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Anyone else not using much technology this go around?

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I have decided to wait to hear the heartbeat with the fetascope.  Going to try to avoid the doppler and no ultrasounds.  With my 1st two I opted out of ultrasounds but did the doppler and hated it each time.  This time I am trusting fully in my body and just gonna let her grow and be who she is.  Wondering if anyone else is feeling the same...probably not I guess it is a little odd all this trusting.

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I don't think it's even slightly odd for MDC orngtongue.gif

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I'm new, too, and I'm also going to allow this process to unfold on it's own, without technology and a bunch of other interventions.  I am so ready to trust my body!

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this is MDC. Asking for 100 ultrasounds is odd. smile.gif I did get an US because of a miscarriage I had in March, so when I got the positive test I had to get confirmation that it wasnt just some left over stuff from the last one, but I wont be getting anything else.
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Originally Posted by almadianna View Post

this is MDC. Asking for 100 ultrasounds is odd. smile.gif

Yup, this!


I had an u/s at 8 weeks to confirm that it wasn't a blighted ovum (I just had two in a row before this pregnancy, one in September and then again in February).  I have a referral for a 20 week anatomy scan in case for some reason my midwife and I decide it's necessary, I've skipped it in the past.  I typically don't do any testing during my pregnancies and no vaginal exams during pregnancy or labor.  

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Originally Posted by AnahataChakra View Post

I opted out of ultrasounds but did the doppler and hated it each time. 

This was me with my last pg!

I am so with you on not wanting the doppler this time around. I would almost rather do one quick us than repeated doppler exposure. My hub and dd reeeeaaaallly want to know the sex this time, and I'm torn on doing it--I'm not convinced it's safe or necessary. I feel like I already "know" it's a girl, but if I'm wrong, I might feel disappointed? I know that sounds harsh, and I would love another son for sure, I just really want another dd, and this is for sure our last baby!

Sorry, I'm rambling, still trying to work it out in my head, you know?

Anyway, the doppler issue is one reason I havent set up mw care yet. My experience with our local mws is that they would be scoffy at doppler safety concerns and act imposed on by using a fetoscope, so......
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To be honest, it hadn't even occurred to me this time around to question the doppler use.  I do remember with past midwives that they just used the fetoscope, but the cnm I have now has used the doppler twice - but only briefly, and a month apart.  I'm glad you started this discussion because I will have her switch to using the fetoscope instead.

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We're having the doppler until the fetoscope is an option, but i think that'll only be 3 appointments (My MW found DD2 with the fetoscope at 23weeks i think).  I've already heard with the doppler once, i've had 4 losses it gladdens my heart (not to mention OH's and DD1's who remembers my last loss all too well) to know it's doing ok.  I don't really mind the doppler.  It's not the baby though, i don't feel enchanted like i do with the fetoscope, i know too well that it's just an artefact, not the actual heart.


We're having one u/s, at 13 weeks (this friday coming! :D) to check that everything looks basically normal and there's only one baby (twins run in my family and my uterus is always huge for the first trimester).  After that i have all my care from an independent midwife.


We've agonised a bit (i was tempted to know the sex at the scan as this will be our last kid and we never have before) over the 20 week anomaly scan, but decided that given nothing anomalous will make any difference to what we do, and 20-30mins is a LONG time to be subjected to ultrasound just to find out if you're a boy or a girl, we'll just skip it.  The surprise is always lovely anyway.


We'll be using the doppler in labour, simply because it's quicker and easier for when i'm moving a lot and yelling a lot than the fetoscope.

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We've done/are doing about the same as you Bec.   Like you said, I'll probably end up with one more doppler use until fetoscope range kicks in - unless I'm feeling baby kick regularly, then it would seem unnecessary.  There will also be doppler check-ins during labor.  I always go almost 2 wks past my due date, and since we're doing a midwife birth at a hospital birth center this time (medicaid will cover that) - I know they're going to be pushing ultrasounds at the end to keep an eye on fluids, etc - which I've never had done before and don't feel is necessary, so I'll probably just try to stick with non stress tests. 


The 20 week scan - I was still debating - but I'll be out of town for a couple months this summer and so it won't really be an option (at that time anyway).  I might still do a scan when I get back - some moms have said that they've had the us tech keep it at closer to 10 min.  The only reason I'd do this one is to see if there's something that obviously needs attention before or immediately at birth - I've heard people say that about heart issues in particular.  And one of my kids was born with a wacky heart - which supposedly isn't genetic but... 

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I know what you mean about the heart Kel, i would ask for the stats on your hospital.  When i was having DD2 the published leaflet said they only found 25% of heart anomalies on the anomaly scan.  To me that made it pointless because a negative could so easily be false anyway.  The new leaflet has no figures but stresses that false negatives and false positives can and do happen which didn't fill me with extra confidence.  If your hospital/technician has better rates it really might be worth having them look.

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We use the doppler for the 1st appointment only, just for that audio confirmation.


We will be completely forgoing any Ultrasounds. I believe that unless a complication arises ( or there was a prior complication ) there really is no reason to put baby through them. .  I worry for those with the 100 ultrasounds...Our bodies know what to do right?!! Why don't we trust them more and less these Dr.'s that don't see each case as unique and mostly go by their protocols! Thumbs up for those of us that have a Dr. or Midwife that actually listens!! happytears.gif


We always wait for the birth for the 'big-surprise-gender-wise'.    My hubby quotes "If God wanted us to be able to see that baby inside there, he would have given all moms Tele-tubby tummies with the little T.V.'s on them." LOL lol.gif

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I don't plan on using any technology this time around. I'm currently doing my own prenatals...bp cuff, fetascope, measuring tape.I'll go in if something unusual comes up, but the plan is just to be pregnant and then have a baby...hopefully human is what we tell people when they ask ;-)
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I was pregnant with my last when doppler's first started being used. I was not comfortable with them either. The bottom line with ultrasound is that research shows that it changes cells. So, I want to get away from the idea of routine ultrasounds and either find other ways to get the information needed (like palpation) or saving them for what is absolutely needed. Is is about trust.

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I was so surprised with DD that she HATED the Doppler and ultrasounds. For all of the reading on natural and gentle birth I did before and during that pregnancy, I thought I would have learned more about ultrasound! I was especially confused that no one else had ever said the their baby hated Doppler and u/s, since DD so clearly ran away from all of it. I chalked it up to having a sensitive baby (which she was when she came out too!).

This time we had an early ultrasound for dating purposes, and it turned out that I was just over 7 weeks rather than almost 13 weeks like my period would have indicated. So that was good to know, but I still feel guilty! We had planned to do the 20 week anatomy scan, but like someone else mentioned above we wouldn't do anything different even if they did find an anomaly, so what's the point in doing a 30 minute u/s? Our home birth midwife uses a fetoscope, and since we're not seeing her until almost 17 weeks we might even be able to hear the baby at that appointment smile.gif

DH desperately wants to know the gender, so I think we will do one quick u/s to see if baby will give us a show wink1.gif. Our midwife usually uses Doppler quickly during labor if needed to, unless I can lay down and relax for the fetoscope. If we can limit the technology to just those few occurrences, it will be far and away easier on this baby than it was on DD with multiple u/s and NSTs from week 40 to 42, and Doppler at every appointment (hospital CNMs last time).

I was really in tune with my body and my baby last pregnancy, so maybe that's why it was so clear to me that the Doppler and ultrasound and heart rate scanner bothered her so much....but again it's so surprising to me that I hadn't heard other moms say the same thing. People were surprised when I would say that! I think pregnancy and birth needs to become more personal again, more private for moms, so that we can build that bond early on and know instinctually what our babies need and want.
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Clarasmama my #2 hated the doppler and u/s too.  My #1 didn't mind it one bit.  I think a lot of things are put down to mum being whimsical or "imagining things" but my dd2 would flip and flip and "walk" her feet round my uterus to spin away from the u/s (we had ONE u/s at 15 weeks and she spent the whole time squirming away from it).  With dd1 she literally slept through the 3 scans i had (one at 11 weeks to date, 2 at 40+ weeks to prove i had enough liquor so they couldn't risk out my homebirth).  DD1 was the same with the doppler, never changed her pattern of movement or position or anything.  DD2 would hit it, kick it, flip away from it and obviously hated it.


I think a lot of women either don't realise that it's a possibility (and thus think their baby is "active" rather than uncomfortable) or are told firmly by their care provider that the baby can't feel/hear the devices and that it's not related to anything if they suddenly go nuts trying to get away from it.

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Well because I UC I own a doppler, but we really rarely use it. I'm not one of those who will lay on the couch or bed half the day just listening to baby thump away. Around 12 weeks we look for the HB and once found then maybe once a trimester after that, and it's usually fairly quick. Depending on the pregnancy we've done 1 u/s for gender scan and a couple of time no u/s. DH wants to find out the gender, even though I keep telling him it's going to be a girl, he wants proof. So we'll get the scan next month on my b-day for "fun".


But that will be the extent of our technology. UC's tend to be non-invasive & non-techie. :P

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