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I honestly don't know what I would do without my AC! I'm amazed at those temps!

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The henna artist (http://sarahkatebutterworth.com/) and her husband took pictures, so I'll have some to post next week. As a photographer myself, it was really interesting to be on the other side of the camera.
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It is unbearable outside. I don't even think our AC is turning off throughout the day. It's 101 right now at almost 5pm, ridiculous.

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Help- I really, really want to get full palm henna tattoos a couple weeks before the baby comes. I want my hands to be a sign of strength, decorated full of positive messages and designs. I wish I lived near you, I have no idea where to start looking for somebody who could do that for me!


The weather today is not too bad, we're coping without the AC. Tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler. But now the weather channel has updated the temps for the end of the week to high of 100F, that's pretty darn hot for Kentucky. The local weather is saying that these could be the hottest days of the summer (like they can really know that!) so we'll have to cave in on the AC in a day or so. Our building is just so poorly insulated, we hate running it because it's so expensive. Oh well, at least it's not 106!

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Help! My husband just told me he has a business trip to Japan when I'll be 35 or 36 weeks pregnant! I'm a FTM so I have no idea if I will give birth early, or what. So far everything has been healthy, but I'm only 28 right now. I need advice! Is that cutting it too close?

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Ascher, that seems kind of close! How long would he be gone? I had a completely healthy and normal pregnancy and my first arrived at exactly 37 weeks - a complete surprise as I had no signs! I think my concern would be that even if you went into a long labor, your DH couldn't get back from Japan for quite some time. Another state may be a little less worrisome. I guess it's so hard to know!
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ascher, I think you'll be fine. My 1st baby was born at 39 weeks and my second was born at 41 weeks, You may go early but it isn't that common for baby to come before 37 weeks if all is well. 


AFM, Speaking of all this nesting, 4 more days until I'm on vacation. We're picking up the nursery furniture and I can't wait! Here is what the nursery looks like so far (excuse the dog butt). The other walls are just green: 

Screen shot 2012-06-25 at 7.31.23 PM.png

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I think he's going for a week, maximum. Actually, I looked and that puts me at 34 weeks, not 36. Phew. I called my MIL and she said I can call her anytime if there's an emergency, or she can stay over, or I can stay over there. Which is comforting. Not sure if I'd be able to last a week with my MIL non-stop, but still, good to know I can call someone in case of an emergency. It still makes me anxious, the idea of being alone at that point. And then there's the worrying about him being so far away and being in a plane for that long (I hate flying). I calmed down a bit and I'm not as freaked out as I was about it.

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Oh, what a scare, ascher! I would be totally worried about 36 weeks, but generally ok at 34 weeks.
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ARed- if I google 'henna pregnancy' and my city, there are a few artists who show up, though this is a very hippie area. If that doesn't give you any leads, you can ask around at an Indian grocery or restaurant, or local doulas or home birth midwives might be able to refer you to someone.
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okay, i'm sorry if i don't mention your names.  I go through and read the posts, but sometimes names escape my poor pg brain by the time i get to the end.


1.  the monkeys are SOOO cute!  both the sock monkey idea and the jungle monkeys.  :)  (Fred Meyer had/has some sock monkey newborn outfits - not outfits that look like sock monkies, but outfits with sock monkey pics on them.


2. double check on the safety of crib bumpers.  I think they sell mesh ones that are supposed to be safer then the padded ones.


3.  Apt. living.  sucks, i know.  We can hear the people above us when we're in the bedroom, i'm just glad that ds can go to sleep when their girls are running around in their room (above our room).  We've always lived in apts. and with the exception of one, it's been downstairs.  Which we like, cause it is easier to move in and out.  We also don't have to worry too much about our noise.


4. Henna- there are lots of henna artists around here.  I bet you can find some easy peasy once you start looking.  If you can't find any via google, then ask around the doulas in the area.  I'm planning on getting my belly henna'd.  We hired a henna artist for both my sister's baby showers (she had 2)  lets see if i can post pics at the end of this.  If I don't get a baby shower (and i don't mind either way) i'll have a friend do it.  Trade services or something.


okay, pics, i can do this....


crap, well, my sister's first belly is protected, so you can go here if you wanna see it: http://www.magicalmehendi.com/gallery/bellies/

it is the first belly on the third row on the first page.


This is my 34 week henna'd belly.  :D  



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ascher - I gave my DH until 36 weeks and after that he needs to stay local and no more over nights.  Keep in mind that MOST FTM go past their EDD.  I am sure you will be fine, but I understand your concern since Japan isn't exactly easy to get to/from!


Help007 and Katt - love the Henna!!

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Originally Posted by Jend1002 View Post

I have been a big fan of wall decals for my DS's room. When we move, his new room will have a 7 foot long T-Rex!   It's so easy to change and they can be pretty affordable - so I googled sock monkey wall decal and came up with a few.  Here's one: http://tinyurl.com/87fgwgw


Maybe an easier option if you feel like you have tons of painting and other projects! 

I love that decal!!!  We have textured walls, think sand in the paint eyesroll.gif.  How do you think the decals would stick?

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MamanF - I adore your monkey walls! So cute!


Katt- Gorgeous Henna! Your artist did a wonderful job.


Ascher, I think you'll be fine at 34 weeks, but I totally get why it's stressin you out, especially as he'll be so far away.


DH travels for work a few times a month, although he's never anywhere close to that far away. We've been trying to sort out what his cut off for staying close to home is. I really expect to go late again with this baby, but I don't want to risk him not being around. At this point we are thinking that after 36 or 37 weeks we'll ask that he not go anywhere too remote, and after 38 weeks he stays pretty much in town. Most of his work is within about 5 or 6 hours drive anyways, but he occassionally ends up somewhere pretty remote and I don't want to go into labour when he's 4 hours from the nearest small town airport that has 1 flight to Edmonton a day!

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I love that decal!!!  We have textured walls, think sand in the paint eyesroll.gif.  How do you think the decals would stick?

Hmmm....I'm not sure.  I do know that the decals I have used have gone over imperfections in the wall with no trouble at all but I am not sure about textured walls.  Maybe you could do a test with a small decal to see?  I know that different companies use different materials but if you could find something small from the same company to try, that may be the best option.  I have some little decals that I got from Target that are just really different from the nice, big ones I have ordered.  The Target ones don't seem like they'd stick so well over texture but the others may. 

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I'm feeling better today. Although I did tell DH that 36 weeks is the cut-off. I got some retail therapy on today at a local consignment store. It made me feel better! Found a good diaper bag for 1/2 original retail. I know everyone says you don't need a diaper bag most of the time, but it's good to have one even if it's just for travel.


The decals-- I think that usually decals do not work on textured walls. I thought I remembered reading this about them. If you go to an FAQ section of any decal store, they'll usually have a "what's the best surface" question. On matte paint, maybe, but sand...I'm thinking they probably wouldn't stick. But I could be wrong!


As for everything else--not much to report. I have to bring my dogs to the vet for their first teeth-cleaning and I know I'm going to have another preggo moment over it. I've been avoiding it for 4 years because I couldn't stand the idea of anesthesia, but I know it's just necessary. I can't feed them breakfast, either. :( I hope they forgive me! they are my babies!


Katt--henna is beautiful!


Anyone have a preference for which Ergo we should get? I really want an ergo, but it's hot down here in FL. Anyone have the Ergobaby performance (one with the mesh for ventilation)? Just curious if the fabrics are still comfortable, since they are synthetics instead of organic cotton. I'm planning on using the k'tan that's made for warmer weather until the baby is old enough for the ergo.

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Traveling papas: Right there with you, ascher! My husband's on notice that they might send him to the Philippines the first week of August (my 34th week). He told me this and I, of course, immediately went all DEFCON 1: You realize that is the absolute latest they can possible send you, right? And you've told them? I know they know you're having a baby, but did you TELL them you refuse to travel after that date? Can you imagine what it would be like if your first child came early and you were halfway across the world? And if it were coming that early? Even worse! Hehehe.. an exaggeration, but only slightly. I would be so, so sad for him if he did miss it, but ultimately I could handle it and deadlines are constantly changing there anyway, so there's no point in actually worrying about it until the time comes- I think the important thing for me was that he and I have an understanding about it, and that he will actually put his foot down with them if need be.


Erika, the nursery is too freaking cute. I especially like the giraffe eating the leaf. :)


AFM: Good night of sleep last night! Not sure if it was the most recent chiro adjustment or the exhaustion from crappy sleep the night before, but hardly any tossing and turning, and I think just one trip to the bathroom.


Meanwhile: the little one is packing a serious punch these days. Really surprised me with the power in the 'mom just ate lunch' activity spurt today. Have mercy, baby.

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AFM: My brother and his girlfriend came into town on late Thursday night (didn't see him until Friday) and they left in the wee hours of this morning (said goodbye last night)--we all thought they were staying longer but they'd gotten their flight mixed up. Good thing we caught that one. The visit was mostly good, a little bit stressful at times- I'm proud of my brother for picking a smart, principled girl, but she's 22, still in that kind of radical place in life where most things look pretty black and white and you never let an opportunity pass to express your opinions forcefully (because, of course, they are always right). The constant antagonism was nerve-wracking. But I did like her otherwise, and have chosen to focus on how great it will be when she lives a bit more and mellows out just a tad. And I think I fell in love with my husband even more watching him handle it without getting offended or being steamrolled (he, uh, may have had some practice with headstrong women.. 2whistle.gif).



I am 22 (just had my bday on MondaySheepish.gif) but I can't stand people my own age for these reasons! lol I do state my opinion more than I should but DH is 4 years older and we have a great honest relationship so he tells me when I need to reel it in (not in front of people though!)


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So we get home from running errands and one of the embarrassing pregnancy symptoms, gas, decided to rear its ugly head in the kitchen while we put groceries away.  My hubby was really sweet about it and jokingly blamed it on the dog.  Then I decided my little toot was funny and giggled about it for about 10 minutes.  Fortunately, DH is not squeamish and said, "You know, I kind of like you."  And he laughed right along with me.


That is so funny! I have 6 younger brothers (the youngest being 3 months old) so gas was always laughed at in my house... And same thing with me and DH.. Sometimes pg gas can be so bad there is really nothing you can do except laugh about it! shrug.gif


I'm so jealous of the other nesting mamas! I am in summer classes right now, so that I can feel good about taking the fall semester off, so I have zero time to start nesting... classes are out July  26th so after that I will go crazy! I still have to figure out where to put clothes for two babies and set up a nursing station and start cooking extra meals... I am itching to start so bad but am desperately trying to finish the semester with A's... It is nice to get the break from DS, even if it is for English class eyesroll.gif


My heart goes out to the mama's in not-so-great apartment complexes! We live in a garage apartment built into a barn (it's much nicer than it sounds), we have great a great landlord who fixes things right away, like our AC that totally had to be replaced at the beginning of summer!! We currently have a mouse that somehow got into the house though (I know we have them in the barn but we have been here over a year and NEVER saw one or even signs of them in the house, it's very well insulated, I think he came in when the door got left open...) irked.gif I got one of those electronic mouse deterrents that keeps a vibration in the air to keep them away but it just drove him upstairs!!rant.gif We haven't put any traps out because of  a very mobile and curious DS, but we trapped the mouse in the extra room upstairs and will put a few up there tonight and hopefully get that SOB!! Mice freak me out, I don't want them anywhere near me or my baby!!


Besides that my pg has been pretty uneventful.. had trouble gaining weight at first because of nursing but thankfully the last two visits have shown sufficient weight gain.. I have started getting some swelling in my feet but it's not too bad yet and I didn't have any issues with it last time...


Hope everyone  is continuing to have a great week!!

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We have slightly textured walls - they were probably very textured 50 years ago when the house was built but they have many layers of paint now :-) but instead of decals I used fabric and liquid starch to make a tree for my DD before she was born. It was really easy and cheap. I actually wrote about the process on my blog here: http://brcbanter.blogspot.com/2010/03/msm-tree-for-nigel.html Since then we've moved but the tree was easy to move and you can see it put up again here: http://brcbanter.blogspot.com/2011/06/big-girl-room-tour.html. Since you basically paint it on with the liquid starch, I think it might stick better than a decal on a texture wall. Just another option. 

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Is anyone else getting the heart burn yet?  This is the third day in a row that  have had to pop the TUMS during the day and at night!  I have tried aloe juice too but that doesn't do anything!  Any oher natural suggestions.  My DH and I never take medicine (other than homeopathic or natural remedies) and he looks at me with dsgust every time I go for the TUMS bottle.  I know TUMS isn't that bad, but if there is something else that REALLY works let me know!


I went to the homeopath yesterday and osteopath today and my back is feeling so much better!  Found out that the osteopath is no longer coming to this office, so I need to finda newone or drive 45 minutes each way for an adjustment.  My midwife is coming tomorrow, I am anxious to see what baby's position is!

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