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Yeah, Boots we have the mini. I love it!

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Andaluza- I am so sorry that finding and keeping a doc who fits has been so difficult.  It seems to be the least we can ask for when we are already dealing with the difficulties of being pregnant.

Boots- thinking of you too.  It seems unfair to make a pregnant woman do a 12 hour fast.  I never had a fasting test, not sure why they are making you do it.

Caly- How is it all going?  Update?

Rambuzo and Andaluza- we have the same sleigh co-sleeper we had with DD1 and though I like it, I admit that most of the time both of my DD's have slept on top of me.  Co-sleeping has worked the best for us for night nursing and mom and baby getting the most sleep.  I know that some of the medical world tries to scare you away from it, but I am not sure that is really warranted.

Scowgirl- any day now!

Erica- Thanks smile.gif.  I actually really enjoyed writing my birth story.  I did it because a colleague of mine (philosophy prof) is writing a book on birth and women's spirituality, but I found it to be a very fulfilling process.

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Calycanth, thanks for the peaceful labor vibes! I hope you are not too exhausted, though I know you probably are.


ericaf, that hospital sounds great. The one we are delivering at has many of those same policies, and I feel very fortunate to have that option. I often think about what it would be like to live in the middle of nowhere (not that we don't, on some level, but we're centrally located to a few different hospitals) and have fewer options. I mean, I'm sure it would be fine regardless, but it's a nice feeling to have a hospital that you are comfortable with nearby. It can be such a crapshoot to find providers and facilities that you like.


andaluza, thanks for the welcome! Sounds like we have been with our partners for about the same length of time (DH and I were married in 1998). That is a good question about the blinds. I need to consider what window treatments we will be putting in the baby's room. At first I was thinking, as long as the cords are out of reach, maybe it's OK. But there is nothing in there now, so maybe we should get something cordless just to be safe.


boots, so sorry for the stress and worry. I agree, a 12-hour fasting test seems kind of crazy for pregnancy. I wish you didn't have to do it. I also hear you about the discomfort. Oddly, I started feeling less uncomfortable at night and sleeping better for the last few weeks vs. the 6 weeks or so previous to that. I hope that happens to you too.


AFM, glad to hear about all the other ladies who waited a little longer to have kids (though I guess that's sort of the definition of the thread, ha). I do feel that I personally am in a much better position to be a responsible, calm (OK, relatively) and loving parent at this point in my life, though I wish I was one of those people who had had it completely together in my 20s. Feeling fortunate that it all worked out! (So far, anyway.) Thanks also to everyone for the good wishes. I have a midwife appointment this morning, so I might succumb to the temptation to be checked if she brings it up (it's a different mw than the one I usually see). I'm pretty sure I won't be dilated or effaced at all, and then I'll be mad I did it, but I can just see that it's going to be hard to resist curiosity this time. I also got a pretty bad blood pressure reading at CVS last night (probably shouldn't have taken it there as I KNOW their cuff is too small for me... I basically have to jam my arm into it... and my reading on my home cuff was fine yesterday and today), so I'm apprehensive about pre-eclampsia. I'd hate to make it to 40 weeks (tomorrow), only to have to be induced. I'd love to say that I think I'm about to go into labor on my own, but honestly I've had no signs other than a few Braxton-Hicks and losing a piece of my mucus plug yesterday... both of which mean exactly nothing.


It's frustrating because other than worrying that I'm a ticking time bomb healthwise, which has been a constant theme for me throughout the pregnancy even though there have not been any complications, I am really not that anxious or stressed for the baby to come out. Intellectually, I figure it will happen in its own time, and if they have to induce me at 42w or something, then fine... but it's hard not to worry about the baby.

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Scowgirl- I had a really similar fear about induction related to blood pressure.  I have "white coat" hypertension and always get high readings in the doctor's office, pregnant or not.  However, my bp did go up a bit at the end of both my pregnancies.  I felt like a watched pot in terms of induction and got tons of blood tests to assure that it was just elevated bp and not preeclampsia.  I took my bp at home (which it sounds like you are doing) for comparison.  You need to have readings over 140/90 6 hours apart to be officially considered high bp and even that is not scary in everyone's book.  If you really don't want to be induced, I would just keep a really close eye out for the other signs of PE and insist on the blood tests and the non-stress tests and fluid level checks on the baby over the next week or so to confirm that your LO is still doing great.  If you are still pregnant at 42 weeks, you may not object too much to the induction anyway.  smile.gif  Your mucus plug could be a sign of labor soon, though I know it does not assure it.  Are you starting the walking, spicy food, sex, etc.  methods of induction?  I also did acupuncture at couple times to try to get things going (they also have points they can hit to help with hypertension);  it definitely initiated contractions, but it was still a few days after my second session that I actually went into labor.  I am not sure if I could swear by any of these methods actually doing the trick, but it helped me feel like I was taking action.

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Hi ladies. Things are going okay here. DH and I are totally exhausted. The first of our visitors (DH's mom) is arriving tonight. I'm feeling a little apprehensive about having other people around--it's totally going to cramp my sit-around-topless-and-cry parenting style--but hopefully they'll all be helpful.


We made our first trip to the ER last night. Cara threw up everything in her stomach three times yesterday (so scary--I've never seen a tiny baby vomit before--very different from spitting up). We called our pediatrician's after-hours line and were told to take her to the hospital. They examined her and took x-rays of her tummy to check for a bowel obstruction. Everything looked good, and they ultimately decided that she's just been eating more than her little tummy can hold, which was actually what we thought was going on. This kid will nurse for an hour at a time or wolf down a 2 oz. bottle of expressed milk like it's nothing (DH has been giving her bottles at night so I can sleep). It seemed like she was eating a lot, but everyone told us that newborns regulate their food intake and not to worry about it. Apparently that's not always the case. The doctor last night told us to continue feeding on demand, but to offer smaller amounts of milk (30 minutes at the breast or a 1 oz. bottle), then wait 30 minutes before offering more.


Sorry for the lack of personals. Hope everyone is well!

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Originally Posted by CA Country Girl View Post

If you really don't want to be induced, I would just keep a really close eye out for the other signs of PE and insist on the blood tests and the non-stress tests and fluid level checks on the baby over the next week or so to confirm that your LO is still doing great.  If you are still pregnant at 42 weeks, you may not object too much to the induction anyway.  smile.gif  Your mucus plug could be a sign of labor soon, though I know it does not assure it.  Are you starting the walking, spicy food, sex, etc.  methods of induction?  I also did acupuncture at couple times to try to get things going (they also have points they can hit to help with hypertension);  it definitely initiated contractions, but it was still a few days after my second session that I actually went into labor.  I am not sure if I could swear by any of these methods actually doing the trick, but it helped me feel like I was taking action.


Thank you! It's good to know I am not alone, and I didn't know about the blood test (I've only done the protein dipsticks so far) so I will ask about that. I had an appointment this morning and did end up scheduling the NST for next Wednesday, so that should be good. I know it's a good precaution to take, and hopefully there's nothing wrong and it will help put my mind at ease as well.


I really need to get out for a walk this afternoon. When it was 95-100 degrees for several days straight, I just couldn't bring myself to get outside, but now it's nice and I have no excuse. Other than that, currently trying sex, evening primrose oil (orally and vaginally), getting out and doing yard work, etc. I think I will be off work at least Friday this week, so I may look into acupuncture if nothing happens before then. That is a good idea.


My dirty secret... although of course I want baby to come in her own time, and would be thrilled to go into labor tonight, I wouldn't be all that sorry if she holds off until Sunday or so. smile.gif We are having the new floors put in her room today, and trying to cajole the contractor to install the windows in her room on Friday (he says next week is more likely... I feel he should be more sympathetic to our plight, LOL). So if I had the weekend, we could get all the dust and stuff cleaned up, and maybe even get the trim stained. Then everything would be basically squared away. I mean, the furniture has also not arrived yet, but at least the room wouldn't be an active construction zone anymore and we could start putting stuff in there.


Universe, that does not mean I want to go to 42w and be induced! Any time now is fine! Do you hear me?! ROTFLMAO.gif


ETA: Calycanth, that sounds really scary! I am glad the doctor had a good plan. I would have been freaking out.

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it's totally going to cramp my sit-around-topless-and-cry parenting style--

hug2.gif You are hilarious, even exhausted and stressed out. I hope the visit IS helpful and not too stressful.


Poor little Cara! You guys must've been so freaked out, that's so crazy. I agree, everything I've heard is that the babies will just know when to stop, but not your peanut. I'm really glad it was nothing more serious. Let us know how things go now that she's eating smaller amounts, I hope that corrects the problem.


Scowgirl, wishing you labor vibes for whenever you want them most! :) It's understandable you wouldn't want to have workmen in the house with a tiny baby, ugh! I can't imagine. BUT it will be great when it's all done. Are you guys painting and decorating little girlie's room after the renovations are done or will that have to wait?


So ultrasound report on Honey Badger...Yikes! According to the weight estimate he's 7 lbs 1 oz, which is 97 percentile (calculated with a DD of 8/11) Back in May he was just shy of 3 lbs and 66 percentile. The good news is he still has a lot of room to move around (still not up in my ribs) and grow. I think as long as my fluid levels and everything else is normal, there's still no reason that this should change going to 40+ weeks and having a vaginal delivery. He was shifting around a ton, tucking his legs and his hands around his face, still head down.  The tech was like, this kid is flexible. :) Got a glance of the 3-D (not a very good pic this time) and his cheeks are definitely much chubbier. :)

I know these U/S weight measurements can be off. She did take a nice long time to get a really accurate abdomen read, but I know even that's not foolproof. I am hoping that my conversion with my doctor on Friday about due dates, induction, any risk of c-section etc goes well.


I have to go to the dentist today for a cleaning, boo. I don't have the greatest gums and one of those stupid permanent retainers and they always have to scrape a ton.

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Congratulations, CALY-joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif SPACEGIRL Cara is here- she is sooo cute and you look at peace in the photo!  That must have been scary to see her vomiting like that, I am really happy to hear there is nothing wrong!  


CACO GIRL- YAY YAY YAYY! love.gifblowkiss.gif YOUR little Juniper is beautiful! Her big sis looks like she is at peace with the new little one.  I will read your birth story!


Welcome showgirl- glad you are able to join us- since you have been around here I was on a vacation- I have a similar situation, I have been married for 5 years and together with my dh for 7- se we also have a well established relational culture and love life, and have a strong base for this little guy to thrive in.   You must be very close, can't wit to see how your little one's story unfolds.


Erica- LOVE the nursery!  That is like exactly what I was planning if I had a girl baby.  You are very talented!  I am inspired by your hard work and need to get going- as I am due only 3.5 weeks after you- envious of your progress!!  My hospital also has the benefits of yours- so I am super happy with that- I will be doing a tour soon.


Boots- thanks for starting this thread!  I am so sorry you have to do the long fast- ugh!  I know you had a hard time with the first one.  I had a hard time with the one hour- I was sweating and wanted to throw up!!!  I hope it goes well.


Andaluza- I can't believe the story about your midwife- seems they would at least finish with the patients they have- unless they are moving... so weird- I am glad to see you have other options and are moving through this with strength, you seem to be taking it like a champ!  Maybe this is really what was meant to be.


Mamas- & anyone I missed, I hope your babies are well and you can find time to get rest, I did go back and read the 55 comments I missed- feeewwf!  But I am all caught up now- 2 babies later :)


AFM- I went to Colorado and New Mexico.  We rented an old house without a cooler.  It ended being much hotter that expected so I slept poorly- but I really enjoyed our family trip- everyone was so excited to see me pregnant.  


My mom and I did lot's of work on her house and her and her BFF hosted my baby shower- we did a Sunday afternoon tea party, with tea sandwiches, lemonaid, iced tea, hot tea, key lime pie, scones and creme fraishe, and lots of other dainty food.  We found linens from my step fathers family in Ohio which are beautiful so we used those the good china and decorated with flowers.  We played two simple games- one where each person guesses how much ribbon to go around my belly at belly button, and captions for ultrasound pics we found on the internet.  The were fun and not too trite.  It was very lovely and I felt so blessed.  The funnest part was we printed out baby pictures of my husband and I and hang them up- our guests love it and had a god laugh.  


It made me sad to leave - I was only able to see a hand full of my "home" friends, my cousin and my aunts but I realize how easy they are to be around- how much they love me, and how much I miss them- sigh.  Back in CA as of yesterday- I miss my mama, she will be out for the birth-  I have so much to do, With all of these babies arriving and you all being very close it makes me realize how much time has passed so quickly- well as my mom said- they only need a place to sleep and a few outfits and diapers.  mer.


I am back and will be around- stillheart.gif

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First of all, it's great to be back on the thread... I've just been BUSY since school let out and summer arrived.  Trying to squeeze in as much time with DH as possible before little one arrives...and this is my last summer without a baby! 


CALY IS A MOMMY!!!  Miss Cara is so gorgeous, seriously.  What a smile I have on my face!  So, so happy for you, friend.  (I had the Starbuck / Cara thought, too!  And Gaius is my favorite BSG character too.) 


CaCOGirl, way to go!!!  Another beautiful baby on this thread!! 


Boots, I thought of you while we were in Sedona a couple of weeks ago.  It was 103 degrees there, which is something I very deeply do not approve of.  We stayed there for about 3 days then left for the Grand Canyon, then on to Santa Fe, where it was much cooler (actually needed a sweater in the evenings!).  It was a great trip.  You are getting so close to your due date... does it actually go by faster in the 2nd trimester?  Everyone tells me that it does, then slows way down in the 3rd. 


Erica, your nursery is just precious.  Seriously adorable.  You have quite an eye for decorating!  If we have a girl, I may steal a few ideas from you.  ;) 


Everyone else I missed---hello and I love reading everyone's updates!  Speaking of reading, any good book recommendations for summer reading?? 


AFM, 15 weeks today and feeling great, aside from multiple bathroom trips each night.  Back to loving food and I have tons of energy.  Went to my OB for check up last week and FHR was 160, at 14 weeks---maybe a girl??  Or maybe that's an old wives' tale.  I've had 2 dreams we are having a boy (although I also dreamed we named him Hector, so not sure how reliable my dreams are).  We have an ultrasound scheduled for July 23 to find out the sex (if Gummy Bear cooperates).  I have a little pooch underneath my belly button that is growing quite rapidly.  Mostly I am just feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and love for this little baby.  We've got our baby names narrowed down... I keep saying each of them out loud to hear myself say them (that's weird, I know) but it's a start.  :) 


And a little pic of the belly, just starting to show: smile.gif


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Hey everyone!  I just ate an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food, so I'm taking advantage of the sugar high to catch up before falling into a sugar crash of despair.


Erica, your nursery is beautiful!  As soon as I get my new yellow rug from zulily, I'll post some pics of ours.  Not nearly as beautiful as yours, but very cute.

Caly, sorry about the pukey baby!  I hope the new feeding schedule works better. 

Boots, that's a big Badger right there.  I hope for your sake they overestimated a bit.  I hope your convos with your docs go well about the upcoming labor and birth prep.  

Everyone else, hello!  Sorry I'm missing people, but I've been really out of it the last few days.


We had our shower this weekend and it was really wonderful.  People were so generous and I think we have pretty much everything we need for baby at this point.  DH is on an overnight run to his sister's to get the last of the big stuff from her (bassinet, etc.), but we have so many onesies and cloth diapers and everything else that I think we're good.  We had so many people in town though that I'm pretty much exhausted.  I slept in today and had to take a nap and would have taken a second nap but had to go get ice cream. 


I'm 36 weeks and starting to get pretty crampy, with lots of digestive issues.  I actually threw up at my shower after drinking a really sugary iced tea (at least I think that was the problem).  Since then I've had some nausea off and on and some bowel stuff that no one really needs to hear about.  The upshot is that I'm hoping things are sort of moving along.  My mom had all three of us at 38 weeks (I think I've said this like eight times before, so bear with me) and we both have really short cycles (mine was 24 days when I conceived), so I'm thinking this babe might be a tad bit early.  But I'm hoping he or she holds out for 38 weeks at least.  The crampiness I know can be around for weeks, and I assume exhaustion is pretty common at this stage of the game, so who knows?  I might go to 42 weeks and want to die.  I still have a ton of work to do on the book and some administrative stuff for school, but it's been like pulling teeth to get any of it done.  I'll probably go set up the crib now, because baby stuff is all I want to do.  Hope everyone is having a great week!  I'll write more personals when I'm in a better place physically and mentally and not about to crash into an ice cream coma.

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scowgirl: Totally! Although, most people who live in NJ thinkkkk I live "in the middle of nowhere" because I'm in the very top most county and it's all totally lakes and valleys. We're about 25-30 miles from any decent hospital. There is one about 5 miles from me, but honestly... I'd be better off giving birth in a stable than there. Lol. As for inducing... is your Dr one to induce early? And all your little signs sounds like impending labor to me! Woot! I also loveeee how you are specific with the universe in what you want. I do that all the time, because I've learned by now! Haha.


Caly: Awww, sweet little Cara! Glad to hear she's doing good now... And glad you kept it together! Knowing myself, I'd be a trainwreck. I need to learn how to calm myself down over things. Lol.


boots: Oooofa on HB. They have to be a little off there. HAVE to, right? I hate that we need to rely on that sort of information when they don't really KNOW. Especially when ladies start talking about induction because of it. They were talking induction with my cousin cause her baby was "going to be 10 lbs"... yeah, she was 7. duh.gif Oh, and I thought I was the only one still wearing a retainer around here... lol. I've had my braces off for 17 years, and I still need to wear the bottom one... although I had always wished it was a permanent one. Maybe not now! Hope the dentist went well... I know now I totally bleed a little when I floss (since being pregnant) whereas I never did before.


sparrows: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really had such a good time doing it, but um... don't feel bad. Cause that was my giant burst of energy and I've done nada since then. Lol! It's ridiculous. I really gotta get on prepping my cloth diapers and such. All I wanna do is lay around and watch tv and lay in the sun and pool. Sigh. It'll all get done though, don't worry... my Mom tells me the same thing... "they don't need much when they're born". And then I have my grandma telling me "I slept in a drawer! And so did all my brothers!" Okay. I got it. I know I'm OCD. Lol! Sheepish.gif


pitch: You look so cute!!!! Aw, I'm so happy for you. I'm gonna say a girl for you too... just cause. love.gif


Lily: Well, you too sound like your body is prepping for baby! I like! And I heartttttttttt zulilly. A couple of Bumpkins wetbags just arrived to my house yesterday from there. Great site.


AFM: I know I said my shower is this Saturday, but um... can I TELL you again how excited I am? I'm more excited about this than I was my wedding shower. I've been planning my outfit for like a month now. Really? It's not the PROM, Erica. Lol. I'm such a nerd. Not much else new for me except I think lady baby may be moving down a bit. It feels heavier in my pelvis now, anddddd now I can't stop peeing (and like a freakin shot glass worth. That's it!). I know most preggies have had that annoying symptom all along, but this is new for me! And just to make everyone giggle... I stumbled upon this blog/link and I was dying. "Porn for pregnant ladies"



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Ram, (and CaCountry)  thank you so much for weighing in on the cosleeper. We also have the mini. I don't think I will be comfortable with him sleeping in the bed, ours is pretty high and just a queen, so it doesn't feel spacious enough for me.


Scowgirl It sounds like despite your worries, things have gone really well with your pregnancy and I hope you get to meet your babe really soon!  


Caly, sorry you had to go to the hospital with Cara. That is so frightening.

We just had our baby care and cpr class and I was actually holding back tears when the instructor was telling us stories. How on earth will I have the power to remain calm in any sort of medical emergency if I get so emotional just at the thought of something happening?


Boots, so glad you had a good scan and wow about the weight! I don’t think this new ob is going to send me for a scan, so I can only go by my hunch that mine is going to be on the larger side, but this is just due to dh’s family history.


Sparrows, sounds like you had a wonderful shower and visit with your family.


Pitch, welcome back and you are looking great! So glad to hear that things are going well.


Lily, I know I wrote this in our ddc, but it sounds like things are moving along well for you and your body is really preparing for your little one’s arrival!


Erica, Can't wait to hear about your shower! And this:


 now I can't stop peeing (and like a freakin shot glass worth. That's it!). 

is true for me, although I've been peeing and drinking up a storm, I feel sometimes the huge urge and so little comes out. Quite annoying.



AFM, today we got to meet the new ob who will be seeing me though the rest of my pregnancy. It went well! The ob met with me and dh throughout the visit instead of having the nurse do the routine questions and such. My bp was higher than normal (because of nerves and stress with the situation/visit?), but still in an ok range. I had the gbs swab and she did not bring up the NST that my other ob had wanted me to do now for the rest of my pregnancy (for my AMA), which I am totally fine with.

The funniest thing was that Dh asked her about the baby’s position and she palpated me (head down! as I thought), but he was horrified watching it. That makes me wonder how he’s going to be on the big day. 

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Pitch, Welcome back, you look so very cute- I think you are one of the only women on here who is less far along than me, we need more preggo Bajingos over here!!  So excited for you to find out the sex- wow the boy thing- all but one woman in my prenatal yoga is having a boy and all of the women I know who are pregnant right not are having boys- hummmm?



Anzaluza- I feel the same way about the bed- we also have a high- queen bed- that cats sleep in as well.  I go the big co sleeper- because I plan on using it as the back of the house play pin when I am cleaning- doing laundry or getting dressed, then leaving one in the living room.  I do not plan on leaving him in the "pin" a lot- just when I have my hands tied.  My mom said she tried co-sleeping but she was so paranoid that she could not sleep deeply for fear of rolling over on me, I think I would be the same way- so "Arm's reach" it is.- I had a little situation with my dh that made me wonder about the big day as well- read below.- When do they give you the results of the swab- right away?


Lily- Glad you had a great shower- the generosity of loved ones is truly moving- glad you have all the baby "stuff" I am still working on it- seems like there is SOOO much- I got a few gift cards now I need to look at what I need from where- oh and do my THANK YOU's :)  Soon for you, maybe very soon YAY!


Everyone Else- Hi coolshine.gif hope you are enjoying the HEAT- I think I need to find a water class- it was really hot here yesterday, could not get anything done- maybe I should plan an afternoon movie.


AFM- Day after I returned from my trip, my dh and I went for dinner and a long stroll.  I did eat quite a bit- then started having bad cervical pressure and crumpling behind my belly button.  I had a really bad episode.  The combination of the two scared me enough to call my doctor.  He said to go in- I live 40 min away from the hospital where I will deliver- he wanted me there.  so we went and they monitored me for contraction, listened to the babies heart foe 90 min and swabbed my cervix for some cells that may indicate pre-term labor, and the length and width of my cervix (long and wide yay) and checked me for a hernia- All negative.  I guess I was dehydrated- and may be experiencing my first- Braxton hicks- can someone detail what they feel like?  I have never had one before.  My big little ert baby is carrying very low so when he is having a party it makes for lots of pressure on my inner vagina and cervix- so I feel like he is on his way out UGH!  All's well that ends well, I would have rather gone like we did at 8pm returning home at 11pm than go in at 3am.  Now I am familiar with this new "normal" feeling, if it is not one thing- IT"S ANOTHER- AHHHHH.

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Welcome Pitch!    You look really cute!

Caly- so scary!  Glad Cara is ok.  Hope the inlaw visit is going well.  My inlaws are coming in 2 days too, but luckily DH insisted they stay in a hotel since we have a very small house.

Boots- Personally, I have heard of notoriously bad estimations of weight by US and even palpitation.  I would ignore it and assume honey badger will stay within what you can easily handle.  And in case he is big, I have a friend who is barely 5 ft tall and probably barely 100 pounds who had two 10 pound boys without significant difficulty.  So I tend to believe our bodies can almost always do big babies if there are not other issues.  My little one gave me the extra work of a hand and elbow up next to her face, but we managed.

LilyTiger- I started getting crampy and digestive issues about 36 weeks too.  I thought it might foretell an early baby, but it did not.  However, your mom's history might!  I also hear that dehydration brings on the cramps and BH.

Erica- That link is hilarious!

Andaluza-  So glad the OB visit went well.

Sparrows- I would really like to say that I get great use out of my arms reach, but baby has ended up with me in bed every night (as did DD1), she doesn't like being alone in the co-sleeper.  I do worry a bit, but I find that I am really conscious of the baby, even asleep.  I just make sure not to put her in the middle since DH would not be as aware.  There are some good rules for bed sharing with a baby available on line from Dr. Sears and others if you do want to.  As for the long walk and the cramps- does sound like BH and overexertion.  I got an episode at about 30 weeks too.  I even had a tiny bit of pink spotting.  The advice nurse said I had overdone it and was probably dehydrated too.  BH feel different for different ladies I guess.  Mine felt like tightening on my whole belly, but did not hurt.  I also started getting menstrual type cramps low down after about 36 weeks.  I guess those are also sometimes considered BH.



Baby Juniper is sleeping pretty well, often 3 hours at a time (as long as I am holding her or she is right next to me), and nursing great.  I have started wearing her in the Moby sling and she sleeps like a dream and I can have my hands free.  She also will sit in her vibrating chair happy for awhile.  She hasn't really worn any of the tons of cute clothes we have for her.  It has been so hot and I have been holding her all the time, so it has been diaper baby with the occasional addition of a light blanket.  DH is still off work until the middle of next week.  It has been great to have him around.  


blowkiss.gifWhoever I missed this time.  

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Crashing to congratulate caly and CA Country Girl! I know caly and I have communicated in other threads but I can't remember if CA Country Girl and I have, so congratulations again!


Caly I was taken aback by your photo because I associate your avi with you! ROTFLMAO.gif

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Sparrows: I had a pre-term labor scare brought on by dehydration and it was very similar to what you're describing. After that I tried to drink more and the cramping especially got better. For me Braxton Hicks just felt like tightness and they looked like the baby was sticking his head or butt out of my side (I thought it was the baby until a doc pointed out that I was contracting).

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Hi ladies. I was just browsing the recent threads and saw that dandylez had her baby at a little over 26 weeks (she posted this a little less than a week ago): http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1357460/new-here-babe-born-at-26w4d#post_17037287


She hadn't been over here in a while and I didn't want to interrupt her thread there, but from here at least I want to wish her, her partner, and the little one lots of love and strength. 

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Hi ladies. I was just browsing the recent threads and saw that dandylez had her baby at a little over 26 weeks (she posted this a little less than a week ago): http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1357460/new-here-babe-born-at-26w4d#post_17037287

Thanks for the update, andaluza!  I just realized I hadn't seen her around for a while.  How tough for her, her partner, and the babe.  It sounds like he's doing really well though, all things considered.  Wishing them all the best and I hope she gets to bring him home sooner than expected. 

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Oh wow. I didn't realize this either! Thanks for the update, Andaluza! Crazyness... Like Lily said... all things are looking good though. Yay for that!

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Rambuzo and CAcogirl- thanks for the BH explanations- I did "labor" with my twins that I lost but I flew right into crazy contractions, I had no idea what these pre-contractions felt like- I am glad I went to the hospital because now I have an idea of what may be "normal".  A friend of mine told me great advise her midwife told her- if you ever feel weird symptoms first sit calmly, get cool and take a pint of water over a 10 min period and wait 15 min, often that will make you feel better.


Andaluza- thank you for the update- I have been wondering about Dandy- I really like her and communicated with her quite a bit in early pregnancy in Sept DDC she then moved to Oct-  I wish her and her baby healing, strength and growth!


off to "Thank You" card all of the generous baby shower attendees!



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