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monkey - yeah for a good baby shower!!  I can't believe that you're at the top already!  I'm hoping we get some more BFP's soon so that I don't remain at the bottom of the list much longer.   


wissa - I had my best friend give me a bunch of clothes too.  It was a God send!!  I keep checking out consignment shops, but haven't found much to speak of.  How did the GTT go?


Chica - you are so stinking cute!!!!


hi to everyone!!


AFM -  I have my next appt in about 2 hours, so I am SO excited! 

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Rena - So glad your rash was eventually taken care of!!!  The LC you had come by your place sounds interesting.  I have to say I like her Motto from the article.  Rule 1. Enjoy the baby  2.  Feed the baby.     It took me a while, but I finally figured that out (even if feeding my baby meant formula for me).   I hope things works out for you.  After about 6 weeks my DS refused to nurse and would cry until he got a bottle, but I can't blame him.  It was a quick fast meal and I'm not sure he ever got much from me.


Chica - Oh so cute!  Your bump is growing!!!


Kparker - :(  - Sorry for the yuck!


Monkey -Glad the baby shower went well.  Hope you have fun doing "inventory."  I know at first it seems like baby stuff is taking over and it's hard to imagine you don't have EVERYTHING, but you'll probably end up going to the store shortly after you have the baby anyway.  (It seems babies don't always need/want what you thought they would.)


Here's my baby stuff tip for the day --- Make sure you have big receiving blankets.  Some of the cute flannel blankets that say they are receiving blankets aren't actually big enough to swaddle anything.  ;)


It's good your iron has gone back up.  I'll bet you feel better.


Hope - How did the doctor's visit go?  The first few visits are So exciting and reassuring. 


Me - I haven't actually done the GTT yet.  I just have to do it before my 28 week appointment.  I've put it off until next week...plus I'll have to get a sitter for that.  

After my shower yesterday I notice some (just tiny drops) colostrum leaking out...that's big news me for.  I never leaked with DS, so it's good to see my bbs are least trying to work.

(26 weeks)


Hope all is well for Gozal and Gem!

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Wissa - I agree with you on the blanket thing!  And Yeah for the colostrum!!


Tuesday I was on my way to my appt when they called to say the doc got called into a delivery.  So I ended up seeing her yesterday instead.  Phew, the heartbeat was nice and strong, although she forgot to tell me what it was and I didn't think to ask until after I left, of course.  She prescribed me something for my headaches, as they have actually been getting worse instead of better like they should.  In fact, I've had a headache just about non stop for over a week now (just when I started to realize that it wasn't going away, you know?)  Saturday night it got so bad overnight (I'm prone to migraines even when I'm not pregnant) that I was hallucinating in the middle of the night.  It was HORRIBLE.  Then DH had to work on Sunday and I was like a bump on a log all day while my daughter ran the roost. 


The strangest thing is that she was concerned with my weight gain, as in not gaining enough.  I've gained 5 pounds so far.  She said for my starting weight (yes, I'm petite but by no means considered 'underweight' I'm actually right in the middle of the 'normal' BMI - not that I put much stock in BMI considering that it says my husband is obese, but I digress), so anyways, she said I should gain 30 - 40 pounds, so the fact that I've only gained 5 concerns her a little.  WHAT??!!  I gained 28 with my first pregnancy, and both my OB and I thought I was right where I needed to be, in that 25 - 35 pound range.  8 of it was in my first trimester.  AND I had a 7 lb 2 oz baby.  I'M ONLY 5 FT TALL!!!  It's totally freaking me out.  I mean, I'm eating!  I'm not counting calories or watching what I eat (other than to TRY to eat healthy).  I eat whenever I'm hungry!  And I'm not exactly eating low calorie stuff, I eat at least 1/2 a bagel with cream cheese mid morning every day, after my nice fat bowl of cereal in the morning.  I chow at lunch, have at least 1 snack in the afternoon, dinner, and then most nights a snack before bed.  How much more can I possibly eat?  LOL.  Oh well, I'm not gonna worry about it, I just thought it was really strange.

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renavoo! Aaaaaaaahhhhhdkfajsldkjadkfjasdkjdk they are precious!!!

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Hope - I agree your doctor does sound weird on the weight thing.  How far along are you?  I didn't gain any weight in the 1st trimester, but I put on 20 in the 2nd so....   Anyway my starting BMI was 20 and my weight was about 7 pounds less than what the charts recommended for my "ideal" weight.   From what I've read  women tend to gain weight in pregnancy at different times and rates.   I have also read that most women put on the lbs. in the 2nd trimester.  Then in the 3rd trimester all the lbs. gained go to feeding mom and what the mom eats goes directly to the baby.  (According to my baby book anyway.)  


Sorry to hear you've had a continuous headache. Yuck!  All those hormones...I'm guessing will trigger migraines, if you are prone to them.  I hope the medicine makes you feel better. 


And YEAH for a nice strong hb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Renavoo, totally not gas, those are SMILES, mama! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I cannot get enough pics. Eek on having to deal with such a troublesome rash and the ER and the allergist on top of new-mom adjustment. I am absolutely sure you are doing it with panache!


Monkey, I'm so glad the shower went well! I want to hear all about your loot! And great news about the iron. I wonder if I've been tested lately? I'll ask next time.


Milk - so filled with hope for you - yeah, I'm hardcore stalking.


kparker - hey ninja stealth lady ;), hope you are completely better by now! 


chica - what a sweet little bump! Hey, how is the move going? Or if that is stressful to think about, don't answer and write instead about what I hope is the awesomeness of the second tri for you.


wissa, okay, you totally nailed the clothes thing. Yes! And yay for colustrum. I think that is a great sign. Can I hit you up for some swaddling advice? I totally flopped at swaddling last time. Maybe because I only had those regular receiving blankets? (And why are they called receiving blankets...what am I receiving...or what is the baby receiving...I don't get it but it sounds vaguely creepy. This is what DH calls "you're overthinking it again.")


hope, first of all, such wonderful news from your appt.! I am so sorry about the migraines. I do sometimes get very mild ones but I have several close family/friends who really suffer and mine are bad enough, I can only imagine that theirs are unbearable. I did get quite a few in the first tri., I think because it was hard for me to get adequate rest and to keep my blood sugar up. So I am hoping for you that they will lessen in frequency as you get into the second tri. I second what Wissa said about weight gain - I think it is so individual and it is nuts that everyone is held to the same standard. With DS I gained most of my weight in the second tri, little in the first and third. And it was a LOT in the second. But it all worked out. Luckily, my doctors are not particular about it. Easier said than done, but try not to worry - it sounds like you are doing a great job eating!


AFM, well, the inlaw drama is taking up way too much space in my life and I am unhappy about it. I am trying to find a way to talk about it that is respectful to all because that it important to me. I really wanted a quiet summer to enjoy my pregnancy, the lazy summer days with DS, to finish getting our house in order and to work on some hobbies and projects of my own that I enjoy and won't have time to devote to for a long while (which is fine, but I want to do them now). I also need to put the finishing touches on my dissertation. Well, instead I had to do a whole lot of "soon you won't be able to come visit so why don't you come now" even when it meant long drives, sleeping in small uncomfortable beds, and lots of walking around in the heat. I don't even mind walking and heat all that much but hey, I do have physical limitations. I can't carry enough water for more than a 1/2 hour max without refilling my large bottle! Not to speak of finding a bathroom and needing to eat often. (I can't fit enough in to get full at this point.) And let's just say certain people where whiny and mean about those limitations. In addition to that, well, my MIL has decided to come for the first 3 months after the twins are born. I am truly excited, especially for my DH, that she will be able to fully participate in our lives at this important moment. However, it is really surprising b/c in the past she has been really hands off and has not really wanted to do that. I know she is going through a difficult point in her own life and I am glad we can help make it a little happier, but it is also a lot of pressure on me to be needed and I feel like her plans (she is a *huge* planner) are overtaking this pg that I waited so, so long for. I love my MIL but we are very different personalities and the truth is, she is not helpful to me in terms of housework and childcare. I know she has good intentions, but she only does the easy stuff...and being an introvert, I'd rather just have my space if that is the case. She is going to find someplace to stay (our place is a 2bedroom) but since she has no other ties around here, I think she is expecting to help daily. So yeah. Thanks for letting me vent, guys.


Otherwise, I am super grateful to be able to say my doctors think I am really boring! My last cervical length was 3.9cm which is awesome. The babies are around 65% on the GA growth chart! Their HBs are virtually the same as well and it does make me wonder a bit if they could be identical. They are thumping away in there and yet I still have many moments when I cannot believe that I am really pregnant (seriously - I know!) let alone with twins. IF can do weird things to you, huh? I ended up accepting the GTT test scheduled in 2 weeks, only because of the way they conduct it now. I am allowed to eat a light nonsweet meal beforehand (they said an egg would be fine - I'm hoping the protein will help me out), they do it all in-house, and they told me to bring juice and cookies to eat immediately after the blood draw. Fingers crossed I don't get horribly sick.

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Hi ladies, just checking in to see how everyone is doing. Gozal, UGH to in law drama!! I hope that everything is resolved and they don't constantly ask you to come over. I find that it's so much better to get DH to tell them to back off. As for having your mIL come to help, i can see how it would be both a good and a bad thing. Just remember that they are YOUR babies and if she oversteps your bounds, you have every right to ask her to back off. (Or ask DH to ask her to back off) :o)


It has been a while so I know you're going to have your GTT soon. Hope it goes well!


Everyone else, HI! I would love to hear updates!! How is everyone doing?

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Okay, so I am so very behind on responding - I am sorry! I do read every post, but often on my phone. And sometimes, I just feel too tired to respond. bag.gif




renavoo - Hope things are going better for you with all the rash and nursing issues and such! That is a crazy lot of stuff to deal with. Crazy that your LOs are more than a month old now! I would love to read more about how you're doing, but I bet they keep you pretty busy!


kparker - Glad things are all looking good for you! A little jealous that you got to go tubing. How was that? We went two summers ago, and it was a blast. Did you go on the Guadalupe? And I'm still taking iron supplements, too, since I don't want to get anemic again. I take Floravital (same company that makes Floradix) - it usually doesn't taste too bad to me. I did get the suggestion to freeze it in ice cube trays and pop it in some juice, which I have recently been doing. I also mixed the pregnancy tea extract my midwife recommended in with the cubes, and I'm doing much better at taking it since it's all premeasured, as it was a pain to measure it out!


wissa - I also got half my maternity tops from my SIL, which I am grateful for. She seems to have found better-quality stuff than a lot of what I've got. And if I can put in one more rant about maternity clothes... why do skirts/dresses either have to be mid-thigh or ankle length?!? I swear, there is no in between. It is HOT for ankle-length skirts, regardless of the material. I would just about kill for a mid-calf length skirt at this point. That's what nearly all my skirts were before getting pregnant. Sigh. Only a few more weeks, and it won't matter any more! Have you gotten your GTT done yet? I hope it goes well. I don't think 20 lbs of weight at 25 weeks sounds bad to me, but I know it's easier to say that to someone else! And by the way... YAY for being past the point of viability! You're on to your third trimester now, aren't you? And yay for colostrum leaks - I hope it is a portent of good things to come. dh has been asking me for months now when I'm going to start "producin'", after I told him some women do make a little milk before the baby comes. I think his general zeal for (my) boobs has come to include intense curiosity about their milk-making capacity. I, on the other hand, get tired of feeling like a watched cow. orngtongue.gif I've also explained to him that it's totally normal to NOT produce anything before birth, but that message hasn't sunk in yet!


chica - Cute bump! (And cute shirt!) I forgot - are you guys going to try to find out the sex of the baby? If so, that's coming up soon, I would guess! Check in when you have a chance! (as if I have any room to talk!)


milk - Don't know if you're still stalking over here, but interesting about all the drugs. And YAY about the engagement ring shopping - so excited for you!!


hope - Yay for a good heartbeat, and for getting something for your headaches. I hope it's helping. And ??? about your doctor thinking you haven't gained enough weight... and thinking you should gain 30-40 lbs! I think your weight gain sounds totally fine - it's considered perfectly normal to gain NOTHING in the first trimester! It's not even that weird to LOSE weight in the first trimester (as I did early on, though I think I had gained it back by the end). Geeze. I would not let your doctor worry you about it.


gozal - Sorry for the continuing in-law drama. I think you have every right to want a nice, relaxing summer at home before taking on newborn twins and a 4- or 5-year-old. I hope your dh is on your side with this one, because it really is his responsibility to tell his family to back off, if need be. Glad that you continue to be a very boring obstetric patient! I hope your GTT goes well and you don't get sick. I don't know what I would have done with mine if my mom hadn't been there to drive me to get food immediately afterward. At least you can eat an egg! Actually, my mw's office person told me I could ask about eating an egg if I didn't think I could make it fasting, but I ended up just fasting. I would definitely go after that egg if I were you! (Just remember no toast!)


AFM... 37 weeks today!!! I am at term, and cleared for a birth center birth!! Nothing is ever a guarantee, but this is a big milestone for me. I never thought he would come early, but now I don't have to try to plan for what if. At my appointment on Friday, the mw (the most experienced one) said she thinks he's in the 6 lb range, which is a huge relief after the 32-week 5 1/2 lb estimate by the student midwife! I know it's still a guesstimate, but it reassures me that he's not destined to be 12 lbs. Anything that remains in the single digits I think I can handle. Double digits scare me. But we will find out soon! I'm 1 cm dilated and 25% effaced, and my cervix is very soft. Baby hasn't dropped yet, and I'm starting to wish he would. My uterus is literally up to my sternum, and my boobs and tummy are fighting it out for space. My mw says that she thinks his due date is going to end up being pretty accurate, which I take to mean about a week either way. I'm hopeful now that I'll make it to my brother's wedding on August 3rd after all. Birth classes are going reasonably well, though we haven't spent much time practicing outside of class due to dh's crazy work schedule. We actually only have two more before it will be our due date - there's  a chance of making it to one more if he goes past his due date by several days. We'll see!


As far as baby shower loot, we have our car seat (Maxi-Cosi Pria, which will hopefully last us several years!), our cosleeper (they discontinued the style I wanted, much to my great sadness - it would have matched our bedroom stuff perfectly, but oh, well), far fewer clothes than I would have guessed, a custom scrapbook my friend put together, and other assorted toys and things that are currently escaping my mind. We have gotten NO normal, every day blankets/receiving blankets! We're supposed to have four flannel receiving blankets to take to the birth center, and we currently have none. We have several very lovely hand-made blankets of various types, but only one thing I'd consider using to wipe up spit-up. Speaking of which, we have a few burp cloths, but not many. I did get two of the swaddle blanket thingies with velcro, where it doesn't actually become a blanket, just a swaddler. However, one of the ladies from church is actually throwing me another shower on August 4th, just for people from my new congregation. She was actually the second person to ask me about it Sunday - the first person said she really wanted to throw one for me, but when she found out my exact due date, said she was going to be out of town most of the time between now and then. I'm still just really surprised by it. I'm happy, of course, and it's super nice for someone to do it for me, it just seems a little out of nowhere, since we've been going to this congregation for 2 months now. Anyway, I am hopeful that I will get some receiving blankets and burp cloths out of this shower. A bunch of people have already RSVP'd that they're coming, and the evite just went out Sunday night! I actually went back through my registries and added stuff and updated some stuff just for people to have something to buy. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff I still need (like cloth diapering stuff) is not readily available at major stores. But anyway, it should be interesting. Hopefully this will help me get to know some more people, too.


The bad thing that happened last week is that dh's car overheated on his way home from Dallas, and now needs a new engine. Luckily, my dad and brothers were able to come to the rescue and tow him home (he was over 100 miles away when it happened), saving us the $400+ of hiring a professional tow truck. But we're still trying to figure out how the heck to pay for repairs, or if we even should repair it - we just bought it in January, it's a 2008 with low miles, but because it's a salvage title, it has no warranty - and apparently, they might not warranty any new parts they put in, either, which leaves us in a bad place. But we can't afford a dependable car without a loan, and we really, really don't want a car loan. We can't afford to buy something that's just going to break down, either, though. So we shall see. The good news is that, besides the money already paid, we should only owe the mw $300 more after the birth, so we should be able to use some of our medical/baby savings on the car. We'll find out in the next week or so if our in-network appeal is granted, in which case the birth center will ultimately end up owing us a small refund. That would be awesome!

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Yay for 37 weeks, monkey!


Tubing was great - we didn't go down a river after all. Went to Landa Park and I essentially floated around half in my tube, letting my belly dangle in the water. I joked it was inception, with my kid floating in fluid with me floating in fluid. That water felt GREAT. I even climbed up a rope and went a couple grips across a net strung over the water - something that very few people were able to do! I had on my superwoman He-Man arms, or something, that day. Let me see if I can get a pic of my husband and I to show up on here...as well as myself in my tube (with the rope thingy in the background somewhere).  Wow, I look so small in these. I was about 20 weeks. I've really gotten HUGE since.



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YES!! Just checked my chart online and found out I am GBS negative!! jumpers.gif (If you don't know why I'm so excited, refer to past posts about how incredibly difficult blood draws are for me - I can't even imagine trying to get an IV while simultaneously dealing with contractions!)

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Gozal - Oh my! 3 months of MIL!  Bless you.  I love my MIL and she is great about doing things, but I can't imagine 3 months.  When my DS was born and she came to help, it was DH that was the problem and not her!  He didn't want his mommy doing all the housework, which is what she said she came to do.  When I complained about being tired or breastfeeding he actually said just let my mother watch the baby....He will totally deny that now!!   

Maybe you could make a list before the babies get here of things that would really help you out and post on the fridge or something...


Otherwise, I'm glad thing are boring for you!  It would be interesting if your babies were identical.  I guess you won't get an accurate answer until they are born and they can look at the placentas??


As for tips on swaddling...blanket size is all I know.  My DS was a frank breech and his legs wanted to stay in that position after he was born, so swaddling was a challenge. Plus, you had to leave one hand out by his face so he could get to his thumb. 


Rena - So good to hear from you!  I hope all well in baby land for you.  How the breastfeeding going?  I hope things are better now that you don't have that rash.  


kparker - That's looks like so much fun.  And you look good for 20 weeks in the pictures.


Monkey -Yeah for no GBS...that can be very serious.   The ladies at your church sound so nice to be giving you a second shower. If I have know you needed some receivng blankets I would have shipped you some.  I just gave away about 8 baby boy flannel blankets! (I think I still have more some where.)  It seems that's what everyone gave us.  


Wow! 37 weeks!!!  It sounds like your body is getting ready.  I know you want some relief, but when the baby drops you'll just have a whole new set of discomforts.


Hope - Are your headaches still a problem?  I hope things go better for in the 2nd trimester.


Chica - How's the planning for your move coming?


Me-  I'm at 28 weeks!!  Baby seems to be feisty and doesn't like intrusion in her space these days.  I passed the GTTthumbsup.gif.    My iron is not low, but it is borderline.  So, I need to take some iron, but  not everyday.   Heartburn has finally made an appearance for me and the baby is already up in my ribs (petite, short torso, thanks!).  


Anyone else struggling with names?  So far, we haven't been able to come up with one we can agree on.  I had the perfect boy name!  So, I should have known it was a girl. 

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kparker - That's looks like so much fun.  And you look good for 20 weeks in the pictures.

Anyone else struggling with names?


Thanks ;)  Names were easy-peasy for us, we had them picked out long before we were even engaged LOL and we haven't even had any changes of opinion that whole time. Sorry you're stuck a bit! I bet you'll think of a great one.

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kparker - What a cute pregnant lady! Glad you had fun. And lucky you for no mind-changing on the names. We picked out our top boy name while we were engaged, but now dh just isn't sure any more. All our other baby names we picked out a few weeks after we got married, but we both are sort of iffy on many of them now. I still love our top girl's name, though.


wissa - lol - my SIL said the same thing about blankets, except she just put all of hers into storage before their move. I've actually been very surprised by the lack of blankets. Well, there actually ISN'T a lack, per se, but people have given us quilts they have made or blankets they have crocheted, or the swaddlers I wanted, which are all great, and will have their uses, but just aren't good for things like being an extra-big burp cloth, or a nursing cover, or a diaper-changing pad, or whatever. My mom and SIL have said they're going to work together to make me some receiving blankets, too, but they've both been busy with all sorts of moving and wedding craziness, on top of church craziness (my mom is a leader with the women's organization, and my dad was recently asked to take a pretty big leadership role in their congregation). But I'm sure it will all work out. Worst comes to worst, when we're on our way to the birth center, I'll ask MIL to run to Walmart and buy a package and wash them and bring them over to us. :) I have been glad my baby hasn't dropped so far, since I understand it's got its own discomforts. But since I ought to be delivering sometime fairly soon, I think I'm ready to trade in for a new set of discomforts - I'm bored with this set! Anyway, yay for 28 weeks! That was a big milestone for me, too, because there's a big jump in viability right around then. Hooray for no GD, boo for borderline iron. If you do have to supplement, I definitely recommend Floravital - I haven't gotten any of the constipation that others have mentioned getting with tablets. I got mine for half the price of what it was at my local grocery store through Amazon. I was going to link to it, but it looks like the seller I got it from doesn't have any more right now. :( It was from England, and said it would take 3-4 weeks, but took more like 1 and a half. Good luck with figuring out names!


AFM, finally started packing my birth bag - not much in it yet but diapers, pads, and underwear. Seriously, the pads I bought for me are about the size of the newborn diapers! Those diapers are sooooo tiny! It's crazy to think they'll fit him. I'm used to my beefy 7-month-old nephews, who wear size 3 diapers. Still so much to wash and get ready, but I did also get the cosleeper (mostly) assembled, so progress is being made. I'm in the process of trying out my new home-made laundry soap right now - fingers crossed it works as advertised!

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Monkey - Wow, I can't believe how close it is getting!  I agree that the drop will bring new discomforts, but it's so exciting too because you know it's getting closer.  I am so excited to have another new baby on this board!!! How sweet of your new congregation to do something for you - to me it's things like that that show what community is all about, you know?  Even if it was just an afternoon get together with a bunch of the ladies and some snacks and nothing else, that's so stinking sweet!!! I also can't believe you've gotten no receiving blankets though.... we got a TON of them the first time around, which is nice because I don't think we'll have to buy anymore this time.  Yeah for GBS Negative!!  (GBS positive sucked - I really hope I'm negative this time around LOL).  We saw a little baby at the peds office yesterday and DH looked at me and then looked at DD and said 'I can't believe she was that small'  I had to laugh, becuase she was, but I agree with him.  Everything seems so tiny for them in the beginning!!


kparker - awe you are so cute!  Let's see a more recent picture too!!


wissa - My headaches are slowely getting better.  I'm still getting them, but the frequency is slowing down as is the intensity.  I'm hoping in a couple more weeks they'll be gone gone gone.  I can't believe you're 28 weeks already!!!  That's so exciting!  Awesome for passing the GTT, and boo for the borderline iron.  Lucky you that heartburn is just now showing up :-)  We haven't even begun to talk about names.  We had a 'short list' of both boy and girl names from DD, so we'll probably pull that out and see if any of them left on the list still catch our eye.  DH has mentioned it a few times, but I just have no idea at this point.  So I'm not stressing about it yet.


AFM - not much going on.  Stressed about work, but trying not to let it get to me too much.  Headaches are still there but getting better, but I am still struggling with heartburn and some m/s.  Ugh, I'm almost 17 weeks - the m/s so should be GONE!!  LOL.  It's OK, I'll take it.  I just hope I start to feel more and more movement soon.  I've started to feel it now and again, but not often.  I can't wait for that :-)

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Monkey - I got some free samples from the doctors office, so I'm going to try those first.  I didn't really get too much too constipation problems when I took them with DS.  My doctor said if you get constipated it means you are taking too much and back off a little.  Apparently, once it gets to that point your body's not absorbing the iron.  lol - Bored with this set of discomforts...I promise you won't be bored once baby monkey makes his appearance. 


Hope - It's not fair that you still have morning sickness.  I think it should be a rule that women who have gone through infertility treatments should have wonderful easy pregnancies.  I know you are just happy to pregnant, but sometimes I just think when you have so much trouble getting the baby in...getting out should be easier.  ;)


I have made a list of names, but we have scratched off most of them...We still have a few weeks and I'm sure once she gets here we will have to call her something besides baby girl.  


Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!  

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Laundry soap experiment seems to be going well so far - yay! So baby clothes from newborn-3 months are washed. My bag is a little more packed. I am swelling like CRAZY... I weighed 8.5 lbs more this week at the mw's than last week. bigeyes.gif Not comfortable! My ankles seem to hardly be joints at all at this point. But my blood pressure is fine, my urine is protein-free, and baby is still doing great, so I will be thankful for that. I was terrified I was going to walk out of there with orders for an induction, even though I had my mom check my blood pressure earlier in the week and have had zero as far as symptoms of hypertension. And yeah, I know - drink lots of fluid (I'm on day 4 of 3 quarts of water daily, TYVM), elevate my feet, don't go crazy on the salt, etc. I do need to try getting back in the pool today. Soaking in the tub has had basically no effect, as far as I can tell. But, like I said - I'm glad we're both healthy. The swelling-induced carpal tunnel syndrome (which really only is an issue at night/when I first get up) is pretty awful. I didn't really know/understand what carpal tunnel syndrome was before, and I now have a huge amount of sympathy for anyone who deals with it on an ongoing basis. Due to traveling by both me and my midwives, next appointment is on Wednesday, and I'll get another cervical check. Hopefully all will continue to be well, and I will go to my brother's wedding Friday!

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kparker - awe you are so cute!  Let's see a more recent picture too!!


Yesterday on the beach. I look like a whale.


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wissa - I second that LOL.  Although, I'll take it :-)


monkey - Yeah for everything going great, but boo for the swelling.  Thats hard to deal with.  Can't wait to hear how this weeks appointment goes!


kparker - you look so stinking cute!!!  I wish I could get a picture to upload and actually show.  Is it all feeling more real for you now?

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I'm still in a daze. Had an L&D scare but even that only made me slightly better. Most days I'm in huge denial and/or have conspiracy theories about this "pregnant" word everyone throws around directed at me. ;P

It's the most real when kiddo is kicking me to death. Of course, it does it all day and all night nearly 24/7 so it's hard to appreciate when I'm being karated from the inside out!

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Kparker - ?? L&D scare??  What happened? It's way too early for you to have that.  I'm sorry the denial is still getting in your way, but I still feel it sometimes too.  When people ask me questions I get all weird and I don't want to talk about the baby....they probably think I'm nuts.  It seems the only one that does understand that I'm just quiet about it is my doctor, who just always tells me I'm doing good and everything looks good, but never pushes more than that.


My first little buddy was kicker too.  I can remember talking about how they would get to the end of the day and freak out because they couldn't remember if the baby moved.  I could never understand that!!  I was always asking him to please just be still and let mommy rest.  :)  I found cutting out caffeine and sweets helped, but not much. 


You look adorable in your beach picture...remember everyone shows differently.  


Monkey - I hope you are hanging on...and get to go your brother's wedding.  Sorry to hear about all the issues the swelling is causing you. ;(

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