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Summer 2012 Love for the Preggo Bajingos: Having #1 in our 30s

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stork-girl.gif stork-boy.gifstork-suprise.gif

Welcome to the TTC #1 in Our 30's Graduates Thread! 


We are the ladies of the Bajingo Juice Club who have gotten our BFPs.

All due dates are welcome.


Are you pregnant with your first and in your 30's but never heard of the BJC? 

Welcome! Please join us!


Let's keep in touch during our pregnancy journeys.

The more the merrier!


stillheart.gif Due February 2012


26 ~ Hokievol33, BFP after 3 months of trying, 6 months of charting.


Rainbow.gif  Due April 2012


27 chapluqa31, TTC since 1/11


coolshine.gifDue June 2012


07 ~ Bel718, 32, after 20 months and a little help. Expecting twins! stork-suprise.gifstork-suprise.gif

23 ~ Calycanth, 31, BFP after 16 months TTC and one miscarriage

26-29ish ~ CACountryGirl, 35, BFP after 18 months, acupuncture, and chinese herbs


hat.gif Due July 2012


?? ~ reelala, 30, after 3 months

11 ~ scowgirl, expecting a little girl!


love.gif Due August 2012


05 ~ LilyTiger, 31, BFP after 4 months and some really wonky cycles

13 ~ andaluza, 35, BFP on 5th month TTC

13 ~ bootsvalentine, 33, BFP after TTC #1 since 06/2010

?? ~ lakeruby, 30, expecting #1 after 2 months of trying

30 ~ ericaf, 31, BFP after 4 months of trying, and an early loss 8/11


orngbiggrin.gif Due September 2012


09 ~ calpurnia7, 31, BFP after 3 months with love and luck

18 ~ cry884, 33, conceived on her very first try! (12/25/11)

25 ~ 2sweetsparrows, 33, after losses 3/11 and 11/11 and 2 cycles of Femara


shine.gif Due October 2012


01 ~ Dandylez, 36, conceived with IUI and frozen sperm

03 ~ Catheleni, after 2+ years trying with a little nudge from the fertility doc

?? ~ Femmeknitzi, 31, BFP after 13 months


kissy.gif Due January 2013

01~ pitchounette



joy.gifCongratulations Mamas!!!joy.gif


BOYS: 11



ericaf ~ Ruby Mae born 9/1/12 at 9:52 p.m. 8 lbs 4 oz, 20"

andaluza ~ Baby Boy M born 8/23/12

Lilytiger ~ Piper Ingrid born 8/13/2012 at 3 a.m. 7 lbs 6 oz, 21"

Bootsvalentine ~ Lyle George born 8/3/12 at 6:28 p.m. 8 lbs 6 oz, 20"

Scowgirl ~ Evelyn Linnea born  7/16/12 at 10:30 a.m. 8 lb 0 oz, 21"

CACountyGirl ~ Juniper Lee born 7/3/12 at 1:01 a.m.

Calycanth ~ Cara Laurel born 6/29/12 at 10:51 p.m.

Dandylez   ~ Adair Seamus born early 6/28/12 at 3:35 p.m., in our thoughts! stillheart.gif

Bel718   ~Twins born 5/31!!! Baby Boy M 5 lbs 9 oz; Baby Girl A 6 lbs 10 oz

RosieL ~ Odin born 4/7/12 at 12:15AM

Ramzubo ~ Brody Alexander born 1/29/12 after 27 hours of labor

birdie.lee ~ Baby Boy L born 11/20/11 after just five hours of labor

Tank ~ Elliot born on 11/8/11 at 11:38AM 

Hykue ~ Raven Brisa born 10/31/11,  8lb 2oz

ValH ~ Jacob born 10/4/11 at 9:55AM

Tear78 ~ Baby Girl A born 7/15/11

LivingSky ~ Kayden born 7/14/11

Meander ~ Alaric born 7/3/11

Blanca78 ~ Baby Girl E born 4/24/11


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Geez, have you guys ever noticed how many boys the bajingo ladies have??? I think maybe some of the earlier ladies had girls, but I am not sure. 


Caly, we're ready for Spacegirl to be the first girl in ages!


I am still thinking about Bel and hoping she ever has a spare minute to come update us how she's doing with those twinsies!

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Thanks for the new thread, Boots.


Caly, good to hear about the NST, even though it didn't reveal that labor is imminent. I hope she doesn't make you wait too much longer! How are you keeping busy and calm? 


Your trips sound like fun, Sparrows. I think it's good to know where the hospitals are around your destinations, just to keep some peace of mind, but I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.


I am so excited to meet my baby, but I really have so much work to get done before he gets here and the days seem to be passing by without me making the huge dents in it that I need. I think this is contributing to my wide awake state at 2:30 am last night. Insomnia--that is a state I really don't want to enter.

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Caly, I remember when I hit 30 weeks feeling like, ok, here we are! lol...I don't know why I had that in my head. The last stretch feels so long, and I didn't even go past about 37 weeks. I'm glad your LO is doing well, and I hope you have a smooth and quick labor soon. goodvibes.gif

afm - we had a baby girl last summer, to help balance out the boy trend. love.gif
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Yay, new thread! Thanks Boots! The BJC babies list is indeed looking a little sausagey orngtongue.gif but we should have a whole bunch of girls to add soon. I think one of Bel's twins is a girl, and Country Girl could be giving birth to her daughter as we speak. I'm pretty sure Tear had a girl as well. I do hope we hear from Bel, though I'm sure she's got her hands full.


Andaluza, I haven't done a particularly good job of staying busy or calm, LOL. I've been reading and obsessively Googling birth-related topics and doing a lot of baking. Today I made raspberry oatmeal bars and cheesecake swirl brownies and a loaf of herb and onion bread that, unfortunately, did not turn out well. Normally I would love having all this down time, but the anticipation makes it hard to bear. Sorry about the insomnia. Yuck. I was awake most of the night, too. 


Sparrows, sounds like you had a fun weekend, though it must have been hard to sit on the sidelines. Still, a weekend on the coast sounds lovely!


LilyTiger, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll go early (just not too early). fingersx.gif


ETA: Tear, thanks for empathizing! Deep down, I was convinced my baby would be early, too. I have no idea why!

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Oh, my, I have been stalking to see if any Bajingo babies have been born and thought there had been with all the posts on the last thread.  Hoping to see some photos of Bel's twins and Caly's and CA country girl's little girls soon whenever they decide to enter the world.

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Hi ladies

40 weeks tomorrow.  No baby yet.  I got an acupuncture treatment with induction points today and I am hoping that it might start moving things along, however, all of that only works if I am already pretty much ready.  They could not reach my cervix at the last appointment- said it was short, but tucked up behind the baby's head, so not sure what my status is on that front.  I have been having contractions, but no pattern.  I will of course let you ladies know if anything changes!  Hang in there Caly, we are close!

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I keep stalking to see if Caly or CA Country girl had their babies! Lol. I really can't believe how close everyone is... amazing to me. I feel like that time really flew by (mostly). I have 9 weeks left, andddddddd I'm sure it's going to drag just like everyone else says. Boo. I keep telling myself (even though I keep thinking she'll come in August), that Miss Ruby will come exactly when she wants too... and that she chooses her birthday... not me or my impatience. I reallyyyy need to keep repeating this to myself. But um. I can't stand all the cute stuff, I just want to stuff her into and give her smooches! This cover came in the mail yesterday (a friend of mine is giving me one size of her gDiapers, so naturally... I had to buy one super cutesy cover. Lol)


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P.S. I wanted to share my most favoritest pregnancy compliment ever so far... My hubs got me this "Mother to Be" spa package for Mother's Day, and I went this past Saturday... When the one girl was doing my pedicure she asked how far along I was, and I told her I'd be 8 months on Thursday. She said "Wow! Your feet and ankles look awesome for being 8 months pregnant!" Hahahahahaha. Ahhhh, it's the little things that make me smile... like a stranger telling me I don't have cankles. bouncy.gif

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Today is my due date by my charting (and the first ultrasound dating).  The Docs have Friday (LMP).  I guess I am not having an early baby.

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Ugh, you guys, I am getting so nervous about my lack of solid due date. (This is me making our 40+ week mamas plight about me, yes) We pulled out all our old ultrasounds and paperwork from fertility clinic etc, and are trying to figure out what is accurate between 8/6 and 8/15. I feel like that is a huge window (but maybe not? Maybe I shouldn't be so worried)  and school starts 8/6. I was planning to start my maternity leave then, but then I'm like, if it's actually 8/15 and I go a few days over, that's over ten days of not doing anything, "wasting" my maternity leave/short term disability. By the same token, we said no matter what I would go back before fall break for one day (so then I get paid for break) and then start the new quarter with my students. So maybe it doesn't matter. Here's some dates for those of you who want to give your opinion:

8/6 is what my OB said a 2nd tri ultrasound predicted

8/9 is my LMP due date

8/11 is what my OB has now (?)

8/13 is what is projected by when I thought I O'd. I have NO idea how accurate this was, after 17 months TTC I don't even know if I took an OPK, it just says O? on my calendar

8/15 is a date we got when looking at a first-tri ultrasound.



Do you guys find your energy and comfort level varies a lot day by day? I find it so weird. I thought pregnancy would be degenerative, like I would feel progressively worse every day until it was time for birth. But instead some days I am exhausted and crampy, other days I am fine. Yesterday walking twice around Target was torture, my hands swelled, and I was so crampy/tight all night when I sneezed it hurt like hell. Then other days I could walk two miles with no problems.

Lily, I remember you saying in our DDC about the hand swelling. It's so weird and it just started for me. I thought it was the heat but it even happened in super AC'd Target. I took my blood pressure afterwards and it was fine. Ankles are fine. Have your midwives/ob said anything about it?


Our second childbirth class is tonight (hospital). It's most about medical stuff, but I really want to know about the hospital's policies about these sorts of things. (pain meds, c-sections, inductions). 4 hours, though, ugh.  I also think the class has been good for huz and that's important. He realized maybe he is not so prepared and has been doing some reading.


Lots of love and good vibes to Caly and CACoGirl and their baby girls!

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Ugh, 40.3 and I'm still pregnant. Still no contractions, no mucus plug, no real pressure on my cervix--in short, no indication that this baby is ever coming out. banghead.gif


Country Girl, welcome to the Overdue Club. hug2.gif Hopefully both our memberships will be revoked shortly!


Boots, I hate to say this, but I don't think there's any way to know if one of those dates might be more accurate than the others. And we know that Honey Badger don't care anyway. orngtongue.gif Do you have to give your school your leave dates right away? Could you tell them you might take your leave as early as the first of August, but that you'll decide based on how you feel at the time? If I could do it over, that's what I would do.

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Here to stalk Caly and CA. I can't believe you guys are past forty weeks. OMG.

Gotta go track back to see bel's news...

All good here, generally. We are working on sleep stuff (namely moving from bed to crib) and car ride hate. Lots of smiles and coos lately. He's super fun.
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Thanks Caly!  We will get there soon.  I am not sure that I would say the constant teasing of symptoms I am getting is much for fun than your no signs; both are probably equally frustrating.  But, his can only go on so long, right?  Sorry that you are experiencing the same thing, but it is nice to have a compatriot in the trenches.  That said- I hope your girl comes ASAP.  I can't wait to hear about her and see pictures.

Boots- sorry to say, I agree with Caly, Due dates only give you an approximate 3-4 week window, so your 6-15 is a totally reasonable range.  You could very reasonably give birth anywhere between 38 and nearly 42 weeks.  I would say to be conservative and start the 1st like Caly says.  How much time are you taking off?  Can you do at least a month?

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My friend just posted this on my FB, as the words "pregnant forever" have started crossing my mind...



Elephants have the longest gestation period of all mammals, carrying their young for nearly two years before giving birth. Long developmental periods are common among highly intelligent animals. Since elephants are the largest living and biggest-brained land animal in the world, there's a lot of developing for elephants to do in the womb.
That's what going on with these little girlies! ;)
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COME ON SPACEGIRLdizzy.gif!!!!



Had my 27/28 week and I guess:


#1 I am anemic :( Iron pills here I come.

#2 I gained one pound in one month but 3 inches of belly- that up down pelvic to sternum measurement- so conclusion: It's not me, it's the baby- he BIG and I do not have GD soooo, BIG ERT!


They said we will do an U/S next time to check his size but even if he is big and doesn't come out- they cannot induce until after 39 weeks- so basically they really do not press for induction, which is good maybe he will come out naturally early because THERE WON'T BE ROOM- haha haha.


Giddy Up little Space Girl- and CACountry Girl how is your progress???  


Heading out to New Mexico and Colorado, might have some internet- hope to see some BABIES!


Boot- I am the same on the dates- I have an LMP- 09/24/12 I know I ovulated because we did a trigger shot- 09/25 then when they first measured him at 9 weeks he was 6 days behind- (small) with has completely changed now- I think the 'real' date is when I know I ovulated and we did the deed at 11pm or so- so the puts me technically at 09/26/12- What ev- O don't think Erty give a shit either. yours is quite the span though.  on the Hand thing I am glad you brought that up- when I walk I get  the swollen hand thing- my crapstar MIL told me I eat waaay to much salt- I think it is just pregnancy- I just put my hands over my heart and drink water and it stops.  I have the exact energy pattern- I think I can 'go' for a few days- then need an entire day of rest, this shoots my productivity level.


Great to see everyone checking in!!!



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Oh boy. I had a "moment" this morning. I woke up (after only a couple hours of fitful sleep) with these thoughts:


1. I am angry at myself for starting my maternity leave so early. I should have worked until I either popped or dropped, because I am losing time I could have spent with the baby.

2. I am angry at the baby for not showing up on time. Which is TERRIBLE. I feel so guilty about that.

3. I am angry that my midwives said we could "talk about induction" on Friday. I'm not mad because they brought it up, but because I am tempted to do it. I know it's a bad idea. Provided the baby is still happy in the womb, I'm sure the midwives will recommend waiting, and I know it will be better for everyone involved (especially me!) if I go into labor naturally. Induction actually scares me a lot more than the idea of spontaneous labor. But a little part of my brain is like, "Just do it. Let's get this pregnancy over with!"

4. I am angry at myself for not absolutely insisting on not having visitors for at least a month after the birth, especially now that the precious time we would have had alone with her is slipping away. I'm feeling pretty stressed out about it.


And while I was laying in bed thinking these things, my cat bit me. Just a nip, but she's never done before. She was snuggling with me and I was petting her and she nipped my finger for no apparent reason. So then I was angry at her, too.


And then DH left for work and I cried for about an hour.


Now, of course, I feel fine, but this morning was horrible. I felt like such a drama queen, and that's not a label I would usually apply to myself.


Sparrows, have a wonderful time on your trip! I lived in New Mexico as a child and spent eight years in Colorado, so I'm very fond of both places. Have you tried using cast iron for your cooking? I've heard that can be really beneficial if you're anemic.

Boots, I just hope Spacegirl comes out before that GIANT BRAIN of hers gets too big to fit through my vagina. lol.gif How was your childbirth class?

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Originally Posted by bootsvalentine View Post

Lily, I remember you saying in our DDC about the hand swelling. It's so weird and it just started for me. I thought it was the heat but it even happened in super AC'd Target. I took my blood pressure afterwards and it was fine. Ankles are fine. Have your midwives/ob said anything about it?

My doctor said it was totally normal and a function of your hands swinging down at your sides while walking so blood and fluids sort of build up there.


Caly, I'm so so sorry.  My friend went four days over her due date and she said they were honestly the longest days of her entire life.  Lots of frustration and anger and just general emotional messiness.  :(   The maternity leave thing is so hard to predict too.  You don't want to be working when you're miserable or about to pop, but it's also so hard to plan when these little buggers are going to show up since there's like a four week window.  I was thinking today about being anywhere between four weeks and eight weeks away and the difference between those two options sucks.  I really hope she shows soon!

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Caly-don't know if this will help, but I see several hidden good signs in your post. 

1) One friend assures me that grumpiness and irritation are definitely signs of impending labor.

2) A good cry is sometimes said to be the last step in opening us up emotionally to allow labor to happen.

3) Some people think animals can tell before us because of the senses they have that are stronger than ours; maybe your cat biting you (since she has never done that before) is telling you that you are going to go into labor soon.

Here's to hoping one of these is true!


AFM- Still in a holding pattern mostly non-painful contractions that don't seem to be progressing, but haven't gone away; been almost 12 hours now.  I will keep you ladies posted.

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