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doula help

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we are thinking about using a doula and wondering if anyone knows how you go about matching up with one.

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What area do you live in?  If you live in Arizona, I can help you find a doula as I am involved in the birth community here.

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I just saw that you are in Tucson.  I will ask my Tuscon doula friends if they are available.

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When are you due?

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I am due 11/11/12. We aren't in Az yet but will be there the first week of August. I am currently looking at all my options for Drs, hospitals and doulas. I see St. Josephs has jacuzzi tubs for relaxing during early labor, do you know if they are the only ones? Just for relaxing, not looking for a water birth.

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We just started a moms and doulas of Arizona group on Facebook.  You can find it here:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/335929826481918/

There are a bunch of birth doulas there who can answer your questions.  Feel free to join and post your questions!

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I've been a doula in Tucson for 12 years.  PM me and I can send you the link to my website and facebook pages.  I can also assist you with finding a provider and birthing location that best matches your birth philosophy.

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If you haven't already found one I know of a fabulous Doula in AZ. She's actually currently a labor and Delivery Nurse who is a certified doula. Let me know if you want some contact info for her. 

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