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food and taste

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so as my dd grows older i realise i am treading on unstable ground and not much info is available everywhere.


so have you noticed your children going through a taste change (of course which affects diet) when they are 8 and 9?


is there a particular taste that's outstanding to them?


like since dd was 8 she can now eat way more spicy food. like certain kinds of spice. for instead she was a wasabi champ since little, but could only handle indian food when she turned 8.


its now the 'bitter' taste that stands out for her. seems her tastebuds have sensitized even more. a teenie tiny hint of bitter and she wont touch it. that's the reason why she puts her salad in the vitamix. most fresh lettuce - even what she harvested - she finds too bitter to eat. yet she cant wait for the tomatoes and padron peppers to ripen so she can eat a spicy salad.


gosh i cant figure this child out. is this normal for all 8, 9, 10 year olds?

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My ds has always been incredibly sensitive to bitter. He can tolerate the tiniest amount of heat in spices, now. It's all been getting better with age, though.

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