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Feeling your uterus grow? Braxton hicks type feeling??

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Ok so starting yesterday afternoon I have been having a dull feeling in my uterus.  I keep telling myself that I am just feeling my uterus grow because I am super sensitive.  But I am a little concerned of course.  It was weird because it felt like my nausea and belly aching went down a little and then I noticed this.  But alas I puked this morning and still feel very much like a preggo.  Just curious if any second, third and on mamas notice more changes in there uterus that maybe I was not aware of the first and second time around.  Feels like braxton hicks.  Anyone?

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Mine started hurting, cramping after I was yelling at my  husband. It scared me alittle. I was upset because his family is so mean to me & he wont say anything to them. but I have also had some light pains like ovulation type pain & the Dr.said its normal.

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I have been feeling the same type of thing, almost like a dull cramp here and there.  I think it's just my uterus expanding.  I swear I felt the baby move yesterday and the day before, like a sudden 'knocking' from the inside :)  I'm right around twelve weeks so I know that's early but I'm semi-thin and have heard that slimmer women can feel the baby sooner?  I wouldn't worry about it, I threw up yesterday, too, after feeling pretty good for four to five days prior to that.  I guess I'm on that final wave of hormones before things level out as the second trimester starts.  I was sick until 13 weeks with my son so I have every reason to think I'll be feeling better really soon and I can't wait!  I would say if you're still sick and it's not a painful or steady cramping sensation then you're just growing and everything's probably fine. 

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thanks hotsauce but sorry to hear you are still sick.

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I have been having braxton hicks since about 7 weeks. I know its crazy early, but its happening. So it may be braxton hicks for you too! Its just your body "training" so that it will be ready to have the baby and be as strong as possible.

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I'm at 9w5d and have been getting tiny little cramps the past week, I do think it's because my uterus is growing.

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I've been having lots of stretching pains and a good bit of pain on the right which is either round ligament pain or a corpus luteum cyst (which i've had before).  Annoying but not agonising.


I'm on baby #3 so you'd think my uterus would be up to speed on the process by now but apparently it still likes to have a complain.


Everyone has "braxton hicks" all the time, pregnant or not.  We just generally don't feel them when our uterus is empty and tucked down in the pelvis.  I've been feeling them from about 6 or 7 weeks, which i guess is when my uterus is just enlarged enough that the nearby organs can give me feedback on it happening.  It happens a lot when i'm getting loving with OH, which i find annoying and distracting...

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I'm almost 10weeks and I've definitely been feeling my uterus. It's less like menstrual cramps and more like a "full" feeling, like my body is very aware that there is something different there. In past pregnancies, it was hard for me to believe I was pregnant because I didn't feel anything different. Either I'm a lot more aware of my body now or else the body just becomes more sensitive after each baby. Who knows.

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I'm 9 weeks 5 days today, and I am feeling stretching and slight cramping.  It all feels very normal for this time of the pregnancy. smile.gif

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