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And congratulations to you too Wissa!

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Congrats on your big girl, wissa! Excited to hear more when you have the time!
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Hooray!! Congrats Wissa and Gozal! Can't wait to hear more details!
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Woohoo wissa and gozal! Can't wait to hear more!

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Congrats Wissa and Gozal!!!  I can't wait to hear more!!

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Hey guys...recovering from a nasty round of mastitis over here...be back soon! Thinking of you all! Wissa, so happy to hear of baby girl's safe arrival - sending out lots of love and congratulations to you, DH, and big brother DS!

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So the Braxton Hicks I thought I was having that just got worse are actually real ones, and it's still early labor but I'm 1cm dilated and 50% effaced now. Not much, but better than being totally closed up tight! Full term this Saturday and tbh he can just get right on out anytime after that.

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Wow kparker, I can't believe it's just about time!!!!!  Yeah for another baby coming soon!!!

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Updates anyone?? 

I feel like there should be all sorts of activity here! What's everyone up to?

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I've found out 4 different friends/relatives were pregnant in the last week. (3 in less than 48 hours!) Why do I still feel a little sad and jealous every time I hear such an announcement?!?


Cait - Hah! Wait till you have your baby (and you will, darn it!), and you'll find out how impossible it is to find time with hands free to type. I should be sleeping right now! But yeah, I'd love to hear more from people, too, as I often read along while nursing.


AFM, we are doing okay. I find myself participating more in my DDC now than before he was born, so you can stalk for updates there if you have too much time on your hands. But some highlights: Baby Bird sleeps 4-8 hours at a stretch at night, with 5-7 being the norm. He is growing, growing, growing. At his 2 month visit, he was 13 lb 7 oz (though he peed on the scale, so I guess he was a little lighter!) and 25.5" long. That puts him in the 99th percentile for height, and something like the 87th percentile for weight. His head was 15.5", which is only about 50th percentile. So at least he isn't big headed yet. ;)


A few weeks ago, he was diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie by the LC, and she suspected I was reacting to lanolin and disposable nursing pads. Quitting the lanolin and the disposable pads (which, ironically, I only started using after trying them out at a bra fitting at the LC's shop!) made a HUGE difference in my nipple discomfort. As in, most of the time it is zero. We just saw a speech pathologist about the tongue tie this past week, and she also discovered and upper lip tie. She is recommending they both be clipped, and we're seeing an ENT about it on Friday. Both the speech pathologist and the LC were pretty surprised that DS doesn't seem to struggle with nursing, and both said it was probably just him coasting along on my good supply. I am thanking God for blessing me with a good supply - at least my body can do something right! I don't think I could have made it through the crazy pumping and feeding routines some of the moms in my DDC have had to go through. Besides which, DS's tongue/lip tie have thus far made it impossible for him to take a bottle or pacifier. I did make me feel a little better to know that there was a physiological basis for these problems, though.


I am continuing to have the feeling that God wants me to have empathy for people who make different parenting decisions than I do. Like the bottle thing - I planned to never give my son a bottle, didn't think it was necessary since I SAH, etc. But now he *can't* take a bottle, and I'm going a little crazy never being able to leave him for more than a couple of hours at a time. And now giving a bottle makes so much more sense. (We have also tried cup and spoon feeding with him, with pretty much no success - again, probably swallowing issues due to his ties.)


Things have continued to be insanely crazy and stressful with dh's work, and my moods have been all over the map. We're in a pretty good stretch right now, but dh is leaving (AGAIN) tomorrow to travel, and that is a bummer.


Anyway, Baby Bird is now awake AGAIN, so I need to go. Here's a picture of Baby Bird on his first plane ride about a month ago - sorry I don't have a more recent pic handy!



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Monkey, thanks so much for sharing your update!! Baby Bird is seriously adorable. :) And flying already! You'll have to share more about your experience with that, since we will likely be flying 8 hours overseas when the Wee Baby Jones is 6-8 weeks old. I've heard that nursing during takeoff/landing helps a lot. So glad to hear that breastfeeding is going well even with the tongue tie issues. It's funny -- tongue tie is something I'd never heard of until I started learning more about breastfeeding. I wonder how common it is? It's amazing the things that are never talked about until you're pregnant/have children. 


Wissa and Gozal (and Kparker!), hope to hear updates from you guys soon! Even if it's a cross-post from your DDC, I'd love to read about your births and how the first few weeks again. It's funny how getting closer to my EDD (I'm 33 weeks tomorrow) has me researching more and more about the recovery/postpartum.


AFM, things are going fairly well. Applied for Medicaid and WIC this morning (since I'm no longer working). It was loooong but not too difficult. I'm so excited that Medicaid is going to cover the cost of our home birth here (and that we get to have a home birth, since we're renting a place for December/January). I've been feeling pretty good, but definitely getting bigger. My midwife (who just gave birth two weeks ago) has a big bag of maternity clothing for me at my appointment tomorrow, so I'm pretty stoked about that. 


The most complicated thing right now is figuring out the logistics of getting the baby an expedited birth certificate, so we can apply for an expedited Passport, so we can apply for his UK Visa. Oy vey. It's very complicated, and although we don't plan to leave until he's about 8 weeks old or so, I know I'm much better able to organize things now and get everything ready than I will be after he's here. 


Cait, my heart jumped up into my chest when I saw your name in the thread! Sorry to see it was a check in and not a post announcing you were joining (although I know you will be soon, very soon!). praying.gif I've been thinking of all the Infertility One thread members lately--I can't believe I'm the last one to join this Graduates thread and I'm coming up due soon. Here's to hoping for some major holiday BFPs! 

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It's Guy Fawkes Day, and my little Guy is in no way indicating he will be making an appearance before midnight, thus ruining his chance at a hilariously awesome birthday to match his name. I am disappointed!

Also I am eager to just be done being pregnant so I can return to normal activity. Not being able to walk the dog, feed the pets, bend over, lift, walk properly, sleep for more than 30 min, etc is all really getting to me. I've been having prodromal labor for the last 2 weeks and it's always overnight, and I am going insane. I can't catch good sleep during the day because of the neighbours' loud dogs barking and the husband being noisy working from home, and at night I can't sleep because contractions. I feel like stabbing someone in the face but that's just not very nice. :(

Baby Bird is so adorable! You know, a friend of mine has a 3 month old, and he was severely tongue-tied. He was not thriving, was soooo skinny, she couldn't seem to feed him enough or get him to latch, everyone was freaking out, and finally an ENT said hey, he's tied. Let's clip it. Bam, kid can latch better, eats a TON more, and finally looks like a healthy little dude. It did affect their breastfeeding relationship but they should hopefully get that back on track soon.  So if Baby Bird needs it, then hey it could really make a difference! Though he doesn't sound nearly as bad off as my friend's poor boy was.

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Oye, I'm so behind! it has been crazy what with work and the storm. But I wanted to say a belated congrats to Wissa and Gozal!! Just thinking of you all. 


And Monkey, AWWWW! Baby bird is soooo cute!


Kparker, it'll be over soon. Can't wait to see the photos! BIG HUGS! You little guy will soon be in your arms!


Chica, i can't believe you're at 32 weeks already. Time just flies!!! But I'm glad the pregnancy is going well and that you're feeling good. :o)


Everyone else, hi!

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More later, but wanted to point out Gem was sure two days ago...wondering if she's had her baby yet!
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Just got our power back after a week without (and no internet access)...be back soon!!

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I thought I was going to update....

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wissa - Baby have other plans? I know how that goes - still looking forward to when you can update!


gozal - Booo for no power - glad you are okay. Still looking forward to when you can update, too.


renavoo - Glad you're okay, too. I can't imagine being stuck on the 17th floor with babies! Hopefully you at least got some time off work?


kparker - I so don't miss those sleepless nights! You are getting so close - soon you'll have a different kind of sleepless nights. :) But being able to roll over, bend over, walk normally - it is glorious. You'll be there soon! Luckily Baby Bird seems able to eat just fine despite his tongue tie. We're getting clipped more to prevent any future problems (with eating, speech, and tooth alignment) than for current issues. Though I do hope he'll be able to take a bottle after this.


chica - So you're definitely going to be in the States till after the baby comes? Sorry things seem to be dragging, but at least you have a plan. As far as flying - Baby Bird did awesome. I did nurse him during takeoff, and he seemed to have no problem with it. He was asleep for both landings, and also seemed to have no problem with that, either. The speech pathologist told us that a lot of people never discover they have tongue tie until they are older, if it doesn't cause significant problems. Sometimes things actually stretch out over time, apparently. Good luck with all your logistics.


AFM, not a lot new to say. I've now survived two days on my own with the baby with dh traveling. (I've always gone to my parents' before.) Long story, but I ended up taking Baby Bird to the pediatrician Monday, and he's now about 15 lbs!! Can't believe he's still gaining so much so fast. Here's a picture him on Halloween, and the pumpkin his daddy drew for him, in homage of his love of his hands.



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Monkey- he is so darn cute. I was tongue tied & snipped at 5 and again at 22 (was still lisping at night or when over tired). So my opinion is you're doing the right thing taking care of it early. So much easier to prevent a problem than fix one. Good luck!

Gozal- glad your power is back! Looking forard to an update on your little guys!

Wissa- interrupted from your update I presume. Hope your little girl is doing great.

Kparker- hope he makes an appearance soon!

Chica- I'm hoping soon but in the land of Infertility, soon could be 3 more months or more! You are getting close too! Do they have an estimate yet on when you may be moving?
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Just kidding, lost power again, fun times. Our internet keeps going in and out...but I wanted to let you know while I had the chance! I can't wait to actually update. :) Pssst Monkey, my 5yo was exactly the same wrt tongue tie, able to transfer milk well but injuring me, total refusal of paci & bottle. Lots to tell you...


Thinking of you all, I miss you! 

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I'm dying for some updates!!! (Wissa/Gozal/Gem?!  Kparker?!)


Monkey - he is so stinking adorable!!  Sorry about the tongue tie, but glad you're getting it taken care of!!

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