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are anyone else's kids

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super sensitive to the weather? Whenever it's rainy DS1 has loads of meltdowns and is just a big emotional mess. I think it's tied to the barometric pressure. We weather (ha, no pun intended) the storm but it is so draining! Especially being prego again. So glad I didn't lose my cool over the 1 hour cry fest and everything is horrible and setting off tears fiasco of the entire morning.

If anyone else's older kids are like that, how do you help them deal with it? It's not a fear thing, he loves the actual rain and storm, but it just throws him off...even my friends have noticed that he's a different kid when the weather is icky out. 

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Oh dear. I've not heard of a child sensitive to barometric pressure changes but it is something noticed in animals and in people with arthritis so it seems reasonable. I wish I had some suggestions for you. 


Anyone else have a kiddo with this problem?

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Yea it definitely can make things a challenge! Do you have any ideas for ways I can teach him to help cope with it? 

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I think it would really depend on what he is feeling. Some people get migraine headaches from pressure changes. Others get ear pain. You didn't mention his age but I would think it would help to find out what he is feeling so you know better what you're dealing with.

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He's 3 and when I ask him he doesn't say. He just grumbles at me. Very effective communication strategy ;-)

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I don't think the actual weather makes my kids sick but I think they are like me and if the weather is constantly changing then it affects their immune systems. When the weather bounces back and forth between hot and cold, I more often than not, get sick. My kids are the same way

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