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Very Baby AIOs

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Hi! Does anyone know where I can find some Very Baby AIO's? They're my favorite diaper, hands down. I've previously made my own but this is my fourth baby and I just can't even imagine where I would find the time to do that right now.


It seems all the ladies who used to make them are done sewing for now. Anybody have any leads?


(I do know of two: Hooah Huggies doesn't use birdseye, and the stuff she does use must be expensive because her prices are considerably higher than the other ladies' used to be, and the lady at BebeBottoms is about to have a baby and not sewing.)


I'm needing a pretty big stash of size medium-longs, so it's not likely I'm going to find what I need on the trading post.






**previously posted on the diaper making forums, which was a really active place once upon a time when I was learning to sew dipes, but now apparently is ... not. :)

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I found a couple with a quick search:




Not sure if that is what you are looking for, but they look active!  

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