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Agreed Carmen, you have to do what feels right, and what puts your mind at ease. I have taken all three of my hpt, not because they were iffy at all, but simply because its nice to see those two pink lines next to each other! I say if it makes you feel good, do it.

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Carmen, I think I remember you from Sept 2012 ddc.  Were you there for a while?  I lost that baby at 12 weeks and last July I lost a baby at 6 weeks.  I am quite a bit nervous as well.  I am trying to approach the whole pregnancy with an attitude of gratitude.  Being happy for the moment I am in is all I can do right now.  I get really happy when I feel the most miserable (nauseous and tired)...  Which DH thinks is "just sick!"  hahaha!



Trying to put off the beta/progesterone blood test until next week because of the holiday and traveling we are doing this week.  I think I am gonna storm the lab next Monday Morning though! 

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Hi jodie, yes I was in the sept 2012 ddc - I lost the baby at 9 weeks but I knew at 7 weeks that the heart rate was very low and little bean was very small. I'm very sorry for your losses hug2.gif Approaching with gratitude is a great thing. I feel gratitude that I can get pregnant at all! I hope we're both around for the long haul this time!


(I also feel really happy when I'm tired and miserable lol)

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Hi Jodie and Carmen!

I was also in the september 2012 group but lost the baby at 11 weeks.  

I'm glad to see you here!  I just popped in to see what was happening.  I don't know if I'm quite ready to join yet, I got a faint line this afternoon, so I guess I"ll be watching in the next couple of days. 


Like you, I'm taking this one day at a time and trying to be grateful that we are, at least, conceiving! (I had amhenorhea for a few years, so having a regular cycle is a blessing for me!)

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((HUGS)) Bena!  I am hoping we all stick around this time, too.



  As time progresses, I am getting more nervous.  Being greatful is becoming more and more an active choice than a natural feeling... Hoping an u/s will ease my mind a little in a week and a half.

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Cubanita, I love your post. Nothing man can understand. You try to control your life, but you have no control! Coming to accept that is like stretching and growing.

How do all you ladies get your hormone levels tested? Do you go to the doctors office that often? Doesn't it take a lab order from a doctor?
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Mymary-  I have a very close relationship with my midwife.  Because of a history of recurrent miscarriages, she asks me what I need to feel reassured. This time, I opted to not have blood work drawn, but I will go in for an u/s in 2 weeks.  She just texts and e-mails me back and forth to see what I need.  I love having such an open relationship with her.  She has walked with me through my grief and is really there for me as a midwife to make sure I am well-- physically and emotionally.  I am so blessed to have found her.  


It does take a Dr. order for lab testing, but If you would like to have hormone levels drawn, you can call your provider and request it.  They can just fax a script to a lab and you can go there to have blood work drawn (without seeing the Dr. first).   If you think it would reassure you, then go for it.  If you think it might give you another thing to worry about, then just wait it out.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss!  


Jodie-- I know what you mean about being grateful as an active choice!  It is so hard to not be anxious.  It's good to know that we're not alone!  There seem to be lots of loss moms in this DDC.  It will be so amazing when we're all holding our rainbow babies.  :)  

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Hi Bena, I'm so sorry for your loss but I'm happy to see you here! I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!



I go in for an u/s this Thursday...I'll be 7w3days. I'm scared but am also taking comfort in knowing what the heck is going on....either way. I'm still not experiencing extreme pregnancy symptoms. I have very sore breasts and am tired and hungry a lot but I'm only having mild, on/off nausea. It's quite different from the 24/7 nausea I had when pregnant with my DD.

eta: I'm surprised your midwives can't order blood work? Our midwives (in BC, Canada) can order bloodwork, ultrasounds, etc. the same as doctors can...

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Quick update - same thing is happening this pregnancy as last. Baby is very small (only 6w1d) and heartrate is very slow (71). RE doesn't expect things to be successful.

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Oh no. I hope things turn out for the best. Hugs!

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hug2.gif Thinking of you.

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