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flutters???? Seriously????

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There is no way, right?

I am feeling very light tickles in my abdomen.  It is much different than the gas feeling I have been having so often (another great pregnancy symptom for me).  It is very localized and I have felt it a few times today.  Super light.


I am 7 +4 or so.  I had an anterior placenta with DD2 and felt her one time at 9 weeks and then not again until almost 21 weeks.  I don't remember what I felt with DD1.

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Ive felt flutters- what I like to refer to as phantom flutters. My hopes and dreams fluttering about in my belly....

I have a hard time believing its real. I didnt feel dd until 20 weeks, and ds around 11 or 12.
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I've been feeling them too (6w2d). I think the baby is too small to cause them, so they must be phantom or gas.

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i have been feeling twitching muscles and phantom flutters too - i'm only 7 weeks today, i felt my last two at 10-12 weeks .. i think that is pretty freaking early, but i think 7 weeks is too early.. unless your dates are off?

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Hmm, if you look at a baby's development, it does start to have "moving parts" by 8 weeks, so feeling movement a few days before that could make sense. I felt my kids (if memory serves me) at 11wks, 15wks (didn't know I was pg until 14 wks so wasn't looking for signs!), and 8-9 wks with the younger two. 


I am hoping to feel movements around 8 weeks again so this will feel more realistic! Maybe you are a few days ahead of what you think you are!

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I'm having that, too. But I could only be about 5-6 weeks along...

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It could be light contractions/cramps which are also very normal.  I've had a fair amount of that.

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Ive felt them too! I was thinking it was too early as well, with my DS1 i felt them at 12/13 weeks...who knows...but its charming! stillheart.gif

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