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I don't know the acronym, sorry

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Hey Trek-

Wyld means is the moose gay-friendly?


I haven't seen any of the dvds yet....Where we are staying has no mail delivery, so I must go down to the post office and pick up what we have sent general delivery, and well, I didn't go down on Saturday. It's not so bad as my teaching load gets terrible on Sunday and monday with all the papers coming in (67 to grade today) and I'm sure having the set of Shameless would just kill my motivation.


It's been nicer outside, seems winter is finally giving up, but we went through so much propane this winter! Yikes! I hear of these guys boondocking in cold climates and only using a tank a month, and when we used 8 in a month in March I was like "how?".


Both our Black and gray tanks froze this winter so I was expecting a nightmare, but it seems they are melted and holding, but kind of cakey. We'll be heading to South Dakota (just an hour north) next month as my camper reg is ready to update and it will be great to get residency in a state with so many benefits to the fulltimer. Seems all we have to do is stay over one night and we're residents. Whoohooo! When we head up there, I'll pull the rig and fill the empty black tank with Dawn and ice and see what I can get off there. Our rig's drain pipe is like right next to the ground (which I find really frustrating...it's uphill so often when we dump and you know that means I'm out there lifting and shifting the hose. ugh.)


Did you put any more bids out lately?

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Being that I'm from San Francisco, seems pretty crazy that I didn't know that acronym. ROTFLMAO.gif



Moose seems to not have an opinion on that from what I can tell. I met a really nice lesbian lady there just the other day. I know they say no talk of religion or politics but nothing was ever mentioned about sexual orientation. If you're interested, I would check out their website. The female sect is called Women Of The Moose. Basically it is a group that raises funds for a senior facility and an orphanage. But really it is so much more. I'm really happy I'm here.

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Thanks for the info, Trek! 

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Hi everyone! My husband and I are expecting our first child in early September. Our lease is up at the end of July and we weren't sure what to do about housing options. We are building a cob house on our friend's 40 acre farm, but it won't be done in time. Instead of living with someone until it's done, or renting an apartment (I'm happy to be saving a LOT on rent!), we decided to buy a motorhome. We found one we like on Craigslist and might buy it tomorrow. We'll put it on the property, but also travel a lot with it too. We'll still build the house, but now we'll only do a one room living room/meditation area/office. No need for a bathroom or kitchen with the RV, especially b/c we're only living on this property for (at most) 3 years anyway.

We were planning on getting on RV at the end of those 3 years, but why not now? My husband and I do web design and can do it anywhere. We can visit our family and friends who lives all over the country and spend time in beautiful parks in optimal weather. I AM nervous though; this is such a huge change! I'm sure it won't be the easiest thing to live in such a small space with an infant either. It's a lot of change in a very short amount of time! I'm excited too though; excited to finally have my own space to decorate, excited to travel, to meet new people.
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Update: We bought an RV today!
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happy for you guys! congrats on the baby too! what type of RV did you buy?

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It's a 26' 1990 Georgie Boy.  Not the prettiest thing ever (not even close), but we're planning on taking out the carpeting and putting in wood laminate floors, getting a comfy couch, painting, putting new curtains up, etc.  Hopefully get those things done before the baby arrives, but we'll see.  I spent some time in it today and it's growing on me.  I must admit, sometimes I feel a bit crazy for doing this!  My husband wants to look more into using wood gas to power the motorhome and the generator, which would be awesome if it works!

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cool, I can picture it 

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Hi my name is Kathy and we aren't a RV'ing family. But, it's my dream. So if it's ok with you all I would like to live vicariously through your travels. :)

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We just finished 5 months renovating a friend's neglected property (free hookup!! free exercise! whoohooo!), then a trip through SD, then three weeks at a friend's farm in CO, a run up pike's peak, and just landed in NM for a month. I get a little too excited when an RV park has a monthly rate of $200. Goodness gracious we've paid up to 900/mo for some places that really didn't deserve it!


Today the drive involved some heinous truck-suck. I swear I was white-knuckling between the climbs and the wind and the trucks today. Yikes!


We're contemplating personalizing the camper a little more. The floor is already bouncy, the cabinets have broken a few times, and the decals are all peeling off the thing outside. Kiddo says bright rainbows and flowers, and I kind of dig it, although the inside is that light "wood" euro style that is easy on the eyes. We'll see what happens as I get more and more frustrated with what a POS the construction is on these things and say "paint away, kid, go nuts". It's not like the thing will ever resell anyway, and it will most likely end up as a playhouse or get turned into a tinyhome at some point (the trailer part, I mean).

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