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Is what we're doing with my baby ok?

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My 4 month old is very particular.  He is a high-needs baby and likes everything just so.  Well in the morning, my husband will take the baby and play with him, allowing me to get extra sleep, clean or exercise.  He brings the baby back to me every 2 hours for a feeding, then he will take the baby away again, for a total of around 4 hours.  The thing is, after the baby gets played with for a little while by my husband, he starts to get very fussy and almost like he is just not happy with anything my husband does.  So my husband resorts to sitting on an exercise ball while holding the baby in his arms, and bounces him.  My son seems to love this...seems to really calm him.  The thing is that my husband will do this for 1-2 hours at a time, sometimes. 


I want to know if this is ok.  My son is meeting his developmental milestones...but for some reason I feel guilty when I see my husband bouncing the baby for so long so often...even if my son seems to like it. 


Am I just worrying about nothing? 


For the record, I hardly ever bounce on the ball with him, I do other things to entertain the baby.

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He's fine.  What a great husband you have!  I personally have a dh that would do that for me, but I don't know many women who do.  

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At 4 months that sounds utterly normal. And yay for your husband for having the tools to find something that calms the baby! :)

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Thanks so much for the feedback! I guess I was worried that the baby was being bounced so much...but he seriously loves it! Good to know it's normal smile.gif
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My daughter like to be rocked - a lot. So I understand wondering if it is a good thing or not. :)  It changes so fast though, in two weeks something else will keep baby calm. :)

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How nice to have such a helpful husband! 


Does your LO take a morning nap? My 5 month old always needs to go back to sleep between 1 - 2 hours after his first rise. He starts yawning, looking dull, and will then get fussy if he is not given an opportunity to sleep.


Just thought it was worth a mention. If what you are doing is working for your family, then it seems fine to me!

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agree with PP - is the baby napping at all in that 4 hours? at that age that is a really long time to go without sleeping, especially after waking up in the morning. usually their first nap is pretty soon after waking, kind of like extended sleep. that may be why he is getting fussy. My DH takes DS first thing in the morning too, and it absolutely saves me. the days that he can't because of work, i am tiiiired. 

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Yes, he usually takes about 2 naps in the 4 hours...when daddy starts to bounce the baby on the exercise ball, the baby will just drift asleep.  I wonder if that's why he loves the bouncing so much?  It seems to help him relax. 


We had a swing at one point, which he hated.  He just prefers the bouncing motion I guess!


I'm pretty relieved to hear it's okay that he's bounced so much...I just want my little guy to be happy.  If bouncing makes him happy, then so be it!  :) 

I don't know what's normal for a 4 month old so all your responses are very helpful, thank you!

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my daughter was bounced to sleep for naps and bedtime at that age (and before and after). now at 8 months i rarely bounce her anymore, but occasionally she needs it.

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I think it's totally fine. At 4 months, my daughter used a Johnny Jump up, so she was bouncing herself way harder than we'd every bounce her on the birth ball.
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My DH always takes the baby in the morning and it is WONDERFUL! He has also had to help more at night since we are trying to get DS into his own bed and semi night wean because I am due with baby #2 in Sept. Helpful husbands are the greatest!!

My baby is not really high needs personality but one thing he really liked at a young age was being in the sling while I loaded the dishwasher.. It ALWAYS put him to sleep. That being said, as long as the bouncing works I say keep on with it! Your DH is obviously not bouncing him too rough or anything.. I always think it is so weird when people freak out over bouncing or jiggling a little baby...

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Sounds fine to me, and your DH sounds awesome :)

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My husband bounced the baby so much, the ball actually popped at one point. Thankfully he has excellent reflexes and they were both fine. ;)  So obviously, I think this is totally normal. My littlest (who is now nearly 9 mos) LOVED having his Daddy bounce him. He never liked it when I did it. He outgrew it by around 5 mos or so.

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I've bounced 3 of my 4 babies on balls, they are all normal!!  I still bounce my 2 year old to go to sleep for naps.  He still loves it.  The big kids like me to bounce them too, just for fun (it's not easy with an 8 year old on your lap, lol). As long as it's a gentle bounce for a small baby, there is no harm that I can see.

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