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retained membranes

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My baby girl was born last tuesday (6/19) I'm now 5 days pp. Yesterday I had a fever and a lot of abdominal tenderness on one side. Midwife came over, we agreed it was probably a uterine infection and I started antibiotics in the afternoon. That evening I passed a large piece of membrane and in the middle of the night another piece that was still large but not quite as big. Today my fever is a little lower, my pain a bit more manageable and my uterus is smaller, firmer and less tender. I'm wondering if there is any way, besides ultrasound, to tell if all of the membranes have passed at this point? Also is there anything I can do to encourage the rest of it to pass if there is more? I am nursing on demand and took some motherwort this morning. I'm debating whether motherwort or angelica is more appropriate? 

I'm also taking echinacea to keep my immune system strong and am thinking about drinking some emergen-c to up my vit c. i'm also taking probiotics in between the antibiotic doses to prevent a yeast infecction for me and my baby girl. 


any other thoughts on things I can be doing? I was so psyched for an awesome pp period...i had no tearing or even swelling or tenderness "down there"...I felt fabulous for the first couple of days!! And now this :( at least it seems to be healing quickly and my body does seem able to pass whatever is in there.

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I'm guessing by membrane you mean placenta?  I think red raspberry leaf tea can help.  Hopefully the worst is behind you!

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It was actually two large pieces of the amniotic sac.

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Wow, I've never heard of that. I still think rrl tea would help. Maybe some cohosh tincture, too? Anything that makes your uterus contract would help expel whatever is left I would think? Keep a close eye on your temp, too.
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Echinacea in large doses over a long period of time can impact supply, FYI. For just a few days should be fine. What about goldenseal? Same caveat with supply, but that's what I use when I think I have an infection like mastitis.
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fundal massage?

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i personally would think something like that would merit a trip to the ER.  that is a very big deal.  i wouldn't risk treating something like that with herbs... i can't believe your midwife didn't encourage you to be seen.  hope it resolves quickly for you either way.

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I had already started on antibiotics and symptoms started to improve after passing the pieces of membranes. But come Monday the pain and tenderness had increased again. Went in to see the OB on Tues who confirmed a uterine infection but believes that there aren't anymore retained membranes. She prescribed a second antibiotic in case the first one didnt treat whatever the bacteria is. I seem to be slowly improving, but now my tummy is not so happy due to all of the antibiotics :( I'll be so glad when this is done!!

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