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Kinda bummed

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So I went to the Dr.'s and am just not happy with them. It is Kaiser so I dont have a choice to go somewhere else. All Dr.'s are young females( I prefer males or older women) very impersonal, they will not induce until 41 weeks. I will not know the Dr. who delivers, it will just be whoever is on call. I really want a midwife or a birthcenter but it would not be covered by insurance & need to save my money towards a bigger car to fit the whole family.

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I'm so sorry! Not inducing until 41w sounds better than some of the alternatives out there! 

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i am sorry mama. is there nothing you can do? I know I have had to pay out of pocket for my births and it wasnt fun to do it but i would have gone into debt before giving birth in a hospital. hug.gif I hope something comes up. greensad.gif
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Ugh, I'm sorry.  hug.gif


I've paid out of pocket for my last three births and I'll be doing it this time around too, it's definitely tough but my only other option is to give birth at the local military hospital.

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Paying out of pocket here too, it's awful that just the act of having a baby come out of you can cause so much financial stress....It's only a day (or a couple of days) of your life and it's a completely normal, healthy occurrence! We could have spent a bit less (maybe $800 less) and used a group of midwives that deliver at a local hospital, but we used them last time and it did NOT feel like a birth with midwives. Just a hospital birth :-/ This time we're paying more for a home birth midwife, but it'll be worth it.

OP, are you sure there's no where else you can go? Maybe a midwife that works on a sliding financial scale??
Mothering › Groups › January 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Kinda bummed