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milk blister *OUCH*

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So it appears that I have a milk blister.  When DS latches on I literally cry out in pain and start kicking things.  I had a smaller one last week that resolved on its own and now I have another one that's come on with a vengeance.  I was hoping it would go away but it seems much more serious than the previous one.


I just sent DH out for some epsoms salts.  I'm going to try the epsoms salts soak, warm compress before feeding, and changing positions.  I'm not interested in piercing it!


Does anyone else have experience with this?  Has anyone tried lechitin?

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If it's the same thing as a "bleb" (sounds like it is), then I had a couple at 4 days pp.  The LC told me the best thing to do was let the baby suck the milk out and it would heal.

It was very painful, so sorry you have this :(

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I put tea tree oil on mine (straight) and covered it with a band aid. By the next day the pain was gone.

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I covered mine too. None this time around, but I had TONS of them with my first- she had a latch like a steel trap. Bandaids helped, and trying to ensure a very wide, deep latch on the sore side. In my case it was the sort of half-slipping, shallow latch that gave me the blisters so doing everything possible to avoid that until it healed cut down on the pain a bit too.

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Tea tree oil and band aids will be happening as soon as we're done this feeding!  It seems like as soon as one pops I get one on the other side.  I'm definitely planning to go to LLL so someone can check out my latch.

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MLog- how are you doing with this? Have you seen the LC yet? I hope it's getting better.

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It's not going so well... For a couple of days I was having blebs on alternating sides.  Now I have open wounds on both sides and what I think is just a regular blister on one side.  DS had a blister on his upper lip for a couple of days but that's gone now.  I've been reading a lot on the breastfeeding forum and The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding trying to see if there's something that might be helpful.  I haven't contacted a LC yet.  I was hoping that it would clear up or I could just stick it out until my next local LLL meeting, but that's not until the second week of June and the pain is just excruciating.  When DH is home I have him squeeze my shoulder as hard as possible while DS latches on.  I can usually tolerate the pain during the daytime, but once evening hits and especially in the wee morning hours I can hardly stand it.


I'm trying to be sure that DS latches on well each time.  I tried the tea tree oil but it didn't seem to help.  I've been putting breastmilk on my nipples after each feeding and am using the earth mama nipple butter.  I haven't been very diligent with the epsom salts soaks and warm compresses.


Thanks for asking H Jane and I hope that you're all cleared up and having pain free breast feeding!  Hopefully I'll join you soon.

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oh mlog...:( sorry the tto didnt work..sounds so painful..maybe get a nipple shield?

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I am getting nipple shells today so hopefully that will help!

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I wouldn't be nursing without nipple shields. I know a lot of people poo-pah it but honestly its the only thing that has saved the nursing relationship!

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MLog that is so rough! greensad.gif  I remembered something else... the LC did tell me to put an antibiotic ointment (like bacitracin) on my nipples to help them heal, but obviously wash it off really well before nursing. I only did it once or twice b/c I didn't want baby ingesting any, but if you have the shields maybe try the ointment to help heal? I have the nipple butter too and I used to hold a hot/wet washcloth on my nipples before applying it to soften them up.


To give you something to look forward to... my LO is now (past 2 months) in the 90th percentile for weight and slurps the nipple around to readjust it herself during feeding. 5 weeks ago I never would have believed this was possible!


Just know that your LO is benefiting from all your efforts and it will get better!

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"NO Drugs" unless the doctor allows it,.. but you can take Vitamin C to help increase your healing and immune system.


I experienced this once the first few days of BF, they suggest that  I let the baby suck it,..that I did and I damp a warm compress on it so the pores will open so the milk will flow freely.. And it did. Hope it helps!

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