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baby girl

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I had my tiny girl at 12:15am June 21st. Her name is Kassondra; we are still undecided on the middle name, we were expecting a boy LOL She is my tiniest baby, 6lbs 11oz 19in and she wants to nurse nurse and nurse. It was a short labor, just 5 hours compared to my others that were 15-36.  <3<3<3<3 

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What a wonderful surprise!!  And a nice short, labor is a nice thing  Congratulations.  You have a beautiful angel on the bed there :)

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She's beautiful Krista, congratulations!

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She looks so happy and peaceful! 



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She's so beautiful! Congratulations!

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She is a beautiful little baby! Congratulations! And it sounds like labor went well - that's always a good thing! 

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Congrats! What a cut pic!
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LOVE! nak

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Congratulations! I love your signature,  by the way. Wow, surprised with a girl. That is so sweet.

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