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Diaper rash- please help!!

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My DD has had this rash for a couple weeks now. When we were at the ped, she said it was probably a heat rash.  Well it's spread now and it's all red.  It just looks like patchy red skin.  Around her anus she has little pimples.  Is this all yeast?  I have been doing grapefruit seed extract on it and I bleached all my cloth diapers.  I was putting clotrimazole on it and then felt guilty because it's not natural. :(  What should I do?  Please help!!

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Sounds like it might be yeast, but it might not.


I would try a good diaper cream - i had really good luck with Country Comfort baby cream.  Cleared up all sorts of things.


Also, make sure your diapers are rinsed really well - especially after bleaching.  Sometimes a change in detergent can trigger a rash.


Lastly, is she eating anything new? 


Don't be afraid to take her back to the ped if you are concerned.  

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YYeah it sounds just like yeast to me. Do you use cloth diapers? You might post in the cloth diaper forum here at mothering ( http://www.mothering.com/community/f/221/diapering ) for some ideas of how to wash diapers to kill off yeast (If I remember right tea tree oil in the wash helps?), and also the doctor does have available a wonderful cream for yeast. Some people apply plain yogurt to a yeast rash, and air is a wonderful thing for a yeast rash, so naked butt time is great. You can set a diaper under her to catch any accidents, and just have her sit on it naked for a while, if that's practical for you.
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She is only 5 months old so she's ebf still.  I'll have to look for that diaper cream.  She's been getting nakey time and I'll have to increase it.  Thanks so much for the help!


I feel awful, like it is my fault :( Like maybe I didn't get the diapers clean enough or I ate too much sugar or something.  I keep beating myself up about it.

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Oh, I bet most babies get at least one or two yeast rashes in their babyhoods. I know both of mine did, and probably starting around that age. Don't stress about it.
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Maybe try some coconut oil down there?  It's anti-fungal.

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My sweet baby boy has a yeast rash that sounds like your DD's rash, it feels bumpy to the touch and it spreads. At first I thought heat rash too. Well, last week it spread to his belly, legs, some on his arms. We are on a anti-fungal cream and he has been on it for about a week and a half, it was clearing up but it looks like its coming back. So, tomorrow I am calling the ped. office because she said if it comes back we are going to to the oral meds. I am suspecting he has it in his mouth too, even though the ped didn't see white patches.

I am calling my OB as well and take something for it in case its on my nipples.


If its spreading and baby is uncomfortable I would see the Dr.

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Maybe try the bottom balm made by Earth Mama Angel Baby? It works for other stuff too like bites and chapped skin. Of course, if it's the redness has spread, definitely take to the ped for another check. Some nakey time also helps the skin breathe. Hope it clears up soon!

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We are battling a nasty little yeast diaper rash here too. - My son is 22 months old - so going naked is is LOTS of fun!  We have been using vinegar in the bath water - vinegar as a rinse for cloth diapers too- although if you can get them into sunlight that is great also!   I use 'Zeasorb" - its a powder, it helps if you catch it early (which i didnt this time)  i think summertime is just prime yeast weather!

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