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Good snap covers?

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I have lately come to love pad folding a flat into a cover around the house for my almost 15 month old DD. it doesn't hold a huge amount but it's great while we EC and I change her often. She's usually in fitteds under wool or pockets while we are out but the flat in a cover is great when I'm running low on clean diaps :-)

I have a bummis super whisper wrap with Velcro and don't like it. I find it very stiff and while its durable, the velcro is really harsh if it brushes her skin. I also have a bummis super lite with Velcro and like it better for flexibility and softness but I can't use it twice in a row, as the leg gussets get wet very easily.

I love snaps on my pockets and fitteds so I think picking up a snap cover should be good. The store two blocks from me carries bummis super snap covers and Kissaluvs marvels one size cover. I'd love some input if anyone has used these covers or if there's a different snap cover that you love.

Thank you :-)
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I love motherease airflow covers.
I get wing droop in front snap and much preferred the ME side snap. I do have a blueberry snap cover but due to the wing issue I don't use it unless everything else is dirty.
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I use Fluffy's Diapers snap covers. She sells on etsy. Insanely cute and the sizes last for a loooong time. A medium would fit your kiddo from now until past age two.

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I've been happy with both the Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap cover and the Gro Via Snap diaper cover. The Thirsties have more coverage all over, and the Gro Via is a little slimmer fit. I use cloth prefolds in them with out pins and everything stays in place for my 22+ lb, 9 month old boy. 


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I use flip covers, prowrap, thirsties, and I think a swaddlebees cover. All have snaps but prowrap. I like flip the best for its softness and thirsties for its coverage. Prowraps are last just because it's Velcro and not as cute. wink1.gif
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Flips are good covers if you're looking for a one-size option. I like Mother-Ease covers, too, but you have to use a fitted or a Snappi- you can't pad-fold in the side-snapping cover. The Bummis Super Snap is very much like the SWW- great, durable, but the cover is a bit stiff. If you're concerned about gussets getting wet, Thirsties isn't for you.

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You are going to think I am nuts, but a snap cover we love is the Econobum. They fit my dd great, never leak, and don't give her a nasty velcro rash.

Obviously, they don't come in cute colors, and that's a downside. But other then that we are pleased. Currently potty teaching dd and we are saving them for the newborn.

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I love the Thirsties Duo wraps.  We had a ton of bummis super lite with DD1 but I like the Thirsties fit much better now that I've tried it.

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Thank you all for chiming in with great info. I will probably get a couple of different brands to try. I wish local stores had more of a selection. I'm a touchy-feely buyer and don't love shopping online.
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