this (sigh)





"there are two thimerosal-free influenza vaccines approved for sale in Canada, however they are not currently available for publicly funded programs. One of these vaccines (Influvac from Solvay) is not currently approved for use in individuals under 18 years of age and both are available only in the private market."

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So in Canada, you can't get thimerosal-free flu shots for babies, either? Or was that just for adults?

Hopefully, Canadians are already aware of the risks/poor efficacy of the flu shot.
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Also in that article - which is from the Public Health Service of Canada - so they seem to be trying to tell everyone what's going on (in response to Taxi's hope that Canadians know this stuff): 




There is no safety reason to avoid thimerosal-containing vaccines. 

The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) has thoroughly reviewed the evidence and indicated that “There is no legitimate safety reason to avoid the use of thimerosal-containing products for children or older individuals, including pregnant women.”





The levels of ethylmercury in vaccines are minute and have not been shown to cause harm. Millions of doses of thimerosal-containing vaccines have been administered to patients since the 1930’s with no common or serious adverse events observed.
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Prosciencemum:  it is hardly surprising that the Canadian government is saying thimerosal is fine on a page where they say they have few non-thim choices, which people have to pay for.  On another page:   http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ewh-semt/pubs/contaminants/mercur/q28-q34-eng.php they say people should pick non-thim over thim when they have the choice, so who knows what they think.  


I any event, the point of this post is not to debate thimerosal (which is happening currently on the main forum).

This post was primarily meant as a PSA announcement to Canadians that the flu vax they receive most definitely does have thimerosal in it, unless they have specifically asked and paid for a non-thim shot.  People have a right to know what is and isn't in their vaccines.

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Yes indeed! It is difficult and expensive to obtain a thimerosol-free flu shot in Canada. I got the flu shot in November while pregnant; I assumed the shot contained thimerosol, though I did not actually ask.


No other routine vaccines in the country contain it, so if you're worried about the toxic levels adding up, it's just this one vaccine (administered yearly) that you have to worry about.


I know people who avoid the flu shot for this reason. I am not among their number. I don't smoke or eat shark or processed food... so I figure I can handle a little ethylmercury every once in awhile.

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