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Feeling sick after meals. Food allergy?

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I have been feeling very sick to my stomach after eating for a while now. Mostly just nauseous, and a bit dizzy, but also sometimes pain, and an overly full feeling. I am also having seasonal allergy type symptoms and joint pain, so I thought maybe it was a food allergy/sensitivity. I cut out wheat and dairy, but I am still feeling sick after every meal.


I have taken a pregnancy test, which was negative.


I have a 10 month old and almost three year old, and am wondering if this might be related to postpartum hormonal fluctuations?


Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Feeling sick after every meal sounds like you have some sort of digestive tract problem. Start keeping a food diary along with notes on liquid intake and what you feel after each meal as well as any medications you take. That info will help if you see a health care practitioner about the problem. 

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I JUST went through this and it lasted 2-3 weeks with maybe a day or two here and there that I thought it was over and a sprinkling of headache here and there.  And despite the very significant odds against potential pregnancy (physically, it should be impossible) I STILL considered that some freak of nature made me so.  The first day it came on late in the day and I was so nauseous and so dizzy that I couldn't find a way to sit that was comfortable and I could touch or sleep on my stomach.


I'm completely fine now.  It must've been quite a bug.  My husband (who has a significantly less healthy digestive tract than me and the kids) actually got SO sick the first day that he called out sick from work for the first time in the entire 15 years I've known him... and it lingered with him for a good 4 weeks (mine set in about a week after he was initially hit).  Kids completely escaped it.


Hope yours passes.  I've run into a few other people that have heard others getting hit with a stomach bug.  We pretty much NEVER. EVER. get sick.

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Thank you both for your thoughts. I have just been eating a very simple diet, no processed foods, no dairy or wheat, and this seems to be helping. I don't think it is really an allergy, but perhaps a sensitivity, as I have been consuming a lot of wheat and dairy for most of my life. Avoiding these foods has really made me aware of how heavily I was relying on them. I think a little break, and then moving towards a more balanced eating plan after is what I need.

It is also very possible that this is some type of virus, as you suggest heatherdeg. Time will tell I guess.

In any event I just wanted to than you both for your thoughts on this and let you know that I have been feeling better in the last few days :o)

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That also sounds pretty classic for gallbladder disease. If so, eating nonfat/lowfat should help relieve the symptoms.

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