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June 25th Chat - Yeah!

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I'm pumped I get to start a thread!  Yeah!  


Chat away ladies!  


AFM - doc appt. today - all's well on the baby front - growing growing growing - and good blood pressure! I get to have a sonogram at my next appt at 34 weeks - VERY excited for that.  ;) It's the first since 11 weeks.  Also prepping to have all my records copied so I can bring them to Michigan. 


Speaking of which - anyone know any good resources online to find a good midwifery practice or a naturally-minded ob/gyn practice in the US?  I have to set up back-up care in case we need to transfer to the hospital and I think I'd better make an appointment or two now for the end of July.  


We are 3 weeks from moving and making good progress.  There is light at the end of this busy busy tunnel.  


How's everybody else doing?

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I don't know how to search the whole US but depending on where you are moving to I can give some recommendations.

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I'm still in Florida (here for 2 weeks for work).  The baby is doing fine, but I'm ready to be home again!  The flight out here was super easy, so I'm hoping that the return (on Friday) will be a breeze as well.  We have very limited internet access here, so I'm missing out on so much here in the forum!

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I'm ultimately moving to Ann Arbor, but will be in West Bloomfield for the first few months... 

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Ugh, feeling kind of grumpy this morning. I had a terrible sleep--awake at 3 a.m., and then no more sleep. My hip was hurting a lot, and I just couldn't get comfortable, no matter which way I turned. Also, DH was in a funk all weekend, which somehow puts me in a bad mood too. Usually he's very considerate and helpful, but once in a while he'll get in these moods in which he'll act all sorry for himself and like I'm invisible. I just want to say, "Really? Try having a watermelon strapped to the front of your body!" I try to be sensitive, but sometimes I just don't have the patience for it.


Anyway, I'm sure he'll break out of it soon. We have another midwife appointment tonight, so that'll be a good spot in the day. But for now, onward to more organizing!

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LizBiz, you might want to check the tribal groups on Mothering for some recommendations.  That is what I did before moving up here and how I found my midwife, and pediatrician/family practitioner. And "Yay!" about the sono!


Penny, how is the weather in Florida, I think you said you were in J-ville, and I guess the tropical storm has been hanging out over the gulf.  I know my Tampa friends are posting pictures of people kayaking down the streets. 


Sarah, I'm sorry your DH was in a mood.  That sort of thing always affects my mood as well.  Enjoy your appointment and organizing!


AFM, no appointments this week. I mentioned late last week that B would be traveling for work this summer, and would miss some of the Bradley classes.  Turns out my twin's husband is traveling for work this summer as well, so we were trying to work out her and the kids coming up for the summer so we both had company and I had a coach for my Bradley classes.  My baby shower is in Tampa on July 21, so she is just going to come up after that with all four girls.Then the two big girls will be picked up by their dad mid-August to go start school, and sis will stay here with the two littles so that she can doula at the birth and teach me what the heck I do with a baby once Q is here. I'm super excited to see my nieces, and judging by hearing them in the background while twin and I were discussing the plans, they are excited to come up and visit too.

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Great to hear things are going well, Lizbiz! Since my last appt was so rushed (sick ob) I have no idea what's coming up in the next few weeks, but she did mention the GBS swab at 35 weeks. Hope you find a great midwife in MI.


Penny, what a relief that the flight was so easy, I'm sure the return will be the same!


Wow, Sarah, sounds a lot like my night and similar to my dh! I was asleep around 11, but up at 2:30 and just wasn't tired anymore. The cat knew it, so she was being really annoying (I was awake but didn't want to leave the bed to feed and appease her).


I also had this weird pressure down below and solved it with an ice pack, has anyone experienced this at night? It must have had to do with baby's position, since during this he got the hiccups and it felt as though his head was on the lower left, where I was feeling all the external pressure. So weird. And, my nose has been stuffing at night, making it necessary to breathe through my mouth, which I hate and don't sleep as well. Because it's pretty hot here, my nose gets kind of sweaty/greasy so the breathe right strips are not totally effective all night, either.


As for dh, I was discussing this a bit on another thread in "I'm pregnant" (grads of ttc in your 30s) and a few other women said the same thing about husbands suddenly becoming really aware around this time in the pregnancy of the reality of baby coming soon. I mean, my dh has been great, shopping, preparing, assembling, contributing, and excited, but lately a little more morose, worried about how things will change (i.e. somewhat self-centered--has he checked out how my BODY has been changing all this time?!).


The skype shower (people from my hometown) over the weekend was great fun. I am always so humbled by people's generosity and it was great to see my mom being able to participate in pregnancy, since I think she was feeling a little bit disconnected from it. 


ETA, Veritas, you posted while I was writing. That's great that your sister will be there to coach and help you learn the ropes for baby Q. How exciting to have such a wonderful resource in someone you are so close to.

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Weather here in Jacksonville has been okay.  It was storming like crazy all evening, night, and this morning, but seems to have calmed down now.  I'm from northern California - this tropical storm weather is so confusing to me!

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Originally Posted by pennywhistle View Post

Weather here in Jacksonville has been okay.  It was storming like crazy all evening, night, and this morning, but seems to have calmed down now.  I'm from northern California - this tropical storm weather is so confusing to me!

I love this weather!  I live in the FL panhandle, and it's been steady raining for 2 days now.  It does sort of hinder productivity, though-- at least for me.  I just like to stare out the window at the rain :)

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Happy Monday everyone! 


At my last midwife appt, my blood pressure had risen a bit, and I'm nervous to see how it looks at this week's appt (on Friday).  I'm looking ahead to a super busy work week, and my dog is having surgery tomorrow, so I'm a bit overwhelmed today.  


I'm also fretting about my baby shower in July-- who to invite, what to register for, etc.  I hate being the center of attention, especially when opening gifts, so I'm thinking of just canceling it (invitations haven't been sent yet).  What do y'all think? My friend is having a "mother blessing" for me, and I'm looking forward to that. 


Sarah-- sorry DH was in a bad mood, it's weird how those things can be contagious!  


VV -- I hope you have a blast with your sister!

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Happy end of June everybody!!!! CRAZY!!


There is light at the end of this busy busy tunnel.  



That about sums up this week for me.. !


I am moving my office/studio across town at 36w pregnant.. which is ... interesting to say the least. Today I spent all day packing stuff and on the way home I got a flat tire on my bike and had to walk the last 2.5 miles.. luckily it wasn't hot or I have no idea how I would of made it. Everything has to be out by Friday and at this point I am just trying to get it all moved as quickly as I can while I have the energy burst to do it.. 


I'm super busy these final weeks before birth- moving my studio/office across town (so I'm closer to home and can work hopefully later this summer/early Fall), setting up a bunch of exhibitions/lectures for the Fall in NYC (still need to figure out childcare while there), have a bunch of uncooked freezer meals to finish, and then I have 3-4 projects which need to be finished/documented and released before I go into labor .. oh any day now (labor that is).... oh and then there is the book chapter I need to finish before the deadline for publication which is in 2 weeks and so far I only have the first two paragraphs written and have a major case of writers block which coffee does not fix.


I have these hits of tons of energy then I have days where I feel like just standing up is so exhausting I need to sleep.. those are getting more and more frequent I'm finding.. and its getting more and more difficult to find the motivation to do anything.. Come next week I hope to have the bulk of the bad stuff out of the way- or at very least this move which feels overwhelming, I have no idea how those of you moving your houses right now are managing it..

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I have these hits of tons of energy then I have days where I feel like just standing up is so exhausting I need to sleep.. those are getting more and more frequent I'm finding.. and its getting more and more difficult to find the motivation to do anything..

I have this too!  Today I had a ton of energy and almost no discomfort or anything.  Yesterday it was like pulling teeth to just get myself vertical.  I do notice that caffeine makes a huge difference for me, but I'm not quite willing to caffeinate this kid just so I can survive the next month or so.  I'm trying to limit it to two serious caffeine sessions a week.  I wish I knew more about what caffeine does in late pregnancy.  As I sit here sitting my latte though, I'm not sure how much I care.  eyesroll.gif

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Quick tip if anyone is struggling with cervical pressure/pain, hip discomfort, or SI joint stuff (basically pelvic crap).  I did a bunch of pelvic tilts and spent some time in the polar bear position (child's pose but with your butt up in the air) and feel like a new woman.  I also posted this in the Staying Active thread, so sorry to spam you guys, but I feel like an infomercial announcer over here.  It's amazing!  I feel so much better, it's crazy. 


Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!

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I generally have 1 cup in the morning of coffee then one in the afternoon or evening if I am really struggling with DS1 or have a late night of work etc etc

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Just found this forum and it's sure better than the other ones i've been stalking!  Figured I'd jump in with both feet and say hi... I'm 34 weeks right now :-)

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Welcome, mtngirl81!  We think we have a pretty awesome DDC, if we do say so ourselves.  Tell us about yourself when you get a chance!

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Originally Posted by Lizbiz View Post
Speaking of which - anyone know any good resources online to find a good midwifery practice or a naturally-minded ob/gyn practice in the US?  I have to set up back-up care in case we need to transfer to the hospital and I think I'd better make an appointment or two now for the end of July.  

I second the earlier suggestion to look here on MDC in the regional forums. Babycenter also tends to have a lot of information on local hospitals/docs, though it is not always from the same naturally-minded perspective as here. My best resource has been my doula, since she's had a range of experiences with many of the local hospitals/midwives/docs; if you're not interested in or able to hire a doula to attend your birth, you might be able to hire one for email/phone support only who could help you figure out your best options. 


Just a word of caution: I am having trouble getting an OB practice to take me as a transfer this late (33wks). Beside the practice that has to take me (since they are affiliated with the birth center where I've been risked out; they are far away and the hospital is not the best so I'm looking elsewhere first), I've only found two offices that will even consider me and they need to review my medical records before they will make any decisions. I am not sure if this is something that happens everywhere or if it's a local (Philly) standard, but it's really frustrating! I hope you don't run into the same issue. 

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LizBiz, Glad baby and you are doing good at your appointment.  I forgot, are you finding out the gender at your sonogram?  Maybe you can find a good midwife and OB by contacting your local LLL chapter?


Penny, Are you around the hurricane area?  Glad baby is doing good.  Sorry, just read you already answered that question.  Sounds very rainy.  

Hope you are at least getting to try some new local foods during your trip.  Hopefully on the company.  


Sarah, I hope he breaks out of it soon.  How did your midwife appointment go? I hear you on the organizing. 


Eleuthia, I am sorry you are having so much trouble with the transfer.  That must be stressful! 


Veritas, that would be so wonderful if your sister and your baby Q's cousins could come stay for the summer.  I hope it works out.  


Andaluza, I wonder how your cat will react to the new baby when you are up at all hours.  My cat has also been annoying lately.  Glad you solved your pressure issue, that is weird.   Glad your shower went well.  I am so happy your mom got to be involved too.  It is a great feeling when people take some time out of their day and busy schedules to celebrate along with you. So fun!  


LakeRuby, I am sorry to hear about your dog's surgery.  What is wrong?  I also had some of the same concerns as you are saying you do.  I went ahead and accepted though and did enjoy it more than I thought, must have been the theme of celebrating my own new baby and the hormones.  I felt so humbled.   


Ithappened, I can't believe you are moving things with twins at this stage.  That must be interesting to say the least!   Sorry about the flat tire.  I hope you can get everything done that you need to and want to before the birth.  I sympathize since it sounds like a lot.  


Lily Glad today you had tons of energy and felt great.  What a good day. 


Mtngirl, welcome! 


All is going good here, better than last week.  Trying to decide on what to get as far the rest of the stuff for the baby and for after the birth and everything else involved with all of that stuff.  Been feeling hungry pretty much constantly and enjoying fresh summer produce.  Summer is a great time to be pregnant as far as food choices.

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Thanks Lilytiger!   


Our due date is Aug 5th and gender is unknown due to the stubbornness of the babe's not wanting to show its goods lol.  The pregnancy has been a bit of a difficult journey for me to be honest as I'm used to being VERY active (we're super outdoorsy people) and i've not been able to do most of the activities my husband and i enjoy. and having to give up my job (i'm a backcountry park ranger... well i WAS!) ... been a trying time to get used to a new life with a child and all that jazz.  I had no idea i'd react like this though lol.


Pregnancy has been fairly 'ok' other than morning sickness, back pain in the first tri and SPD in the 2nd and 3rd... just trucking on and researching what I can and also getting into fights with my OB about tests and what our views are on labour lol. That's why i love reading on Mothering.com... its similar to how we perceive pregnancy and labour... I hope to learn more talking with you guys! 

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Hi Everyone!!  Can't believe July is just around the corner.... we all know what THAT means!!!


LizBiz - Wow, 3 weeks til your big move!!  Have you already lined up a place to live?  Ann Arbor is a great little college town!  DH and I always said that if we had to move back to the southern part of MI, that's where we'd go!

Penny - Hope the remainder of your trip goes well!

Sarah - Hope you (and DH) are feeling better soon....

VV - Sorry about B having to travel - and miss your classes.  You're so lucky that your sis can come stay and help you!  That sounds like such a great plan, you're so fortunate to have her support.

Andaluza - Hooray for your shower!  Interesting how you mention DH's becoming more attuned around this time - I can see it going on w/mine as well.....

LakeRuby - Good luck w/you BP... and w/your dog's surgery!!  I hope you go through w/having your shower - I think you'll enjoy it after all (I'm the same way about getting gifts on being in the spotlight).  Friends/family would love to be a part of this exciting time in your life and be able to contribute and share w/you!

ItHappened - Wow, busy Mama!!  Good luck getting your tasks done in this short time!  And pleeeease tell me you're getting some help w/moving your office!!!  I'm having such a visual of you (twin belly and all) pushing your flat bike across town.... good gosh you are such a trooper!!

LilyTiger - Those moves are indeed amazing aren't they?  I've been feeling quite "immobile" lately and seem to find the only relief is on my hands and knees or in a downward dog......

Mtngirl81 - Hello!!!  Welcome to our DDC!!

Eleuthia - Good luck w/your search for a new OB, hope everything falls into place soon!

Sol - Regarding food choices, I wish I ate as well as you do (judging from your posts in the "What did you eat" thread)!! I feel like I've been seriously slacking lately, now that I know I'm in the "final stretch"....but yes, summer produce is nice to have on hand!


AFM - My mom left Sunday after visiting for a few days here and despite our constant bickering, we're both so glad she made the trip and it was wonderful to have some company.  We stayed busy in the kitchen - my freezer is now stocked with freshly made:  chicken pot pie, 2 chicken tetrazzini casseroles, 2 sausage & bean stews, pan fried noodles, crockpot chicken fajitas, spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, oatmeal energy balls, choc. chip cookies and carrot cake.....and all of this was accomplished while sitting (at the counter) since she forbade me to stand up or reach for anything myself (ugh!!).  And it's all MINE - to consume when DH is traveling again (postpartum) - not to be used for entertaining house guests, who will have to fend for themselves!!  :)


I've been lurking around on the June & July DDC's to get a taste of where we'll all be very soon... so exciting!!  I have to say though, that I LOVE our August DDC!!  I hope we can continue to stay in touch on MDC after our babies come.....

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