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Bleh, I had some pain in the middle of the night, and my midwife suggested a few things and if it still bothered me as much as it was when I called her, to go to L&D. Needless to say, it kept bothering me (to the point of crying) and then I panicked and it just snowballed. I spent 6 hrs at L&D then the ER and no one would let me eat or drink ANYthing during the whole thing. I came out worse for wear than when I went in, due to dehydration, and all for nothing (pain wasn't determined, kid was fine).

So yeah, that sucked royally! I do NOT want to do that again. Ever.

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Aw, guys! I feel so behind! Hoping I have some time later this afternoon to update everyone, but I will say that moving is craaaazy. So much to do still and I leave for Jersey next week. Also, our anatomy ultrasound is tomorrow (boy or girl?) and I'm super excited but also suddenly so nervous that everything will be ok.

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kparker - Glad everything turned out okay, but sorry about the scare! You are definitely pregnant, lady, and have the belly to prove it! I hope your LO decides to stay in for quite awhile longer, though!


hope - Sorry the morning sickness won't let go. I know it's a reassuring thing in some ways, but UGH is it miserable! Hopefully baby will content him/herself with just kicking up a storm for reassurance sometime soon!


chica - Thanks for dropping by... can't wait to hear how the ultrasound goes tomorrow! Hopefully, it will be a very reassuring experience. I know I felt a lot better knowing my baby had all his organs and was growing well.


AFM, met with the midwife again today. She is still concerned about my swelling, and would like the baby to come sooner as opposed to later (I'm 38w1d today), but she doesn't think he will, and I'm cleared to go to the wedding! The one stipulation is that I keep my feet up on the drive. Honestly, I don't think keeping my feet up makes much of a difference, but I'll do the best I can. Blood pressure is great, a couple of points lower than last week, even. Nothing at all in my urine. (Though the midwife said she'd actually like to see a little blood, as it could be a sign of impending labor!) Weight gain has stabilized. I've only gained a pound or so since Friday, which could realistically mean I'm actually less swollen. I still can't really bend my ankles or wear anything but flipflops, but I'm glad everything's looking so good. Oh, and I'm now 50% effaced, and she said the baby had dropped a little, though not much. So he's getting ready, slowly, which I think is great. I really doubt he'll show up more than a few days before his due date, but who knows? Next appointment is Tuesday, so we'll see. But no more cervical checks until labor - those suckers hurt!

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Renavoo, no fair not giving us more amazing twin photos to swoon over. What, are you busy or something? winky.gif Totally kidding, but anytime you have a second I would love to hear how YOU are doing!


Monkey, I seriously cannot believe you are so close. I'm just so happy to hear that everything seems right on for the birth experience you want, swelling notwithstanding. Let me tell you, that's great that you're starting to efface and dilate because I was pointed to inductionville with absolutely no effacement or dilation at nearly 41 weeks. Yay for being able to go to the wedding, and for getting that big car seat purchase as a gift! You're not doing the baby bucket, huh? I have to admit I am totally partial to them. It's not like I left DS in there much (high needs baby, wasn't going to happen even if I had been okay with that), I promise. Yeah, decent baby blankets are surprisingly hard to get. Everything is either tiny and thin or fleece, which to my mind isn't warm enough for winter. It is so hard to find basic woven cotton or wool baby blankets. The Company Store (which I never buy from because $$$, but I do like to look at their kids' quilts sometimes for quilting ideas!) does have some nice cotton woven ones. I have heard a lot of raves about those aiden + anais muslin swaddles, which I just spotted at target. The basic flannel receiving ones should be fine for swaddling a newborn, though, so I think your plan is right on and you can figure out what you like later.


I don't even have an appropriate adjective about the car thing...that must be so stressful. I completely understand your views about car loans, we are the same way. We have always bought our cars outright in cash, though one was a very generous hand-me-down from family. We are pretty fanatical about not having any consumer debt. You wouldn't believe how many friends/family have told us... just finance a minivan! Um, no. We can fit three car seats in the newer of our cars, and that's just fine. Would you consider buying a car at auction? I have not done this myself, but my parents have gotten their cars this way for years and have always been happy with the process and their purchases. You get the whole history of the car at the time of the auction and I it's ceritified in some way.


kparker, how absolutely terrifying. I am so, so glad everything turned out okay. I don't get why the medical establishment keeps thinking it's a good idea in all but the most exterme circumstances to restrict food and water for pregnant women. It is downright dangerous not to be able to drink water for any more than a very short time. In any case, I think you look incredible!


Chica, hey you! I can imagine moving is insane. Can't wait to hear the update today! I was also very worried before my anatomy scan, so I understand and am directing tons of positive thoughts in your direction.


wissa, that never occurred to me about swaddling a frank breech baby - somehow it seems like it would so funny and cute! Probably not so much for you when all you wanted was to comfort him.  Thanks for commiserating - yeah, sometimes my DH gets that way too - "Why don't you go rest and let my mom watch the baby/kiddo?" Maybe because no matter how short a nap I take, she always tells me how terribly worn out she is when I get up, and immediately goes to take a three hour nap herself. I am definitely thinking of posting a list on the fridge - even simple things like "wipe down countertop and table." Otherwise I know I will get tons of "where does this go" type of questions while I am trying to comfort two crying babies...


We are having some name issues too. We actually agree on a top three possibilities/spellings and have some combinations in mind. I just feel particularly undecided about it, which is fine, we still have plenty of time. I think DH and I are both having some sadness over names we love that we can't give the babies, because we really need names that work in both languages/cultures. For some reason people are so much nosier about it this time than with DS, which doesn't make it easier. Have you made any headway?


hope4light, uuuugggh not fair about m/s at 17w. Mine finally dissipated at 15 and man, does that feel long. Any relief in sight? I also suffered from headaches during the first half but they have stayed away. I am hoping the same happens for you. And that work stress gets better, bleh!


AFM...oh man, ladies. It has not been the greatest week ever. Turns out my OB uses the "strict" protocol for the 1-hour glucola and I missed their cutoff by three points. I pass by standard criteria.  This is the same thing that happened to me with DS and I turned down the 3-hour. Well, they told me if I refuse they would automatically label me GD and would stop treating me if I didn't go to their nutrition lecture. I am beyond angry with this kind of bullying. I am very health conscious and know a great deal about nutrition. I eat very little refined flour and sugar, and my guide has always been my body and how it feels, not grams or calories or hours on the clock. I've never had a weight problem and my blood pressure is low. Finally I negotiated a week-long glucometer instead of the 3-hour, but honestly this hasn't made me less frustrated. Why am I pricking myself 4x/day? And now that they have me in their PITA patient category, I am terrified they've put a red flag on my file as it is. As though it isn't difficult enough as it is getting what I want with a twin pg...now I feel that much closer to constant NSTs, early induction, tons of monitoring during l&d, and a fast ticket to a c-section. I am seriously thinking of changing practices but I don't know that I can find one much different, and certainly not less than 1/2 hr drive from here. My blood sugar levels so far have all been low to normal on the standard scales I'm finding online, but since they use some strict criteria of their own I'm not convinced it's going to be good enough for them. Also, my hemoglobin was borderline low so they did a ferritin test that was really low and put me on iron. It feels like I went from normal and boring to high-intervention in 30 seconds...

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Originally Posted by gozal View Post
It feels like I went from normal and boring to high-intervention in 30 seconds...

That sucks :( What jerks. Keep putting that foot down though, hopefully you don't get too much extra crap from here on to the finish line.

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Gozal - Crap! Back with more later!


Just wanted to let you ladies know I made it to the wedding and back, no baby in sight. (Which is good!) Didn't have much issue with the swelling getting worse on the way there, but it was more of an issue on the way back. Doing okay, though! Will try to check in after my shower this afternoon!

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Oh man! Totally wrote out an entire post but it looks like it never went up! Augh!


Let's see, to recap..


Gozal, :( hope they will listen to you. So ridiculous. Have you started looking into different practices? Even if it's a pain now, it will be worth it when the time comes to give birth. If not, remember, they can't force you to do anything, especially when it's delivery time! They have to have your consent. Also, do you have a doula? That might be a big help if you can't change practices, because she can be your cheerleader and help you stand up to them.


Monkey, eeee! It's almost time! Hope your shower goes well, and I'm so glad you were able to make it to the wedding! Hoping your swelling goes down and you don't have to think about it. Can't believe that you're going to be giving birth so very soon!


kparker, how are things with you? Hopefully you're all better and not having any other scares. I can't imagine how much it must suck to have to go in to the hospital, but I'm glad you (and the babe) are okay.


wissa/gozal, any name progress? I'd love to hear what you've got!


renavoo, i would love more photos!!! I bet they're already getting so big. :) How have you been recovering? Anything you totally didn't expect?


Sorry this isn't longer! I still can't believe the forum ate my post. :-P


AFM, moving is going well! A little stressed because tonight is really the last night I have to move all of my clothing to my friend's house, and get the kitchen stuff completely packed up. We've made a ton of progress though and sold 90% of our stuff. I'll probably do a wrap-up post on my blog when it's all over. The house is super empty, and I'm really amazed at how easy it's all been. It honestly hasn't been hard emotionally yet, and it's felt super freeing!! The only thing that is a little dicy right now is our UK paperwork. Our sponsor got rejected due to needing more paperwork, so they are re-submitting this week, which means it will likely be another 4-5 weeks before they get approval (praying hard on that!). Once they do, it will probably take a week or so to get our visas processed, so we're looking at a more likely end of Sept rather than mid Sept leave date. Which is fine, I'm just hoping everything goes through smoothly. We're okay with flying any point up until November, but that doesn't leave us a ton of fudge time. It's totally out of our control though, so we just have to wait and see.


In other news, we're having a boy! We found out Thursday, and it was really fun and exciting. The ultrasound was good, although I feel like the tech wasn't super informative. They also didn't really give us a "run down" at the end and just said they'd fax my results to my midwife on Monday (today). Everything seemed to be measuring right on though, and it seemed to go well, but I'll feel better when I get the 100% okay from her. 


Here's our silly string gender reveal: 




We had so much fun!

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Monkey - Yeah to getting to go to the wedding...yuck on still having to deal with the swelling.  At least it doesn't appear the swelling is due to your blood pressure or anything serious.  You're so close, I can't wait hear all about the baby....let us know how the shower goes...fingers crossed you get some of those things that are left on your list.

kparker - So sorry about your scare and how frustrating.  However, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry...So, hopefully no more scares.


chica - Congratulations on your little boy!  I know it's frustrating not getting much information form the tech, but I don't think they are allowed to give out the results.  

I'm super impressed with how calm and together you are about the big move.  I hope it works out and doesn't run into November.  


Gozal - I hate that you are so upset.  The 1 hour GTT is just screening test, which why my OB now has everyone do a 2 hour test.  I think the 2 hour makes so much more sense because either you pass it or you don't.  (I definitely would not want to have to drink that drink twice and how does it make sense to have a pregnant women with possible GD drink that stuff twice?)  I agree the new levels are really low.  I figured I wouldn't pass it because the fasting glucose for the GD test is lower than what my fasting glucose was before I got pregnant!  Crazy!  I think from what I've read the reasoning is that pregnant women tend to have lower glucose levels???  


I'm sorry you feel like you have a red flag hanging over your head, but I'm sure you're not the only patient to have issues with the GTT.  I mean 3 points really ?  I have no doubt you don't eat junk food, but keep in mind that your OB office sees everyone!!  They can't tell the health conscious from those that eat a candy bar for lunch. (Also, I'll remind you the GD is not caused by your diet!! It's just your pancreas is overworked right now.  ;) )


It sounds like if you are only over by 3 points that if you do have GD you'll be able to control it by watching your diet (something already do anyway).  

As for finding a new ob you may be right about not finding one that thinks any different.  I think if you work with your doctor and they can tell you are serious about watching your diet then they will work with you too.  


AFM - 30 weeks!  I've discovered I'm going to have to cut back on my activity levels.  Doing too much tends to make me really sore and cause all kinds of contractions! Not fun!  Just taking DS to the store and pushing the buggy with groceries is enough to cause me a lot discomfort.  In fact, it almost felt like the day my water broke with DS.  So, I'm going to talk to my doctor about it this week...I'm guessing a lot of it may have to do with scar tissue.  


Also, little girl has been quiet today.  She was rocking and rolling all day yesterday and it seems she normally takes a day off after being really active.  However, that doesn't mean I'm not just a little concerned.

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Chica that video was SO AWESOME. My face hurts from grinning :)


wissa - Yeah no more scares, everything is fine. Kid's an overactive jerkface, punching me all over. Crazy how we can dislike the constant activity (esp if it hurts) but the minute it slows down or stops there's the red flags of "hey what're you doin' in there?!"  heh.


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Hi! I'm back on the boards after a couple of years away... back in 2005-2008 I was a regular on the TTC boards. I had 6 mc's due to LP defect between 05 and 08.


I divorced hubs #1 in 08, and got a SURPRISE BFP in March 09 with ex-bf (oops!). Turns out, losing 40lbs of fat enabled my body to make progesterone, and fixed my estrogen dominance... so, ex-bf became hubs #2, but we only did it for our family's sake, and divorced after the baby came.


So, DS is 2.5 now, and I have been with an amazing BF for a little over a year.... third time is the charm, perhaps? :P


I am starting to think about baby #2 - thinking of all of the incredible women I met here, and how loving and kind they were to me through my TTC journey and mc's.


My love to you all, and may you all be blessed with the babies waiting to join you :)




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gozal - Blehhhh for all you are going through with your OB. Hope things have continued to go well with your at-home monitoring. It does suck, but it is probably still better for you and your babies than the stupid 3-hour test. I hope it shuts your OB up. From what I understand, anyway, you're going to have a little higher blood sugar with twins, because they need more to take in! 3 points is really such a tiny amount to fuss over, especially if they're using the 'strict' criteria. But I suppose there's no point in their choosing the 'strict' criteria to begin with, if they don't follow through on it. Siiigh. I'm sorry your iron was low, too. At least that's much more straightforward and fixable than the whole GTT thing. I wouldn't think they'd label you high-risk just based on that. I would ask them to retest you, though, after you've been supplementing for a month or so, just to get an idea if you're getting the right amount of iron, because overdose is bad, too. I had them recheck me, and now I'm down to 1x day iron instead of 2x day. I can see why you might want to consider switching practices. Have you made any connections to other twin mamas in your area? I'm just wondering if you might know anyone who could point you to a practice where you'd be more comfortable. If you were having just one, it would probably be a lot easier, but twins just make doctors go nuts for some reason, and usually rule out things like just going with a midwife. greensad.gif Anyway, I'm glad it sounds like you and the babies are doing well overall, iron and blood sugar notwithstanding. I hope you get back to being boring very quickly!


As far as baby seats, yes, we're skipping the bucket - sort of. SIL gave us one that their twins just grew out of for dh's car, since convertibles seem like a pain in the butt to move between cars, and are too expensive to have two of. My mom and MIL have both looked at us like we're a little crazy for not using the bucket (along with several other people), but after talking to them, I've realized neither of them had that kind of seat available when they were raising their 9 kids, and they survived JUST FINE. So I think we will make it. If not, well, we have the one from SIL, and we'll use the convertible later. I did finally get a bunch of simple receiving blankets, which is a big relief. They are the thin, cheap flannel kind, but that's really what I wanted. I have have swaddlers and some other things, and plan to get some of the muslin blankets, too, but I really wanted something for quick diaper changes or covering during breastfeeding or whatnot. I think I'm finally just about set on baby stuff, other than diapering.


chica - Wow, you guys are ridiculously creative! How fun! And congrats on the boy... seems like boys are in the water this year! Glad moving is going pretty well... boo about the paperwork and uncertainty! Hopefully that will get straightened out quickly. I'm glad getting rid of your stuff has been freeing. I tend to get too attached to things, and have a hard time letting go. I'm still a little sad about leaving behind the first bed I ever bought... and that was over 4 years ago! Yeah, need to move past that. I did get rid of a ton of stuff in our last move, though, and that felt pretty good. Oh, and hooray for being halfway there in your pregnancy!! Hope you got good news from your mw on Monday. I know that was a little nervewracking for us, too, waiting on that report. But since I'd seen the tech labeling a lot of the pictures (like "3-vessel cord", "4-chamber heart", etc), it made me feel better.


wissa - 30 weeks, huh? You realize you're next in line after me, right? orngbiggrin.gif Although you and gozal are pretty close together, especially since she's having twins. Sorry you're getting all tired and contraction-y. Hopefully your doctor will have some good reassurance for you. Grocery shopping through contractions is bleh... my uterus sometimes has the same reaction to the grocery store. Speaking of which, I really need to get rolling on going  to the store!


ValarieR - wave.gif


AFM, so, baby shower... WOW... there were about 15-20 people who came. I finally got the Boppy I've been wanting, which was exciting. My mom had actually just found one at TJ Maxx that wasn't the pattern I wanted, but was cheaper, so I was fine with that. But now I have the cute monkey one! I also have an assortment of clothes for when he's older (since we told people we already had a bunch for 0-6 months), some more burp cloths (yay!), and some more blankets. We also got several baby board books, which I hadn't really thought to register for until a few days ago. I'm excited about that, even though I know they're not "necessary" - I definitely want to start reading to him right away! We also got some other toys and randomness, some of which I'm more excited about than others, but I'm still just shocked that so many people who barely know me made time to come to my shower and bring me gifts. A couple of people who couldn't come dropped off gifts beforehand, and not one but THREE people brought me gifts to church the next day! Like I said, pretty floored. Now I really just need to get on to writing thank you notes! The only thing I'd really like to get settled now as far as baby stuff is some more cloth diapering stuff. Right now, we have some newborn disposables and one package of disposable wipes, as well as 6 prefold diapers and two covers. I'd like to get a couple dozen more prefolds, a few more covers, reusable wipes, and a diaper pail before the little guy gets here. And I need to re-read my EC book, too! I think either my mom or grandma is going to get me the additional diaper stuff. Oh, and I decided I'm going to rent a ring sling and try it out before I buy one. I need to get that order set up, too. If anyone else is interested in renting a carrier to try (they have several kinds), the website is www.tagalongbaby.com. Prices seem pretty reasonable to me. They rent by the month, and a month seems like enough time to me to figure out whether or not you like something enough to buy one. Still need to get the darn carseat installed, maybe tonight?


Oh, and speaking of cars, an update on dh's... not sure the last thing I said, but we decided dh and his friends were going to try to diagnose and possibly fix the problem themselves. It's become dh's new obsession. Which is  bothering me a little because between that and work, he's barely spent any time with me, and this our last chance to be just 'us'. But we are planning to go out on a date on Friday, at least. And we have gotten at least a little time together these last few days. The whole car thing has been way, way more complex than dh anticipated. He's learning a ton, but even with all the hours spent researching, and working, and buying more tools, he still hasn't gotten to the point where he knows what's wrong with it yet. So we've been making do as a 1-car family, which hasn't been too bad so far. We shall see. But less stressed about it than previously.


In happy financial news, I just got a letter from the insurance company today saying that I got my in-network exception for my midwife! I'm not sure from the letter if that just applies to the facility fee, or to everything, but either way, it's good news. It should mean that the midwife will actually end up owing us money, when all is said and done! So we're excited about that. I just had a visit yesterday, and am sad to say that their scale now thinks I weight 200 lbs. greensad.gif Luckily, the bathroom scale at home is a little more merciful. But still, weight gain is back to normal levels again. BP was actually lower than it's been in quite awhile... probably due to being dehydrated (I was laaaaaaaaazy yesterday, and that included being lazy about getting adequate water). Unfortunately, there was also a small trace of protein in my urine. The mw isn't too concerned, since BP is excellent and I have no other pre-e symptoms, but she does want me to come back on Friday to have my swelling, blood pressure, and urine checked again. If there's still any question, I'll go in for bloodwork after that. (I got brave and asked them to send me somewhere else if I needed blood work, instead of them doing it, since it hasn't gone well there.) So we'll see what Friday brings. My guess is nothing, if I do a better job of hydrating, which I will. Baby has gotten really chill - the initial HR in the last two visits has been in the 120s. But once they start poking at him, he has really good accelerations.


So it's just a waiting game now. 39 weeks and 1 day today. I honestly don't think I'll ever have a baby. It's just to crazy to imagine. And I'm in no hurry for him to come. I'm sick of the swelling, etc, but being responsible for a newborn sounds pretty intense. I'm content to continue pretending he's not really coming. (Well, not entirely - still working on getting the birth bag packed and such.) I'm definitely not feeling impatient for labor, which I think is good. I think he'll probably cook for at least another week, but we'll see!

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hi everyone- was on infertility one thread for a bit. After three m/c's and almost four years, got pregnant on my own. I was preparing to do IVF in september. With a huge miracle we got pregnant without paying a fortune. I also have made it to 13wks today! Thank God for that! Still trucking along and hopeing and praying for a healthy baby. Wondering if I can join this group?

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deport - Welcome! I have been following your journey and praying for a sticky little bean for you - so excited you have made it this far! I was also able to get pregnant "naturally" (in quotes because OPKs, stressing about DTD, using PreSeed and a menstrual cup to conceive isn't exactly blissfully romantic), and it is nice to save the money. :)


AFM, well, I got myself a little over-excited that this might be it - I had a bunch of contractions starting yesterday afternoon and lasting into the early morning hours. Plus, I think I started losing my mucus plug in the middle of the night. But absolutely zero contractions on waking up this morning. Which is okay, because it means I actually slept for some small part of the early morning. Thinking this means I'm getting closer, though! At least I'm pretty sure they were contractions... much more certain than previous instances. But I always doubt a little! But they were uncomfortable, which has made me a little nervous. (I know, I know... I wasn't expecting puppy dogs and sunshine, but it's different when it REALLY starts happening to you!)

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Hi All - Gozal, Gem, Hope, chica, Kparker...Update us soon.


Hi Valarie...Precious little Boy.


Welcome Deport - I'm glad you've made it over here.  I remember a few of your early pregnancy posts over in the IVF thread.  :)


Monkey - Get ready!!  I was wondering about you all weekend!!  With my first pregnancy I never could tell about contractions either.  Sounds like a little pre-labor, so I'll bet the real thing isn't far away!!  I've heard you can prepare for labor, but you really will not know how you are going to deal with it until it happens.  (and it's different for everyone)  

Getting excited for you! 

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Thank you for the welcome! Wissa- I remember you too.


Monkey- wow, your at the end. woo hoo. Exciting. yes, thank you. Right, even though I didn't have to do IVF I had a very long hard struggel to get pregnant. I tried everything. Definately wasn't romantic, especially after RE told us we couldn't try other options like IUI, and that it would be impossible for me to get pregnant on our own with DH's sperm count. I did try something new which I really think helped us. I hate when people think we just finally relaxed and were able to get pregnant. Not true at all. At the point of me getting pregnant, I have never been so stressed out in my life! I even gained quite a bit of weight because of being depressed. Since than I have lost some of it from morning sickness lol. Thats my story. Was not easy. Still isn't easy, I have to get through this pregnancy and I still have 6mths to go!


On another note- I am so excited that you are getting close. Are you nervous, excited, how do you feel?

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Just wanted to say, it's my due date!!! I'm 40 weeks today! And no baby in sight. Which I am totally fine with, which apparently weirds other people (my mom, the mw, various acquaintances) out. Ah, well. I will enjoy my lack of impatience.


After reviewing the situation, I'm pretty sure all the contractions/bleeding/mucus from Sunday night were all due to DTD Sunday afternoon. blush.gif So, erm, sorry for the false alarm! Now I'm hoping baby stays in through Saturday night so we can have friends over to dinner as planned, make it to another birth class, and make it to my brother and SIL's open house here in town. (We didn't stay for the reception in Dallas, so it would be fun to go to the party here!)


Hope everyone is doing okay - check in when you get a second!

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Well, 40 weeks is an estimated ddt.   I don't think I would get weirded out until after 41 weeks.  Of course, I'm not planning on going a day past 40 weeks even if that means a RCS. (I also know exactly when I O'd thank you femara!)  ;)


How's your blood pressure and swelling?  My suggestion for when you are ready for labor is go the store put a large bag of dog food in the cart and push it around...I get contractions everytime I do that.  Poor puppy may have to be without food soon!



I'm going to say the baby will come on Saturday...because you have plans.  ;)

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Just a quick drive by (work is killing me and I haven't had a ton of time to post) but wanted to say that Monkey - I can't believe you're 40 weeks!!!  I agree with wissa.... since you have plans Sat, the baby will come then LOL.  I went slightly overdue at 40+4 with my first, and people keep getting wierded out because I keep saying I hope I go a week overdue with this one, so you're not the only one.


chica - adorable announcement!!!


Hi to everyone else - sorry I didn't catch up on all the personals, but I'm thinking of you all and following along, just not much time to post!!

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Monkey, yay for making it to 40 weeks and yay for a fully-cooked bean! ;) I'm sure you've heard it before, but the average date of labor for most women is usually 8 days past the due date. Your body will do what it needs to, and I'm glad you're enjoying the remaining time until you get to meet your baby! So excited for you, I can't believe that it could be "time" any time!

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Yeah, so I've started enjoying telling people I was due yesterday (or whenever) just to see the panicked looks on their faces, like I might explode into labor at any time. FIREdevil.gif Still lots of nothing going on here (though I woke up with the stiffest joints I've had in awhile!). MIL also predicts Saturday for the baby, because both she and my mom (who are our contact people/PR managers for during/after labor) have things to do that night.


Is it sad that the biggest reason I want the baby to come is so I don't have to make a grocery list and think of dinner ideas any more?? If that is sad, is it sadder that dh wants the baby to come so he can take time off of work and fix his car??


Anyway, I did prep and wash most of my cloth diapers yesterday, and the rest are in the washer now. We aren't planning to use them right at first, and I just got them a few days ago, so I promise I wasn't totally procrastinating. Oh, and if anyone is doing prefold cloth diapers and hasn't heard of it - boiling them for 10-15 minutes with a drop or two of Dawn is waaaaay easier/cheaper than washing them 3-5 times in hot water! So glad someone in my local mom group told me about that.

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