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Wissa -  She is SUCH a cutie!


Chica - congrats!!!  What a handsome little baby.  Sorry that you had to transfer, but so glad that it was mostly what you wanted!

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Congrats! He is so cute!!
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Chica - Congratulations!! He's beautiful.  I was actually thinking about you the other day wondering if your little guy had made his appearance.  

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Hi ladies! It is so nice to see some of you again and those beautiful pictures of your little ones! Congratulations to you all. I've been hesitant in moving over here from the One thread, but I think I may be ready. Dh and I got a BFP after our first IVF cycle! We are still very early (transferred one beautiful embryo [5 day blastocyst] on November 25th), so I am still nervous, but so very excited. I had my first beta on Monday with a result of 684 and it was 1300+ (didn't get a chance to write down the actual number) on Wednesday. We have an ultrasound booked for January 8th to see how baby bird is doing (the nickname came from our last name, Crowe..I read back a bit and noticed you call Ben Baby Bird too monkey! Would it be weird for you if I use that name when I post? I don't want to jump on anyone's nickname). So far I'm feeling great. I had horrible stomach pains the first week, but they've tapered off and now I'm just a bit nauseous with very sore breasts. I'm off to read the rest of this thread!

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Chica, he's adorable! Congrats, shesaidboom! How exciting for everyone.

Guy is one month and two days old today. Still hanging in there re: breastfeeding, but hate it more than ever. The mental irritation, physical irritation, and overall aggravation between he and I is making it highly likely I'm going to quit and just pump/bottlefeed. I'm going to try to get him in ASAP to get his upper lip tie evaluated and see if we can fix it, and see if that fixes my pain. I think if BFing didn't hurt me I'd be a lot more amenable to it. I had already given him bottles within week 1 due to my cracked nipples so he goes from bottle to breast totally seamlessly (a miracle!) but I really don't want to have to go that way if I can avoid it. Breastfeeding is SO convenient due to availability and simplicity. But I'll be damned if the growth spurts don't suck! (no pun intended)

Here's my boys from today. Guy IV and Guy V. :)


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kparker - Growth spurts suck....hahahahah -- lol.  And yes they do! 

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Ok - I'm going to try and post.


Shesaidboom - I'm so excited for you! I know what you have gone through to get this point. These first few weeks are the most nerve wrecking and Jan. seems too far away for that ultrasound.  We will try to support you as much as we can with little ones around!  It's so wonderful to finally have someone new join the graduates!!  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I'll be thinking about you over the holidays...are you planning on telling any family over Christmas?


kparker - I wish had some really great advice to give you about BF.  You would like it better if it didn't hurt.  I know everyone says that if the latch is right then it doesn't hurt.  That's great and true, but not all babies and mom's are able to get a great latch easily.  My DS was terrible and our nursing sessions turned into a fight every time with me constantly having to re-latch him.  I gave up at 6 weeks as I was tired of hurting all the time and I really don't think he was getting enough milk.  It was then I was finally able to enjoy him!  I didn't even bother pumping much after that and he did wonderful on formula.  (So, if you absolutely don't want to BF anymore it will be ok.  Your little guy will be fine and he will still love you.)


Right now I'm itching all the time..at first I thought maybe thrush.  However, I've treated that I'm still miserably itchy.  Dry skin maybe??  I know certain bras make it worse.  Ugh.  My main issue with BF this time around is simply time.  I'm exhausted. If I could nurse 20 minutes and be done I think I would enjoy it.  I'm going to try and get an LC I know to come check her latch again and maybe that will help. 


I'm also thinking about giving a bottle once or twice a day to give myself a break. I figure some BF is better than none.  


Just remember if you have to do what works for your family!!   There isn't a right or a wrong choice...Enjoy your baby!!!!! cause he is adorable...

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Ohh SheSaidBoom!!!! So excited for you!!!! I know how hard those first few months are--praying they go quickly for you!
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kparker - two handsome boys! Your little one is just adorable. I love his little pants. Did you make those? I'm sorry BFing has been so hard on you.


wissa - thank you! I am so excited to be joining the thread. Thank you for the kind thoughts! The only people we're planning to tell at this point are those that knew we were doing IVF, but we're making sure to remind them that we're still very early and please don't tell others yet. Unfortunately DH's parents already told a bunch of people in their excitement, which makes me worry in case anything happens.
I hope your itchies goaway soon! That does not sound like fun.


chica - thank you!



AFM - not much going on yet, just nauseous and a bit crampy. I'm worried about another miscarriage, but I'm trying to stay positive. I also feel really guilty about getting a BFP when other friends dealing with infertility didn't this cycle. I'm sure this is a normal feeling, but I wasn't expecting it. How did you deal with it if you've been there? One of my close friends just did her last IVF cycle and it did not work for her and her husband. I am devastated for her and have no idea how to act. I don't want to not talk about my pregnancy because I'm sure that would make her feel weird, but I also don't want her to feel like I'm rubbing it in her face. I've just stayed fairly quiet so far and have been trying to be as supportive as possible. Any advice?

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Just be massively supportive. For some of us, we're on the boat a short while. Others, years. My best friend since childhood had a hard time all year trying with perfect timing (she had yet to get tested/etc, so just natural cycles) and here I was, about to give birth/with a newborn, and it was hard to complain about pregnancy and newborn issues to her because she was still on the boat. She's finally pregnant, about 6 weeks, so it got better for her. But until then (and even now, now that she's worried about being pregnant) all I did was just listen, and be supportive.

At least those of us who've been on the boat any length of time have a better understanding of how rough it all is - vs people who didn't have to take that ride being accidentally (or deliberately!) insensitive about it.

As for the pants, my good friend and doula made them for me :3

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Just wanted to say... WELCOME, SHESAIDBOOM!!! May you enjoy 9 (or 8-ish) wonderful months in this thread!!




Looking like you will have some company here soon! Glad to see some BFPs and praying for lots of stickiness for all my IF sisters.

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I think we need to change the name to fall/winter 2012. Also, I got my official BFP today, so I'm joining you.. Guess date is 9/4/13.

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LOL, yeah, past summer time - anyone want to start a winter thread for us? I'm pretty sure gozal is busy chasing all her little boys around, though I'm still hoping to hear from her sometime!

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I would start it but I've been extremely sick with this LO so I don't know how often I'll get on. If no one else volunteers, I'll do it, but updates will be sporadic.

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I would start it but I've been extremely sick with this LO so I don't know how often I'll get on. If no one else volunteers, I'll do it, but updates will be sporadic.

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Congrats, Deborah! Crossing fingers for a healthy happy pregnancy!

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Thanks KParker!

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So... I guess this is where I come when I graduate from the One thread right? I should be due August 29 if baby sticks!
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Yes, planegreen, you are in the right place!

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kparker - thank you so much for the wonderful advice. I will definitely do my best to be supportive, especially since I can understand how hard it is since DH and I had been TTC for so long.


monkey - thank you!! I'm so glad that there are some BFPs going around and I hope it keeps up. I've been having an awful time lately with a terrible cold (which is why I've been MIA) but the happy news from others is really making my holiday!


deborah - So happy to see you in the grads threads!!


planegreen - hurray!! So happy to see you in the grads threads too.



AFM - still waiting impatiently for that ultrasound on January 8th. Our "guess date" is August 17th. I still can't believe I am saying things like this! I'm getting over a terrible cold that kept me away from the computer, and I was very nervous about it hurting birdie (our baby bird nickname got shortened to birdie), but my GP (and everything my DH looked up online) assured me that it would be fine and I need not worry. Just lots of rest, fluids, and a humidifier to help loosen the congestion. I am feeling much better today, though still a bit stuffed up. I'm still having pregnancy symptoms, which definitely reassure me. My breasts ache and have actually gotten bigger already (which I do not need, I am already a D). I am also very nauseous, but as uncomfortable as it is I am grateful for the sign that things are still ok! I think that might change soon. I am looking forward to reaching 12 weeks when I can feel a little more secure and can stop the endometrin. I am so tired of it!

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