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Dizzy anyone

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Not light headed but room is moving on you dizzy?? 

I have never had this with any of my other babies and it won't stop.. I see my midwife next week so have to wait to ask her. It almost  seems to be getting worse. I can't function like this

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Can you call your MW before your appointment? That sounds really unsettling (no pun intended).
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zoo - is this like vertigo dizziness? I went through a loooong period of getting bouts of vertigo and was able to identify psychological triggers. It started when my MIL died - the experience of shock & being literally unsettled brought it on - and every time I had similar experiences I would end up in bed for hours or even days. Just a thought from the non-physical side of things.


mostly, I hope you figure out what is causing it and get rid of it! It is a HORRIBLE feeling!!!! HUGS.

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Yes it is like vertigo I feel like I am moving when I am not. It started before I found out I was preg but I would have been preg already. I though I was getting sick. I get it a lot with head colds, but then a few days later and I felt fine and it didn't go away.

It is totally random, today once going to check out some lambs after I was standing for 5 mins maybe and on the 5th or 6th step it hit. Last night I rolled over in bed to see what time it was and it hit. 

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Found this online:

Vertigo during pregnancy is not uncommon and is usually harmless, but in some instances, it can require medical attention.


Many women describe having certain things that trigger their vertigo during pregnancy. Some have an episode when they move their heads in a certain way. Other women find that just getting out of bed too quickly, or shifting from a sitting to a lying position sets the room spinning.


Early in the pregnancy, bouts of vertigo can occur as hormones begin to rise. This hormonal increase causes your blood vessels to relax and become larger, which causes a drop in your blood pressure, according to the MayoClinic.com. Though the enlarged vessels provide adequate blood to your baby, they are less effective at pumping blood through your body. The resulting vertigo is a natural reaction to the extended period of time it takes for the blood to reach your brain. In this case, the vertigo usually begins during the first trimester and can last a few weeks or through the duration of the pregnancy.

Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar will also cause vertigo. Doctors generally order a blood glucose test at some point during the pregnancy to check for gestational diabetes and may discover you have low blood sugar. Low blood sugar interferes with the body's ability to pump blood back to the brain quickly; thus the woman becomes dizzy. Low blood sugar during pregnancy is typically due to changing metabolism.

Bllod Pressure

Pregnant women who experience low blood pressure accompanied by visual disturbances may be suffering from anemia, according to the American Pregnancy Association. In addition, anemia creates a backdrop for vertigo to move in.


Your first response when vertigo strikes is to sit down. Prevent yourself from falling and possibly injuring yourself or your baby. Once the vertigo dissipates, getting some fresh air can help stop the episode entirely. In addition, eating a small snack that contains protein and drinking a glass of water can stabilize your blood sugar, in case that was the cause of the vertigo.


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