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Infertility ONE Thread GRADUATES!!! - Summer 2012

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This is a thread for all the wonderful mamas from the Infertility ONE Thread who have beat the odds with IF and are expecting their long-awaited miracles! (Stalkers are welcome, too!!)


Due in August


monkeyscience - 28, expecting #1 with dh (26) - after 1.5 years of trying with PCOS - we got our free baby! stork-boy.gif


Due in October


wissa19 - with DH, and DS ('07), expecting #2 after 2.5 years, 3 doctors, 1 surgery and 5 medicated cycles. stork-girl.gif


gozal - DH and I are finally giving DS ('07) some siblings after 2.5 years of unexpected challenges, including a rare pituitary tumor and a suspected ectopic pregnancy. Two siblings, to be exact! Very excited to be expecting our twins in October. stork-boy.gifstork-boy.gif



Due in November

Gemmine - 28, DH 28, expecting #1 after 1.5 years of trying and 1 loss. EDD: November 4th. stork-girl.gif

kparker (27), with DH (34), expecting #1 in Nov 2012 after 3.5 years, 3 failed IUIs, and MFI being the root of all evil stork-suprise.gif


Due in December


chicajones - 27, expecting #1 with DH (30) - after 1.5 years of trying with PCOS. Metformin did the trick and we're so excited to meet our Christmas baby! stork-suprise.gif


Due in January


hope4light - Me (32), DH (33), DD (2) and pup (8) happy to give DD a sibling after almost 2 years of NPNT and finally getting the courage to jump back on the IVF train for MFI.  After much failed IVF heartache when TTC#1, we were blessed with IVF working on the first try for our second!  Very excited to be expecting in early January 2013! stork-suprise.gif




renavoo - Mama to Colin (6 lbs. 5 oz.) babyboy.gif and Sienna babygirl.gif (6lbs. 15 oz.), born 6/19/12

Sweet.Bee - Mama to Lyra babygirl.gif, born 1/09/12


candle.gif In our thoughts candle.gif


deborahbgkelly - Identical twin boys, Alan and Bruce, lost at 22 weeks


krunchyk - Baby boy, lost at 10 weeks

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Thanks for the new thread Gozal!!


I going to add to my last post.  I just need to rant.  I really hate maternity clothes.  Small doesn't cover my belly.  Medium is too big up top.  And yes maternity clothes makers in addition to being uncomfortable from the pregnancy I would like my pants made out the the roughest scratchiest material ever made!  And all this for the price of regular clothes.  Ugh.  ---I put off buying maternity clothes for all long as I possibly could, but I had to give in this weekend.  Oh and I should mention that the stores in my local area don't even carry maternity clothes.  So, I have to drive at least 45 minutes to a larger city to find any.  


---On another note I found these on Amazon.  

The hospital gowns at my hospital are a nice putrid green that made me look like a zombie when I had DS.  It might be worth it to order something that will make me feel "cute" for the delivery (especially if I end up scheduling a RCS).  What do y'all think?

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Woo new thread!

I found out the sex today! But now friends/family are stalking my internet use so I can't go blabbing it everywhere if I intend to keep it a secret for long! Keep your eyes peeled. I might let it be known after the baby shower in September. ;)

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yikes2.gif now that's just cruel kparker!  Surely we can develop some sort of MDC code?  

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First day back after vacation and there's so much to catch up on (especially at work)! Will return later for longer, but..


renavoo - Ohhhhh! twins.gif They. Are. So. Beautiful. So excited to see more photos and hear more about them! Hope your milk production speeds right up--hopefully pumping will help a bit. I have heard that if you run into any trouble, a lactation consultant is worth every penny (and still cheaper than ending up switching to formula). 


Monkey - I know, it's pretty crazy isn't it? Part of the reason we dealt with IF for so long even though the answer was fairly simple is that the biggest/first symptom the books and everyone always lists for PCOS is weight gain issues/being overweight. So I always just skipped over it. Thank goodness for another MDC poster who mentioned she has "lean PCOS" which is what set me back to researching and to finding a good doctor. 


gozal - love the storks and thanks for putting up the new thread!


Ok, that's all I can do for now (hello to everyone else!). Our vacation was great and we also got to hear the heartbeat again last week right before we left (yay) so it's been a great time lately. :) I will post more later!

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If someone can develop a really clever code and pass it around via PMs so that it's never discovered by the outside world, I'm all for it. Then we can be a stealth team :D

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haha that would be great to develop a code! We'll be waiting anxiously, Kparker, for the sex of your baby :o)


Chica, yah to a wonderful vacation and to hearing the beautiful heartbeat right before the vacation! Talk about starting it off right! Hope you're feeling well!


Wissa, ugh to your experience with maternity clothing. I hate shopping. i literally buy everything online. Once i found out what my size was, i just order from the same stores and buy the clothing online. I agree, though, that the clothing leaves much to be desired. in fact, I ended up not wearing a lot of the clothing that i bought because I didn't like the style at the end of the day! i definitely agree with buying some cute clothing for the hospital! it'll make you feel better which is very important.


Gozal, Monkey HI!


How is everyone else? wave.gif

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Gozal - Thanks so much for the new thread!! I still can't believe my name is at the top of the roster. Hopefully you'll get to add several more names below it. :) Oh, and I totally thought I changed it, but the link to the IF ONE thread at the top is to the January thread - we should probably change it to a more current thread. I really thought I had done it, but it obviously was not successful!


renavoo - What cute little babies! And yeah, you can see that Colin is a bit smaller in the newer pictures. So fun to have them "holding hands"! I hope nursing is going a little better for you - sounds like you've gotten plenty of advice on it, so you have some things to try. And I'm disappointed to hear your swelling didn't go away immediately - I was kind of hoping for that!


wissa - My baby shower is on Saturday. So after that is when the real panicked purchasing can begin! But since a friend just brought me a package of cloth diapers today, I can now feel just a little closer to ready. I'll need some more, but now I can at least say the baby has clothes, blankets, and diapers. If we had a bed and a car seat, I would say we were at the bare minimum now! Expecting my parents will probably buy those things for me in the next couple of weeks, though. Hooray for reaching 24 weeks! I know that was a huge milestone for me. Before you know it, you'll be in your third trimester! If you've actually found maternity clothes that cost the same as regular clothes, kudos to you - most of the ones I find are like twice the cost of regular clothes! And all of them seem to show cleavage on me, intentional or otherwise. :P I also can't figure out the proliferation of skinny-leg jeans/capris for pregnant women - am I the only one to gain weight in my legs?!? Of course, both of these things are problems I have with regular clothes anyway - big boobs and fat thighs. But it seems like maternity clothes should be more forgiving! Thankfully, I do not have the scratchy-pants problem. I bought these capris and LOVE them - it looks like they are out of black, which I got, but they are on sale for $12, which is half what I paid for them! If they had any other colors besides white, I would totally buy them. But white clothes make me nervous - I spill way too much! I also got some denim shorts - these, I think - which I totally love, as both pairs of capris I can currently wear are pretty long. (The other pair I have are these, from Kohl's - except mine are a green/brown color that doesn't seem to exist on the website.) Most of the maternity tops I have that I like, especially the t-shirts, are from SIL. I have not had a ton of luck with finding tops I like. I keep thinking about buying some more tops or dresses or things, but then I think - two more months. That's all. I can hang in there for two more months with what I have!


Hope - wave.gifExciting that you're almost to the second trimester!!


kparker - Now we will all be curious! You should just send us all a mass PM so we can know - except then we'll all have to remember not to mention it on the thread. Guessing all was well with the ultrasound in general? Can you believe you're almost halfway there??


chica - Yeah, I kind of dismissed PCOS for myself as well, and my doctors definitely did. I don't think I actually found out about "lean" PCOS until after my diagnosis, though maybe I did learn about it a little before. I really have no outward classic PCOS signs, either, except that I probably have more of a mustache than is natural for a woman. But even then, it's not too heavy and it's very blond, so easy to pass over. I had terrible acne as a tween/teen, but then it spontaneously cleared up entirely around the end of high school. So all I really had to go on was irregular periods and, after charting, anovulation (hence the irregular periods). It is maddening how little information there is out there about non-classical PCOS, even in the medical community. But I'm glad we were both able to finally get the information we needed! Hooray for hearing the heartbeat again! That's always so reassuring to me, even now. Though he definitely wiggles up a storm enough to keep me pretty reassured, too.


Milk - Can't remember if I already said it, but so, so, so excited for you to find a doctor who believes he can help you, and actually has an extensive plan for doing so! Really hoping for good things for you in the upcoming months! Also, I'm curious, if you don't mind sharing - what is the medicine he's prescribing for bleeding/SCH?


AFM, still just sitting here being pregnant. Baby shower in just a few days, which I'm excited for - maybe as much for being able to plan what I need as for the actual party! But I think the party will be fun, too. dh is out of town for one more night, but thankfully he'll be home tomorrow. I wish this were the last time he was traveling before the baby, but it's not. Hopefully the second to last time, though. One of my former coworkers came over today and brought me lunch and a baby present (she'll be missing the shower), and we just sat and chatted for hours. It was nice to have a visitor. It was also nice that she was pretty cool with my AP/NFL ideals. She also talked to me about how she had been unsuccessful in fully BFing her first kid, and how it's important to not get really disappointed if stuff like that happens - which I know, but it's nice to know that I have someone to talk to who's BTDT. (She easily breastfed her second baby, too, so she's all about how great BFing, just not about getting depressed over it.) She's a little skeptical about EC, but talked about her CDing friend who loved it - and she bought me some diapers and a cover off of my registry, so now I feel like I at least have SOMETHING to put on this little guy when he comes!


Oh, and I also got SIL's present (dh's sister) today - and it is hilarious and awesome: A Young Mad Scientist's First Alphabet Blocks. They are both super-natural and simple and yet nerdy and hilarious all at once. I was very impressed.


Hope everyone is doing well!

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Renavoo!!! I do not think there is a word in the English language equal to the task of describing how absolutely gorgeous, amazing, and perfect Colin and Sienna are! I would squoosh them to bits loving on them, as I'm sure you and DH are doing! I mean, the photo where they are holding hands? I melted. Um, of course you bought the overpriced hospital portraits. What in the world choice did you have? (Now I am hoping my hospital does the same overpriced photos. ;) My recovery from DS's birth was quite difficult even with a vaginal delivery, so I can only imagine that it is even more uncomfortable for you, and I am sending over tons of feel-better thoughts to you. You did an awesome job, mama! And you are now, too, with the BF. How is the milk coming now? My milk came in on day 5, and I actually did cry tears of joy when I saw the while milk, finally. My baby was so hungry by then. I did know it was normal, but it was still hard waiting! How long is DH home with you? (Long, I hope!) Those first days are so intense, so unparalleled in joy and change and adversity and transformation. I smile thinking of you going through them and hope you are enjoying them even with all the overwhelm that comes with the territory!


kparker, okay, you are not helping my curiosity any. ;) You sound really excited to know which is all that matters! I was trying to think of how we could subvert our unfortunate knowledge of IF acronyms to reveal the secret among ourselves. Like, did you get Femera or Metformin? (Too obvious?)


Wissa, I am going to join in on your maternity clothes rant! So far I have been okay with buying my regular size M but I have a feeling my belly is going to outgrow some shirts, um, not too long from now. I will also add that I cannot believe how hard it is to find non-skimpy maternity clothes. I mean, really? What's with the plunging necklines, sleevelessness of everything, and tiny shorts/dresses (none of which I wear)? Believe me, Monkey, you are not the only one whose legs have expanded (most unfortunate preggo trait I seem to have - including the elephant knees - but hey, I even kinda like those, if it means I'm pregnant). I have been living in a few maternity dresses that I love. 


I can still remember how nice it felt to switch back to my own clothes after the hospital gowns, so Wissa, I say if getting a pretty gown will make you a happier person absolutely go for it! It will be in some of the most memorable photos you'll ever take, after all, right?


Milk, just had to say I read about your new dr. on the other thread and I am so excited and hopeful for you.


Monkey, oooh what dipes did you get? I hope you get tons more fabulous stuff at the shower. And I hope you'll share with us what your favorites are! My mom would be mad at me if she knew I was so much as thinking about baby stuff (she's a little extreme!), but actually I am putting together a list of things we need/want (that I won't make public until, G-d willing, the babies are born).


Chica, yay for a great vacation! I can't take credit for the cute little storks, that was all Monkey's doing!


I feel like I am missing tons more that you have all written about, but things have been a little crazy around here. I'll save the inlaws drama for another post (which, for the record, I feel very strongly about trying to avoid - I try to do everything I can to create a loving and respectful relationship with my ILs, so it's very upsetting to me). Instead let's talk about cute babies, shall we? I got to see my babes on u/s again today and they were all snuggled up sweetly. Well, except when they are kicking each other. I have been declared very boring and I am hoping to keep it that way. My cervix is still wonderfully long, all other vitals great. The babies are growing at the same rate and are nice and big. Best of all, I am feeling tons of kicks now. DH got to feel a good one the other day and the way his face lit up was just so wonderful. Oh, and I saw my favorite dr. at the practice, and she promised me they do not have an eviction deadline for twins. They will decide on an individual basis if I get to 39w. She also told me there *are* several doctors in the practice who will do a breech baby b delivery if I request it. Big relief. They won't do breech Baby A/vertex Baby B because of the high potential for the babies' heads to lock. I forgot to ask about both breech, but she promised we would discuss it more. I kind of have a feeling that I will go late, although on the other hand I was surprised by how big the babies are already, so maybe I will end up going into labor naturally by 39...

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Gozal - Yeah, UGH to the skimpy maternity clothes. I understand that some people are excited about it because it's the type of clothes they normally wear and think pregnant women should celebrate their bodies, not hide them, but I'm with you - I don't wear that stuff when NOT pregnant, either, so I'm not going to start now! (And yeah, finding clothes I consider sufficiently modest when not pregnant is also an issue, especially in the summer!) Also, who decided that all maternity dresses needed to either hit above the knee or be alllll the way to the floor?!? I would almost kill for a mid-calf skirt/dress at this point. The long ones are so HOT, even my flowy cotton long skirt. Anyway, sorry you are having IL drama. Don't take this the wrong way, but it's just another chance for me to count my blessings that my in-laws are awesome and very, very drama-free. My mom actually wants me to think about baby stuff b/c she and my dad "invest" a certain amount in long-lasting baby stuff for the first baby each of their kids has (carseats, cribs, etc.). As far as diapers, I got some OsoCozy prefolds and a Thirsties cover. So not nearly as many as I'll ultimately need (even with the plan to EC), but something! Since the plan is to ultimately be out of diapers except for long outings, etc., I went with cheap stuff. Plus a lot of EC people recommend prefolds because you can use them in EC-friendly ways, like letting the baby just lay on them, or just having a little elastic belt holding them on for easy removal. Skipping to something else in totally random order, I'm glad you're feeling your little guys wiggle now! And yay for boring - that is exactly how we want our pregnancies to be! Also good to hear that you're not under mandatory delivery deadlines or threat of c-section. Sounds like you've found a good practice to be with!


AFM, I was going to say earlier - I'm excited to be at a point where I'm not worried about the baby coming any more. I mean, early. I don't think he will, and it certainly wouldn't be ideal for him to come now, but I'm past the point of terror over it. He's a good-sized kid, I'm pretty sure, and should be just fine in the end whenever he comes now - though I definitely want him to keep baking and avoid a NICU stay. I guess he just doesn't feel so fragile to me now, which is good. Less than 9 weeks until baby!!

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Originally Posted by monkeyscience View Post

Milk - Can't remember if I already said it, but so, so, so excited for you to find a doctor who believes he can help you, and actually has an extensive plan for doing so! Really hoping for good things for you in the upcoming months! Also, I'm curious, if you don't mind sharing - what is the medicine he's prescribing for bleeding/SCH?

It's actually really interesting about the SCH and bleeding.  The medicine is Cyklokapron, which is an antifibrinolytic.  It's totally off label use, obviously, but I am at a stage where I will try anything and everything... and it looks like I will be!  From what I understand, it basically seals blood vessels.  It's used in cases of trauma and haemorrhage, and even really heavy periods.  


What I find even more interesting, is that it can be used in combination with heparin.  So I will be using heparin to prevent clotting, but also cyklokapron to effectively produce clotting.  My understanding is though, that they work on different parts of the blood.


I've always thought that it was more than coincidence that I have had SCH everytime, so I'm really pleased that he has a take on this.  HOWEVER, I am seriously going to be in need of one of those old people style pill planners.  I'm going to be taking that much medication it's crazy.  

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Hahaha yeah gozal that's too obvious unfortunately ;P I wouldn't mind a mass PM but yeah it might be hard to watch what you say! I slipped up and told my dad on the phone before I was ready (wanted to show pictures, etc) but he pretended not to notice, and slipped himself that he knew before I told him :P It was hard to tell my parents because my 15 yr old nephew is staying with them this summer, and I can't let him know because he might let his mother or sisters know and once the sisters know it's ALL over Facebook. So I had to isolate them and it was interesting, to say the least.

I got a call from the midwives today letting me know that the anatomy scan looked GREAT. So, got a healthy baby cookin'! I can't wait to tell everyone what it is, and for it to be born so I can see it again! It's a total thumbsucker, I want to see that outside! I bet it's adorable.


Maternity clothes: I have a single pair of jeans I got that fit so-so, everything else is shirred tshirts or tops that tie under the boobs and flow down. I got two of my favourite shirts from a second hand store for 3-4 bucks a pop, and the others are discount cheapy section of Kohl's and Old Navy. Wal-Mart also had a sale a few weeks ago where they had $10 or less maternity shirts with only a dollar for shipping, so I got two nice little shirts (not cheaply made, either) for a total of $18. Love them!


Next week I get to fit into my old tankini for my husband's birthday at the river. Mmmm tubing!

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HI ladies! I just wanted to wish you all a great fourth of July! 


Kparker, yah to a great anatomy scan! Good luck with the tankini! i don't want to think about ever fitting into a bathing suit anytime in the near future!


Milk, i'm so excited you finally have a doctor who seems to listen and seems to be ready to help you! i can't wait to follow your cycle through to your beautiful baby! )by the way, I have a pill case that i NEED in order to remember to take my pills. haha


Monkey, what a great spot to be in! I loved that point of the pregnancy when i stopped worrying (or worried less, i should say) about the babies coming earlier. Ah, it was such a relief. But i bet that your baby is going to hold off until the end anyway :o) How was your shower? Did you need to buy much more stuff? I bet you got everything you needed! or just about, anyway!


Gozal, i love how your doctors are so accommodating and willing to work with you. i hope in law drama died down though. You don't need the stress!! 




So, AFM, i think i mentioned this in the other thread but I got a really bad rash last friday.  I ended up going to the emergency room on Saturday (twice) to get it checked out and to get some relief. As of today, i still have the rash and its worse than ever. (I'm now just going to post what I posted on the other thread so excuse the repetition if you check out the other thread too) I went to a derm and an allergist to get it checked out. The derm thinks it is plausibly a fenugreek allergy, especially as there is cross allergies between fenugreek and peanuts (both are legumes). I've never had a peanut allergy though and so, it didn't seem likely although his theory is that my mom force-feeding me peanuts helped increase my sensitivity. He sent me to an allergist. The allergist, who I saw today, does not think it is the fenugreek at all, although i'm done using the fenugreek. She attributes it to hormones that are out of whack and need to normalize. That is probably the prevailing theory. All docs say I can continue breastfeeding even though i'm on prednisone and an antihistamine. I want to continue pumping until i can get this fixed up but otherwise, the babies are growing so well on formula, I'm ok with that being the mainstay. Little Sienna is now 7lbs 9oz (up from 6lbs 13 oz) and little Colin is now 7lbs, up from 6lbs 3oz. I don't want to jeopardize their growth. Generally, they are such good little babies and life is great. If only I can get rid of this pesky rash but now that my mind is a little more at ease with this rash not causing problems with the babies, I'm dealing with it well. Still have my own obgyn appointment on Thursday and then a follow up allergist appointment on Friday. Thank goodness for the nanny!


A couple of photos of the little ones. They are starting to smile...or is that gas? haha





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Aw so cute renavoo! Hope that rash goes away, ugh.

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Renavoo - Those babies are just precious!   Sorry that rash has caused you even more trouble.  Yuck.  I pumped for a while even after DS refused to nurse, so it can be done!  Glad to hear they are growing and they obviously look healthy!  Hope all your doctors appointments go well.


Monkey - Do let us know how the baby shower went!!


RE Maternity clothes- I had of friend of mine give some of old maternity,which was really sweet.  I also found a casual dress at a consignment store the other day!!  (They haven't had much lately).  Monkey and Gozal I'm with you on the skimpy maternity clothes.  My thighs have gotten huge and the last thing I want to do is show them off!!  Plus, all the low cut tops.  Maybe I should show off my new cleavage??? Normally, I would just wear a cami under my top and move on, but it's so HOT outside an extra layer of clothes just seems like torture.   If you count the full panel bottoms, cami, and shirt that's three layers of clothes over the belly in 100 degree heat!!!  


And I think Monkey hit on why the clothes thing bothers me...It should be exciting to buy clothes that are going to show off the pregnant belly.


Chica & Gem -- Hope everything is going well.


Me - 25 weeks. I need to take the wonderful 2 hour GTT before my next OB appointment.  Happy happy Joy joy.  Oh, and I've gain 20lbs already, but my ob is like well you started out thin I'm not going to say anything.  (I kinda of wish she would) 

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Super-quick flyby before bedtime to say hi to everyone, and to hope everyone (especially renavoo) is doing well. Yuck about the rash, glad something's working for it now, though!


As far as my baby shower, it was good. It was POURING when it started, but luckily cleared up while the party was ongoing. I did get some helpful things, but there are still a lot of things I need to buy. Well, I need to see what my mom is getting me first. But anyway, do have a car seat and a co-sleeper, though neither is exactly what I want, so I'm deciding about returning them now. Part of that will depend on if I can even get what I want - absolutely everywhere is out of stock of the cosleeper I want, so that may be a no-go. But hey, we have something! And baby's got clothes. It will all work out. Project for next week: inventory baby stuff and figure out what we still need!

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Just a quick update - not anemic any more! I don't know how they drew my blood at 5 PM last night and had my results at 2:30 on a Saturday, but I'm not complaining! I will probably need to keep supplementing to keep it up, but glad to know it's at least back in the normal range.

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Woo hoo! I'm still borderline I think so bleh, still taking gross things for it. Hope my luck changes soon too ;)

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monkey, so glad you aren't anemic! That's awesome. :) kparker, here's hoping that you levels will get right soon!



Belly photo time! A bit of a fuzzy picture, but I'm trying to take photos at work every week from the camera in my laptop. 16 weeks!


Photo on 7-10-12 at 10.42 AM #3.jpg

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Hi ladies!


Wissa, how did the GTT test go? Ugh to a two hour one. I can't imagine. I only did the 1 hour one and that was hard enough. haha i remember just thinking...hmmm i'm hungry now, even after that awful orange drink!


Chica, you're so adorable! look at that little bump! How are you feeling?

Monkey, yah to not being anemic anymore! That must be a relief!


K, I hope you get better soon :o( keep us updated! it will all be worth it in the end!


Gozal, how are you doing? I hope the in law drama blew over!


Milk, checking in...what's going on in your world? Have you seen your RE recently? What are the plans?


Hope everyone is doing well!

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