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Moving to Bethelehem, NH

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Hi all,

I am a Mom to two boys, ages 7 and 9. We are moving to Bethlehem this summer from another small NH town about 40 minutes away.

I have questions..... anyone on MDC live nearby?

Where do you shop?


We are unschoolers, so also wondering about other homeschoolers/unschoolers that are around.

So excited to get involved in a new community.

- Kerri

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Bumping your post up for attention. thumb.gif

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Hi Mama Coletrane,

We just moved back to the Lisbon area from NY and we're also looking for families to connect up with. I have two boys, 7 & 10. We homeschooled for a couple years and last year my oldest asked to try public school and has loved it ever since, my youngest, well not so much.  I may decide to homeschool him again. 

We would love to connect up! 

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Yes, we are in Bethlehem and loving it. We go to Lisbon often and into Littleton.
My boys are 8 and 10. Perfect!
Here is my private email
Let's connect.
Happy holidays!!
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