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anyone else

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have absolutely no inclination whatsoever to cook/clean? This always happens in my first trimester. I'm just so sluggish and can handle some laundry and mostly the kids but the actual maintenance of the house is not good. Normally I like things to be just so and clean and ready to go. Ugh. When will this part be done? It seems worse than with my previous 2 pregnancies....

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I was like that completely. It hit me with fatigue around 5-6 weeks and only has in the past week let up and things feel back to normal. Thankfully my partner (who was himself working til 11pm each day), would take over entirely - especially the things that were driving me crazy (dishes!!) :) Had no desire to cook, and that's not entirely gone yet either... still only making basic things, I love to cook too so that's been disappointing.

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yea I hear you. It drives me crazy because I can't stand that my house is a disaster and yet I can't summon up the energy I need to deal with it. ugh. Glad that I'm not alone though! Can't wait to get into the 2nd trimester. I feel huge already and am just tired of being tired. nut.gif

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yep. i am pretty much dead and useless the first trimester. greensad.gif However I get energy and strength back in the second and beginning of third... and then I go back to useless. smile.gif
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I was just complaining that I needed to eat cereal right away when I get up but there is never a clean bowl or spoon... :)  I felt like such a sloth saying it.  Then I threw up...so yah really sick of the situation here and really still sick too.  My husband tries to keep up but he has been busy and stressed too.  We still have not found a house and we have to be out of this one in 10 days wow!  My kids are totally acting up and our diet is suffering..glad I am not alone

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After being incredibly sick for months and going straight into pregnancy and the first trimester I've gladly resigned myself to a guilt free summer of sloth and gluttony. There will be time to cook proper meals, clean and nest come the cold months. This afternoon I fed the children a giant bowl of watermelon and blueberries, cheese and crackers for lunch on the deck. I laid down and watched them play in the kiddie pool while listening to music via headphones loud enough that I couldn't hear their occasional, harmless bickering. Dinner is in the slow cooker and we're watching cartoons, playing with toys and building a fort from a big, cardboard box. For now nothing is meeting my housekeeping standards. It's so great. winky.gif I'll get into things needing to be just so before birth and then the baby will remind me where my priorities should be - in the arms and hearts and life of my family. 

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