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Is it too early for this?

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Hi all -


I feel like I've been posting a lot lately with this "please help me!" scenarios - I'm sorry for the takeover redface.gif - that's what happens when you steer clear of the MDC for a year and then come back!


I am 10DPO today and on Saturday (8DPO), after going out to dinner, I came home, fell asleep with DS and woke up around midnight with the WORST heartburn ever. I got up and started feeling so nauseous and I even threw up. I tried to fall asleep on the couch while I had this big knot in the upper part of my stomach - I finally did and went into bed at 3am, but I didn't feel better. I spent all of Sunday (9DPO) laying on the couch and feeling like hell while my lovely mom played with DS. As the day went on, the heartburn and stomach knot lessened, but I was having these insane deep burps - all the while feeling nauseous and not really able to eat. And my upper stomach was doing flip flops!


I woke up today feeling better in terms of the stomach knot, but my lingering nausea is still here and that feeling of being so hungry but nothing being able to satisfy it, I am exhausted and the little that I have eaten makes me burp right after. The last time I felt this way was when I was pregnant with DS, so of course, my mind went to thinking I'm pregnant. But I didn't get this way with DS until I was further in, like 6-9 weeks. I feel like this is way too early to be experiencing preggo symptoms, if that's what it is. I took at test last night, but it was a BFN. After I took it, I realized that it's still really early for it to show up on a test, but wouldn't that also mean it's still really early to be giving me heartburn and nausea like this??!


I don't know what to think - it's driving me a bit crazy (and it's no fun feeling sick). So, my question is - is it too early to be getting intense symptoms like this??


TIA :)

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Wanted to add: just went to the restroom and there was a dot of pink on the toilet paper (sorry, TMI) - light bulb went on - could all of this be due to implantation?? That makes no sense to me - I feel like implantation can't cause all this craziness, but maybe it can??


And, there's always the chance I ate something bad the other night :)

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Bumping biggrinbounce.gif

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So I'm having the same kind of symptoms and was wondering if anyone had the same - looks like Happy2beamama had a happy ending after all! 


At around 9DPO i woke up in the middle of the night with horrible cramps - like nauseous feeling... but no throw up.  I ran to the bathroom twice thinking I was going to barf.  The day prior  I was so exhausted... had naps and the entire day i really felt like i was hit by a truck. (I even said that.) the following day i was still super exhausted.


AF is suppose to come on the 1st of July - no use testing before then but today i'm super bitchy and crampy (slightly nauseous but nothing crazy)... could be AF, could be baby?  It's been 3 month s of TTC - I know it's not a long time but this month especially we made sure to try almost every other day ensuring we get ever possible time of O. I keep telling myself it's AF and not a baby... but who knows!


What are people's thoughts.

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Originally Posted by happy2bamama View Post

Bumping biggrinbounce.gif

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Hi windsova - no happy ending for me (yet). 


I think you may have confused my "bumping" - which was bumping the thread to see if more people would respond, as opposed to bumping in any sort of pregnant way!! I like the idea of using the word "bumping" to replace pregnant, though - Hey everyone, we're now bumping!!


My heartburn symptoms have died down, although the nausea is still there and so is the belching and tiredness (although is that this scorching heat we're having??). I had a tiny bit of brown spotting last night, so in my mind, it's over and AF is coming. I usually spot before my period, although I feel like it's still a bit early, but who knows. But it's weird that I'm still nauseous to the point of it being really distracting and making me a bit insane. I just have to wait, although I think I'm pretty much out this month :( I took another test today and I got a BFN.


I wish I could say that you are most likely pregnant with those symptoms, but I know the reality of TTC and how those symptoms can exist, pregnant or not. But I wish you the best and hope that it really is the real thing! :)

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Oops! I'm so sorry!


Ok well - like I said previously - not testing till at least sunday.  But today there was a little spot - like a pre period spot, but i don't get those, so here's to hoping!


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Yes, here's to hoping! And timing-wise, this would be right on target for implantation, right? dust.gif

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Thanks i'll certainly let you know.  


Feeling a little sick today though - a little queasy.  Not super hungry and feeling a little blah - I hope it's a stork-suprise.gif - but if it's not, that's fine too. There is always next month!

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One thing I just thought about - I started taking Chaste Tree Berry Extract (aka Vitex) to help lengthen my luteal phase. I took only a fourth of the dose recommended in the "Making Babies" book, so I wouldn't think it would give me any side effects, but I googled it and one of the most common side effects is gastrointestinal discomfort and nausea. I have no idea if this is what did it, but it could be. Just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone else comes across this thread and has taken it recently.


Has anyone else had side effects of taking it?

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Well I tested on Sunday - the day I was due and BFN. BUT.... now it's thrusday and still no AF. I'm 4 days late.  I'm usually on time and i've only been late once (3 days.).

I keep feeling like my period is about to come (sore BBs, cramps) but nothing.


Would any of your recommend testing again or just wait a few more days.


Thanks in advance. 

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Aw, hugs to you. That can be so frustrating - to be late and getting a BFN. About testing - it's totally up to you and your sanity. If testing again will make you feel better, do it. If not, don't. And you might not know the answer to that until after you test - how many times have I thought I should test and afterwards been like, "I knew this was going to be a bad idea!"


Good luck and baby dust to you :)

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