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Internet security and, um, "Those Sites"

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I'm placing this in this forum, because I don't want to talk about the sex implications or whatever.  Please move this to the proper forum if this is not appropriate.


I argue that I don't want porn on my computer, my main argument is internet security, and impression that those sites are in a "bad neighborhood."  I don't know if these sites are any more likely to put my computer at risk than any other website, or even worse than making a purchase from a known retailer online.  I am usually very careful where I navigate to, even for seemingly innocent searches.


He disagrees.  He has a point.  There is no absolute guarantee of safety except ditching the computer.


So, what do you know?  We are talking free sites.  Otherwise I know nothing about them.


That's the only issue about this I want to personally discuss, BTW.

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as long as you have a good virus protection program, and do regular updates i dont see any problem. i think its ok.


there are some free hosting sites which try and link up free sites that have the least amount of viruses.


and if he isnt downloading movies - the risk reduces even more. 


a firewall would be a great thing.


you know all sites get hit. even a mega site like amazon. 


so really one isnt safe unless one is able to recognise the signs. even then look at the middle east. they've been hacking for a few years and it took them what 5 years to discover. 

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Yeah, I would agree with meemee. If he's only viewing site content and not downloading anything, the risk of a computer virus or something is probably about the same as going to any other site, especially if you have anti-virus programs installed and do regular updates. Downloading stuff puts your computer more at risk - so maybe that's a compromise for you? View content, never download. If you don't want random things that you don't want to navigate to popping up when you type something in when you're on the computer, just set your browser to delete the browsing history upon exit. 

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Originally Posted by kitchensqueen View Post
 View content, never download.

right. or if you DO download then make sure you have the right protections in place. 


my favourite was one that somehow my stepMIL downloaded inadvertently many, MANY years ago.


every few minutes a message box would open up and call her names.


it was hilarious. coz they called her the 'right' names. 

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This is from the most recent Harper's Index:


"Factor by which a religious website is more likely than a pornographic site to infect a computer with malware:  3"


(hope it's ok to quote that)

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We got a virus from downloading a disney movie. Never gotten one from porn.
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All good news to hear.  (Yah!  Especially for dh!)  I can be less paranoid about it.  There goes my theory.  That's a good thing, though.

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