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Tangled up, but not blue. Our birth story.

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Where did I begin? I had acupuncture last Thursday, with the intention of making my irregular contractions better, which worked really well, but in hind sight going back home to my normal routine that was a mistake.After that acupressure would bring on contractions, but not as well as a session in Sidney an hours drive from our house. I needed to ask for help, and make time for body. I failed, I think acupuncture could have resulted in a different birth experience if not for my "I hate to bother you" tendencies.

Every week  this month has been a test of faith, with our paychecks falling  majorly short of bills (DH is working close to home passing up better paying work since I was about 36 weeks pregnant). Monday I went to see my midwife, and upon joking that I may not be at my 18  year olds graduation on Saturday I break down. She asks me if I want to be induced? No! No. I look at my beloved stressed out husband. Yes? I’m going home. We talk and decide to ask her about a date. Tomorrow comes her answer after a look at the schedule. June 19- at 7 am to my complete disbelief I am on L&D getting an IV. I’m in the same room I had my last son in.  We are at peace in so many ways.  But still..My bag contains all my birth preparations. My home birth, that would not be. Still, I am surrounded by kind nurses who have been hand picked by my midwife. She also is feeling a loss, as I would have been one of her few natural birth minded moms and she has been looking forward to our birth for weeks. Still so many up sides to look forward to. An hour before I had been lying next to my 2 year old crying, thinking of all the times I have told him I could not pick him up, carry him, play with him due to my ligaments and sharp pains. Someone is getting his mama back.

It takes 3 hours for any contractions to get going, nothing really is happening, around noon Katie (my other midwife) says Elaine asked if I want to get things going and break my water. So she does, there is a little mechonium, nothing to freak out about. My next contraction is a pressure wave. Of course I did not get all the way through hypnobabies, which again speaks to how hard it has been to get 35 minutes to myself, ever. What really will be my saving grace is my mental preparations and affirmations I have been working on for months. I will not judge my contractions. Painful, weak, long, short, I command myself don’t think during them. My midwife comes and sits with me and let my husband get a little break. I can’t talk during my contractions, but I am dealing with them really well. I tell her I am pretty comfortable on the birthing ball, maybe I need to move around. She says she’ll be back in a bit as my DH returns by my side. Before I know it, it is 2 pm and I  have been spinning my hips and visualizing baby moving down, which she is. I asked not to be told the centimeters dilated at my cervical checks but my nurse mentions to me I am about 6 at around this time. She doesn’t up the pit, thank god. I ask to get in the tub, so they start filling it. Contractions are less than 2 minutes apart. I am Lamaze breathing, and making sure to stay present. I empty my bladder often, next trip to the toilet I feel a little urge to push, and pull the call cord. The nurses come running, breathing I tell her I’m okay. I want to get in the tub. So I do. As soon as I get in I feel another urge to push and my nurse has me get out (I was surprised how ill at ease I was with the first push in the water, I am okay with getting out) I barley make my way to the bed. My midwife is rushing to catch up with me. I don’t push, instead visualizing the j breath technique. Next contraction my baby has emerged and I catch her myself (with Elaines as my co pilot). She is perfect. It is 2:29. I have just experienced a easy comfortable birth. I only had pitocin, no other drugs or antibiotics. No screaming. My DH and I are elated. Now just to wait for the placenta. After a while I do expel something, but it is a huge blood clot the size of my placenta, ugh.. it is not coming. They call the OB. After waiting for a while more, still nothing but her attempts to help things along are very painful, as I nurse my little beauty. She wants to  go to the OR. Oh my god! I know that everything will be okay. Elaine agrees and is by my side the whole time. As the attendant is putting me under she says I can’t nurse my baby today. Okay now I am alarmed, Elaine is right there, that is old information she says calmly. Everything is fine. Later I am told as soon as they put me under my body relaxed and let the placenta go, so I was only under for a few short minutes. I  was away from baby 2 hours total, and I am relieved to return and see daddy is bonding with his only daughter, and she has been asleep most of the time. She weighs 6 lbs 12 oz she is to be smallest babies, I am so relieved.  Later I am astonished to find that I can walk, and  pee without discomfort. No way. Elaine sends out the word that I can go home tomorrow, due to strained ligaments in my back I will be allowed to forgo hospital bed trauma. Saige is a very healthy baby. She’s a strong nurser, and I recovering better than I could imagine. All told  2 and a half hours from first contraction to her birth. I have come to accept my birthing dharma. I think I will always listen wistfully to a homebirth story or a UC story, but it is okay to love my birth experience just as it was. We were blessed.

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You were blessed! Awesome birth story! Congratulations on your new little one.

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Double post, sorry
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Beautiful story, it made me smile smile.gif. Congrats on your baby girl!!
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