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Can we talk about poop please? (Seriously)

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So I have read at various points about what our poop should be like and what it shouldn't be like, etc.  One think I have read is that floating poop means that something isn't working right...maybe that I'm not digesting fats well.  My poop has floated for as long as I remember  ( Not trying to be gross but I remember my room mates commenting on it YEARS ago because I guess it didn't always flush easily. Sorry).   What I can't find is what I am supposed to do/change/supplament with to correct the issue.  Does anyone know?

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Hmmm. I'm not sure. Do you have any digestive problems other than the poop issue? 

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That's what confused me.  I have no other digestive issues.  My diet over the last 10 years has varied during different times but my bowel movements haven't changed.  I have also read that it can just mean that you have lots of fiber in your diet, which I do.  shrug.gif

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My mom has that issue and she's fine. I think she was afraid of pancreatic issues. For that (rare) I actually think it's encouraging that you've had it so long. The really bad causes wouldn't have existed from that long ago until now with no other problems after all. It could just be that you tend to have gassy stool.

One thing that might be worth checking on is celiac. I think it is a possible sign and that's one thing that could exist from that long ago. I do think it's also encouraging you have no other GI issues.
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I don't think it means anything if it's been going on so long. Even if it had just started, with no other symptoms, I'd figure it's fiber. My kids' does from time to time, depending on what they're eating. 

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