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Hypnobabies certification-vs-Hypnobirthing certification

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I'm looking into both styles and am wondering how others decided which to choose from.  I like Hypnobirthing better but it seems there isn't as much support from the company as with Hypnobabies.  Hypnobabies is also signifigantly more exspensive.  Any thoughts?

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Yes, Hypnobabies is a little more expensive, but it is SO worth it.  Hypnobabies teaches "Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis" which means that moms can move around during their births, while still being in hypnosis, and not be confined to one position through birth.  They also teach about nutrition, staying healthy and low risk, prenatal exercises, how to write a birth plan, pregnancy consumer issues (like the benefits and risks of procedures pregnant mamas will be offered) and also baby care and postpardum care for after your baby comes.  Hypnobabies teaches their students SO much and it is well worth the investment! 


Hope this helps and I hope you find the class you are looking for!



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As a mother baby nurse, I have been so impressed with HypnoBirthing.  These moms are calm and collected and they know what they want and they go for it in a calm and gentle manner. A hospital nearby had a training for HypnoBirthing and some of the nurses I work with took it, they all said it was an amazing experience that made them view birth in a different light.  One nurse in particular was a Bradley instructor and she certified with HypnoBirthing and she said the support from the HypnoBirthing people was incredible. That all her questions were addressed in a timely manner and professionally.  I don't know much about Hypnobabies, as we don't see it here that much, so I can't speak for them. I have been so amazed at what I see with HypnoBirthing moms, that I myself am considering getting certified by them. Good-luck with your childbirth educ future!

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One thing that has helped many expectant mothers choose is to search out reviews of both programs. I think that may help you too. I don't have any direct experience with Hypnobirthing but I used the Hypnobabies home study course for my second birth and I went on after that birth to become a certified instructor.


You were right when you said that Hypnobabies offers a lot of support. I love teaching Hypnobabies and the atmosphere created by its leaders. Kerry Tuschhoff, the founder and president, and Carole Thorpe, VP really are very involved in directly supporting all the instructors and through them, students who chose Hypnobabies. They are always working to improve and keep Hypnobabies up-to-date. They are also open to feedback.


When I was trying to decide which program I wanted to get certified in I had to really look at what lined up with my most philosophically. The answer was undeniably Hypnobabies. The longer I teach the more it resonates with me. The cost of getting certified is worth every penny. Also you can make the money back quickly. This of course varies for every instructor, depending on where they live, how much they can teach, and how much they are able to promote their classes. 


Bottom line, I highly recommend Hypnobabies. Good luck with your decision!

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  I took both courses and used HypnoBirthing with my baby and it changed my life. I would LOVE to talk to you about it and I feel I have plenty of support from everyone - higher ups, lower ups - all of us are pretty tight knit. As a doula, I love attending our births and I attend births from both programs. They are both good programs - just a bit different. I like the simplicity of HypnoBirthing - birth is instinctual and I feel this one supports that more.

  Our bodies know what to do - and if you add a few tools, move the fears out - you can have a wonderful birth, no matter the circumstances/hospital etc. We move, make sounds and flow with our bodies. I have only seen one mom lay still in a bed - it was amazing - and it was purely her style. The rest of us are groovin and noise makin! Funny thing about all birth methods - we all teach the same thing! We have a bit of a different spin - but it's all the same thing. No reason to be competitive - it's birth and a woman's choice. What feels right for her on the inside in her gut - should be the right program for her and her choice supported.

  I opened a Birth Education Center and we offer 3 specific birth methods and a basic hospital type class. And they all fill and they all have moms that love them. Go birth! Hugs - Care

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I firmly believe that any method of relaxation to prepare for birth will be helpful and a good thing.  But as a FTM I took a HypnoBirthing class and was terribly disappointed by it, not because the instructor was bad, but because the course content was lacking.  As a FTM, and was looking for a complete childbirth education, which my instructor assured me I would get.  I also wanted to learn self-hypnosis, which again, my instructor told me I would.  In the end, I was left floundering with almost no understanding of birth or how to achieve an unmedicated birth, and nothing but some basic guided relaxation to get me through.  I wound up getting some additional materials that helped me learn some basic childbirth hypnosis that is what I used during much of my birth when the HypnoBirthing relaxation wasn't enough.  My main issue with HypnoBirthing was not only the lack of basic birth information it provided, but also the lack of tools and how the teaching interfered with my ability to follow my instincts.  I tend to have a strong, intuitive connection with my body and felt that powerfully during my birth.  But after weeks of practicing relaxing and going totally limp during birth, I was completely unable to follow my instincts, which were begging me to remain upright and move around to encourage my baby to descend.  I simply could not use HypnoBirthing techniques and respond to my body's needs at the same time.  It took a great deal of effort and distracted me from my birthing, but I chose to trust what I had learned and remain relaxed for my own comfort, but my lack of movement led to complications and a much longer, more dangerous birthing than I needed to have. 


With my second baby, I did a great deal of research and chose to learn Hypnobabies.  I can't even begin to tell you how much better prepared I was going into my second birth, thanks to Hypnobabies.  Within 1/2 hour of opening the Hypnobabies workbook, I had learned more about childbirth, hypnosis and how my mind and body worked than I had gotten out of the entire HypnoBirthing class.  I had a number of very easy tools to use, and my birth partner (who had felt confused and ignored by the HypnoBirthing preparation) had several simple ways to instantly bring me into or deepen my hypnosis.  My entire body responded powerfully by visibly relaxing when he used the simple cues.  It made him feel much more involved and important during the birth, and allowed me to share more of the responsibility of staying calm and focused.  The skills became second nature to me, so while I used them easily throughout my 24 hour birth, I didn't really even notice myself using them until the final moments when things became most intense.  I was simply able to move instinctively through my birth, trusting my body and moving freely while remaining very deeply in hypnosis, totally relaxed, and calm.  My deeper understanding of birth helped me to trust my instincts and connect to my body's and baby's needs more deeply.  Using true self-hypnosis instead of relaxation gave me far more endorphins which translated into greater comfort and a sense of peaceful joy.  The Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis technique gave me the ability to choose comfort and movement along with easy communication with my birthing team, instead of shutting down and tuning everyone out, the way I needed to with HypnoBirthing.  My second birth also made "converts" of the midwives who attended it.  Up until then, they discouraged women from using childbirth hypnosis because of the shortcomings I described with my first birth.  They said the worst birth experiences they saw were from women who had taken HypnoBirthing classes, so they required them to take additional classes in order to have a better understanding of birth.  But after I showed them the Hypnobabies workbook, and they saw the techniques in action, the began recommending Hypnobabies.


A woman I met on-line and have since befriended has the unique perspective of having used and taught both HypnoBirthing and Hypnobabies.  You may find her experience of the differences between the programs to be useful in your decision:




Again, I think any relaxation is helpful for birth, and even basic relaxation can be enough for straightforward births.  But if you're looking for a program that will prepare couples for anything that their birth may entail, in my experience Hypnobabies is unquestionably more complete and comprehensive, and the skills are far more effective.

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I agree with doing research. I was in your position 2 years ago and I simply googled the two programs and discovered wich one had more to offer and went with that!


Good Luck with your decision!

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Thank you all for so much great insite!  In our area Hypnobabies is super popular but Hynobirthing is not.  I am a doula already and have been to births of both types of learning.  I know they're both very similar and are both great.  If anyone else has any thoughts keep them coming this is awesome!

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As a doula as well, I've attended both Hypnobabies and Hypnobirthing births. I have to say that my Hypnobabies moms always have been more in control and more relaxed. I looked into the Hypnobabies program and was very impressed with the amount of content they cover. It's not just hypnosis and hypno-anesthesia for childbirth, but a complete childbirth education course plus info on nutrition, exercise, and baby care. I really felt like it was the whole package. I decided to fully commit to Hypnobabies and became an instructor this year. 


And as you said that Hypnobabies is already super popular in your area, you would not have to put as much time and effort into getting the word out and filling your classes. In my area, Hypnobabies has not completely taken off yet, but in my opinion it is definitely worth putting the energy into it because I have seen how well prepared moms are when they walk away from the classes.

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