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Chicajones - I'm in Delray Beach, staying at my grandpa's small house in a 55+ community :) We have a little pool across the yard, but we're finally heading to the beach tomorrow now that the wind has died down a bit. I am finding the heat exhausting! Hopefully I'll adjust in the next couple days.


Hey mamas - who knows how to get stains off leather furniture? Totally off topic, I know, but staying here in my grandpa's place is NOT kid friendly, they have beige carpet and mint green leather couches, and white leather kitchen chairs (I know, right - who has a leather chair in the kitchen??). So, we've been strict about not eating in certain areas, but long story short, there is a small ballpoint pen mark on the couch, and the kitchen chair has that pale-orange stain you get when someone (a 2 year old) smears tomato sauce on white leather and then you wipe it off but the stain remains. Help!


I am having weird pelvic pain too, it's more like round ligament pain when I stand up too quickly, or if I sneeze/cough while laying down.

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Sunseeker-Anecdotally I have heard that club soda and an old toothbrush (pour on the club soda and brush gently back and forth with the toothbrush) works well on suede and leather. I have personally used a tiny amount of undiluted bleach to get a stain out of white leather once and it did no harm to the area, but I'm worried that I totally lucked out, lol. If anyone I know knows anything about it mama, I will get back to you!


AFM-totally relishing spicy peanut noodles right now-I mean how can you go wrong when you start with buckwheat soba noodles and add homemade peanut butter, seasame oil, szechuan spices, thai chiles, grated ginger, garlic, and slivered cucumber?!? and I made these butter and jam cookies rolled in toasted coconut that are pretty deluxe :) I hope all is well!!!

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sunseeker I was able to remove ink stains from a leather handbag using hairspray - it might work on the couch.


AFM I have tested my blood pressure a couple times when not at the MW office and it was indeed much lower than it had been when they tested it. It was still a little elevated for me, but not in the range of concern. So, either the things I am doing to lower it are working really quickly or I need to learn to chill out when I visit my midwives smile.gif

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sunseeker - Rubbing alcohol might work for the ink - but test in an inconspicuous place first. The tomato will require something different, GL! I just got back from the midwife and got to hear the HB for a few seconds! So exciting! Baby was too active to get more yet. I went to Costco and totally bought a tray of sushi on whim. ::) Imitation and salmon, and actually pretty good, but I'm trying to keep to a limited number of them.
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Thanks for the support ladies, it's been really helpful.  We are on vacation this week which has really helped things.  I think attention is just what DH needed :).  With me feeling so yucky for so long, he was feeling a bit neglected.  We're both feeling better and eating all my sister's yummy food helps too.  Today we had gelato and Italian pastries, epic eating day.

It's so wonderful that you all are hearing the heartbeats and feeling movement, so so fabulous!  

Triple yay on the swimming!  I hope we get to take a dip tomorrow.  We have been doing a ton of walking to balance out the eating but I am so sore!

Darkblue-I so hear ya on the hormones and feeling like I'm not doing right by the kiddos.  To be honest, they probably don't even notice and are completely fine, but I know that my mama care is not up to par, which often brings on the tears.  You are such a loving mama, I'm sure your babes are feeling just as much love as ever.

Segolily-good luck with your interviews!  I hope you are able to get to them soon and are able to extract the information that you need.  Student loans are the pits pits pits.

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sunseeker, nice! I hope the weather stays all nice for you. You definitely missed all the craziness!


In fact, I'm not sure if it's the combination of crazy weather plus travelling/lack of sleep, but I ams ick. :-P Feels like a nasty summer cold, but I'm praying it doesn't turn into a sinus infection or something worse. Plus, I'm scared to take anything for it! So far I've just been drinking tea and lots of water, and trying to get to bed early. Any tips for helping with an awful cold? At least I'm 2nd trimester, but I'm still nervous about even the OTC drugs.


Also, at work and I totally shouldn't have worn these jeans today. I keep having to completely unbutton them whenever I sit down, then I forget when I stand up! Lol! Time to find a rubber band...

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Finally had m 1st appt and my midwife put in for an u/s to date since I was nursing and AF wasn't regular :) Monday I go for that, and then see her again. If I am right I will just have this as my only u/s if I am off on my dates I might have another one later.

Told my family and most of friends just have to tell DH family which might be on fb LOL

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In fact, I'm not sure if it's the combination of crazy weather plus travelling/lack of sleep, but I ams ick. :-P Feels like a nasty summer cold, but I'm praying it doesn't turn into a sinus infection or something worse. Plus, I'm scared to take anything for it! So far I've just been drinking tea and lots of water, and trying to get to bed early. Any tips for helping with an awful cold? At least I'm 2nd trimester, but I'm still nervous about even the OTC drugs.



Doing nasal cleanses with the neti-pot is a huge help when you are having sinus issues! Make sure your taking plenty of Vitamin C and D (or foods that contain them) to keep your immune system working well.

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nhklh - I know how you feel.  We live in NW Montana, and summer is supposedly on the way, but boy am I sick of all the rain and only getting out into the garden once a week for a few sunny hours. 


I had my 2nd midwife appt yesterday and babe's heartbeat was immediate, loud and clear on the doppler.  Which was especially great since my minor pregnancy symptoms had toned down and with the bloating mellowing out as well - I was actually feeling smaller and less pregnant!  Also had my first pap in about 6 years - oops! - and it was fast and relatively painless - no spotting whatsoever.  *And* went and got on WIC - did the whole finger prick iron test and she said my iron levels are great.  Got a bunch of coupons for the farmers market here, so that's good - *and* organic milk is an option instead of regular milk - so that is really cool. 


Other than that - just trying to get everything together to leave town for 2 months plus, on a week and a half's notice!  Thanks for all the supportive comments.  It's really hard - dd has been crying every day since she found out she has to go and is eating even less in depression and protest - but I *still* feel better and some kind of relief, just knowing there is a chance things will get better soon.  And we've finally started telling people - we told the kids and they were thrilled.  My 6 yr old dd is "So excited!!"  She keeps running over to me and waving at my stomach and saying "hi baby sister!!"  Even my 16 yr old, who professes to dislike babies, seemed happy - although he made sure to let us know that he'd already known for a while;)  And I guess dp was just waiting until we told the kids to be able to tell everyone else, because within 2 days of telling them I think he's told every single person he's seen at work and in town!  Which is very sweet.

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tiphat.gif Hello everyone! It's been a crazy couple of days here!


Someone mentioned insomnia - I get it every pregnancy. In fact this time around I planned on it as part of my strategy for getting my dissertation done, lol! Ive had a couple of nights so far. Mostly it's either not being able to get to sleep, or getting up to pee and not getting back to sleep. Always sucks the next day.


nhlkh - glad your ds is doing better with the idea - my 6yo is super great, kisses my belly all the time, wants to be at the birth, etc. My other boys were great labor companions until I had to transfer - then I didn't want them around at all (not to witness a hospital birth, anyway). If you do have him there, assign him specific jobs, and prepare him for the realities!


esp - glad you are feeling a bit better! and yes, student loans SUCK.


darkblue - your noodles made my mouth water, but I will hve to live vicariously, still allergic to have those ingredients :(


zoo - vertigo any better?


AFM - my PN appt got cancelled AGAIN - MW got called last minute to assist on a birth! We seem to have very bad luck trying to get together lol. I figure 4th time will be the charm, right????


chica - hope you feel better!

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So I think maybe 15 weeks is the charm?  I had an awesome day physically yesterday!  Yay!


Sego, I sincerely hope all has calmed down at your home and that everybody is well.


Kel, that's fun that your kids are excited!  Good luck with the translocation.


Chica, I'm sorry your feeling sick.  Get better soon!


AFM, it's been a roller coaster few days.  Nothing really important in the larger scheme of things, just temporary ups and downs.  I was denied for medicaid, and at first they couldn't tell me why.  Then I got a letter saying that it was because I failed to provide proof of residence and citizenship.  Well, they didn't ASK me for proof of residence and citizenship!  Which I can easily provide, but I have to find out what documents they want and if I have to actually reapply, etc., and (this being a government office, I guess) they don't have enough people to answer the phones OR adequate voicemail, so I just have to keep trying back at random times on business days and trying to get through (usually the phone system just says 'high call volume try back later'!)  So sick of this.  I want to be done with this part!  Oh, and on the same day my laptop power supply stopped working, and the battery's been dead for a while, so I was without a computer of my own (ack!  #firstworldproblems) for two days.


My major accomplishment yesterday was organizing in the kitchen.  DH and the kids have done an EXCELLENT job of keeping the house relatively tidy/clean, but they do not organize.  So all our food was kind of shoved into the cabinets wherever it happened to fit, etc.  Now all the grains and beans are on one shelf, baking stuff on another, and so forth.  So much better!  And I got to take the kids to a free outdoor showing of The Wizard of Oz nearby, which was fun (although I was TIRED by the time we got home at 10:30.)

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My one friend had a birth birth and she had a friend come over and while she wa sin labor her older kids(and friend) make the baby a Birth Cake. It was so cute and her son asked to do it when she had her 2nd home birth. 


Vertigo is still here and still kicking my butt. I upped my water intake but it isn't letting up. Going to ask again monday at my next appt.

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Anyone else's boobs getting a second wind?  Mine grew a lot in the first 5 or 6 weeks and then stopped being sore for a while, but now they're back at it!  Also, have started having little headaches almost every day - trying the small bit of caffeine cure - a little cup of chai.  It may be working....

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Hah, Kel! I woke up this morning, took a shower, and then looked in the mirror and thought, "Dang, did my boobs just grow again overnight?" I've always been super small (32A) and now it just straight up seems strange to have these things getting bigger and bigger! They aren't sore anymore though, so DH is certainly enjoying them...

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I know!  One of the reasons I can't fit into a bunch of my dresses is because of my chest, not my belly!

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My chest is going to explode I swear lol I can't fit into anything I own and can't find anything in the stores here.

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