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Boots, glad I could amuse you with my ridiculousness.  I haven't yet had a nightmare about Amazon reviews, but I swear one is coming.  I usually just do whatever Consumer Reports tells me to, but in this case I couldn't find a product recommendation.  Thus, I am at a loss.  In other news, our anniversary was 7/17.  Funny how many of us have July anniversaries.  Also, good news on the mucus plug (from our DDC thread).  It sounds like it and while I know it doesn't mean much, it's a sign that things are moving, however slowly.  (Also, nice job on the strategic scheduling!  Doctor's appointments are always an awesome excuse to dodge horrible work commitments).


Erica, I'm strep B negative too! (and the other ladies who just found out!)  Congrats!  It was a huge relief off my mind.  It seems like a pretty minor thing, but I really don't want a hep lock put in at all, so this gets me closer to fulfilling that part of my labor plan.  And I'm glad you got stuff cleaned up.  For me it was just so overwhelming sitting in boxes that I just had to get it washed and put away, come hell or high water.  DH still has a list a mile long and is showing no sign whatsoever that he's inclined to attack it.  I'm getting a little irritated, since my nesting monster wants everything finished.  (Also, I totally have a pic of our little dog in the bassinet.  I'll have to upload it soon.  Hilarious!)


CA Country Girl, one of the unexpected benefits of not finding out the gender is that we didn't get any cutesy "outfits" per se.  We got mostly little green or yellow onesies.  A few long sleeved sleepers and so on, but mostly in the larger sizes.  So I think we can pretty much leave this kid in basic short sleeve onesies and diapers and still use most of our stuff.  I hope.  Since it will be HOT here for at least most of August, we definitely wouldn't get any use out of little outfits of any kind, so it's good we didn't get any.


Caly, great news on the bfing front.  I've heard it's a lot more challenging than people suspect.  I have to read the Ina May book sometime soon to prep myself a bit.  And love the smiles!  So exciting.  Sorry you'll be losing DH on a trip soon.  :(  That sucks.  Hopefully you'll have lots of support while he's gone?


SweetSparrows, I hear you on the double boppys.  I actually got two as well, one a hand me down and the other a new one.  I'm going to leave one at my office because I'll be taking the kid there from time to time once I start up work again, and it would be nice to have somewhere to nurse.  Do you have any place (office, relative's house, etc.?) that you could leave the second one just for convenience?  You might even consider leaving it in the car, since I know a lot of women who do a pre-grocery or pre-outing nurse in the car, so I imagine an extra boppy could come in handy there.  And I totally agree with you about the Bradley stuff.  I pretty much took what I wanted from it and ignored the rest.  I do Kegels occasionally, but I squat a ton and have pretty good pelvic floor strength, so I don't feel the need to kegel a thousand times a day.  I do pelvic rocks a few times a week and do the stretches and positioning like the polar bear after my workouts (so maybe three or four times a week), but I'm hardly the Bradley A student.  I went into it mostly for the information and to mentally prep myself.  The positioning stuff will be helpful if I need it, but I'm not freaking out about not doing that stuff religiously.  You'll figure out what works for you.


AFM, we just got back from a really nice dinner with three of the couples from our Bradley class.  It was a riot.  We had a great time and when we got up to leave the entire restaurant was completely awed by the sight of four 9 months preggos waddling away.  Almost all of us ordered wine too, so we felt sort of subversive.  It was a great night overall.  Operation Selfish Time seems to be going into effect more successfully than anticipated.  I finished most of my administrative work last week, so I have some mild cleaning up to do and I'm done with that part of my job for the summer.  And I came to the realization that sometimes knowing when to stop writing is as important as continuing to write, so my final chapter of the book is almost done as well.  I'm hoping one last spurt this week will finish it off.  Other than insane irritation that DH does not seem to be taking his to-do list seriously, I'm in pretty good spirits and other than massive cankles and spider veins, I'm feeling pretty good physically.  I just really hope DH gets his butt in gear this week, since I may kill him if he doesn't.  And that wouldn't be good for any of us.  I also had a great day making cloth wipes, some fitted diapers, some soakers, and wet bags with my MIL.  Unfortunately, we ran out of time, so she's going to finish the sewing.  Since the nesting monster MUST HAVE THINGS DONE NOW I am now struggling to relinquish control and accept that I have no idea when she'll actually finish any of it.  Sigh.  Nesting monster needs to go eat something and go to bed.


(ETA: Whoa!  Sorry about the massive post!  Crazy pregnant something over here.... )

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Sorry for the drive-by posting... I haven't found much internet time the last week or so. :) I wanted to let everyone know that our daughter Evelyn Linnea was born on Monday, July 16 at 10:30 a.m. 8 lb 0 oz, 21" long, and healthy! I wrote up a (warning: really long) birth story in the July DDC if anyone is interested. I hope everyone is well and will return soon to get updates on all of you!

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SCOWGIRL- CONGRATULATIONS!!!  blowkiss.gifstillheart.gifblowkiss.gif  Welcome baby Evelyn!!!


Lily- I am nesting like crazy and cannot seem to get enough done ahhh- and the post length- I post long post too- it is fine I love reading them!!

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Congratulations Scowgirl!  The 16th is my DH's birthday.  Welcome Evelyn.

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And great birth story- good job mommy and yeah for little girls with tons of dark hair.smile.gif

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Congrats Scowgirl! Loved your birth story. Front page updated, and wow, team pink is really catching up. We are at 7 girls, 9 boys now. Andaluza and I are going to bring that to 11 boys, but Lily could go either way! :)

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Congratulations scowgirl!! And welcome Evelyn. Thank you for sharing your birth story! I learn so much from them. Enjoy your baby!
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Congrats scowgirl!  Keep us updated on all the baby-loving.  Can't wait to hear how things are going!

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Here are our nursery pics, finally! Same paint color as Lily's! We are super happy with it. 


















Also, a bonus pic of us at our shower (sadly backlit). I'm kind of sad the awesomeness of our shower wasn't well captured on film, there were children's books everywhere, bookmarks, it was at a library, etc. But we had a great time and we are so grateful to my friend for flying out and helping set the entire thing up (because huz kind of dropped the ball but I am NOT going to go there. :)



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what an adorable couple you two are boots!!!  love love love the nursery.  cute little veggie stuffies.

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Awww BOOTS!  I love the nursery- I am also going with grey, a bit lighter but I think it is calming and neutral incase we have a girl next- You two are so cute- I am also sad my shower was not captured by photo- we were so busy socializing we forgot to take pictures, I need to remember that for the rest of this pregnancy- TAKE MORE PICS!!! Great Job on the Nursery!!biggrinbounce.gif


scowgirl- read your birth story, sounds like you had a great experience, I loved reading it, very inspiring!

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Love the nursery, Boots!  We finally got the carpet for ours today and DH is installing the light tonight, so hopefully I can post some pics tomorrow.  I love "our" grey!  And both of those bookshelves are fabulous.  Love it!  (Also, you guys are adorable!)

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Thanks everyone! I should've mentioned, this is a very Ikea space. hehe. The floating shelves are Lack shelves (that inset was there with nothing in it and huz hung the shelves) and the ones for the children's books are Ribba shelving, an idea totally yoinked from pinterest. My hope is that once the room gets rearranged for a real bed, we'll take them down and create a "reading nook" where they are at kid-level so he can access them. That of course depends on if we have another baby, stay in this house, etc. The carrot (Garrett) and the broccoli (Brock) are totally from Ikea,and the inspiration for the fruit and veggie theme (the decals are fruit, sort of hard to see) along with my fav 1970s/1980s toy you can see on the shelf sitting on some crocs, the chiming Happy Apple. :)

Oh and our crib is an Ikea Gulliver.


Sparrows, we forgot the camera at home and had to turn around to get it, and even then we barely took any pictures (only when I demanded it, ha) But oh well, yeah, I doubt as first-time parents many of us will have the problem of not taking enough pics! I've seen a lot of lovely pictures of light gray nurseries, too. Actually I have a ton of them pinned on pinterest (which is not the one I really use, but the "secret" one I made before I wanted to announce the baby, ha.



Lily, I can't wait to see more of the Bajingo/Behr Pewter Mug nurseries. Hehe. I also am so glad that your baby is a surprise, how fun and exciting. I sort of wish we had but I was sooo convinced he was a boy it wasn't as fun. That's why we're being so very secretive about his name, we want something to announce at birth. I'm glad you and your DH seem to be more on the same page. I also think it might be good to get refocused on your work for awhile, I am trying to do that, or I will go crazy. I want to have four weeks of lesson plans for POST maternity leave done now, not just the maternity leave ones. We'll see if it happens, but just the idea of the goal is making me a little more sane, I think.


Speaking of friends flying out, you guys, OMG. My friend from HS texted me to ask how I am doing and if my mom is coming to help after baby is born. I told her no, my mom's health won't allow it with the heat and she offered to come for a weekend. I am so happy. I didn't think we'd have any visitors/help and a weekend seems perfect, not too invasive, and just awesome to see her and share this with her.. When I found out I was pregnant I asked this friend if she'd be the baby's fairy godmother :) And she totally is! She's also a chef, ;) ;) Score! We haven't settled on which weekend but she says whenever. I am amazed at this kind of love that has been shown to us from our far flung friends. She also had a baby earlier this summer, so that makes her doubly-awesome.

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Congrats to Scowgirl on your little girl arriving!  Exciting!


Boots, love your nursery and your photo from you baby shower is precious!

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Hi ladies! How is the week going?


Lily, your meal with the other couples sounds like a lot of fun. I totally thought that I would be sipping wine here and there but alcohol has been the one thing that I am so averse to--I hate smelling it when dh pours a glass of wine or I notice it on his breath. I am even starting to wonder if I will want to drink later on. So uncharacteristic because I used to love red wine so much.

I also wanted to say sorry about the stress regarding baby's position, which I just saw you mention in our ddc. I hope it turns out to be a false alarm.


Boots, wonderful looking nursery and such a cute picture of you and dh! Thanks for sharing. We still have the guest bed in our nursery, since baby will be with us and we'll have visitors, and a few other things to move and put away, but dh removed the futon the other day, and he put the decals up today, which really add a lot of personality! That is so wonderful that your friend will come to help you out!


AFM, still not feeling any indications of labor or anything moving along substantially. It just confirms for me that I really don't want my ob to do a cervical check unless anything changes. However, today on my walk I definitely needed to move slower than I've had to until now and it didn't have to do with the weather. I want to get everything baby-related done this week, so I'm bringing dh along for my appt Thurs morning and then we'll buy the final essentials. Also need to pack the bag. I just want the last 2 weeks to be free of mental clutter, so I can relax, get more accomplished on my work projects and deal with the little issues I'm sure will come up when the other odds and ends are off my mind. 

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Quick drop in: Andaluza, you and I are in exactly the same place, apparently.  I won't be having any more cervical checks (I'm a little annoyed I've already had two thanks to the baby position drama), mostly because I don't feel anything happening and it will just annoy me.  And I totally hear you on the clearing mental clutter.  I'm trying to finish the last few baby things this week and hopefully get the manuscript out to editors by next Monday so I can focus on just a few small work projects and relaxing for the final week (or two).  I'm ready to sit back and enjoy these final weeks and I'm finding it's harder to get the mental space than I was hoping.  Here's hoping for a productive week for both of us so we can clear some mental space and relax a bit.


ETA: Oh, and baby is officially head down according to the ultrasound!!!  Hopefully that will be the last procedure/check/whatever before labor.

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Lily, can I ask how painful you found the checks? Ugh, I just had my second one (she had peeked before but didn't touch) and I DO NOT like them but seriously I am that curious about what's going on and because of mention of induction, baby's supposed weight and mine, I feel like I need that info.  I keep hoping once the cervix softens some it won't be so bad.  Yay for your head down baby! Why was their suspicion that s/he wasn't? Also, if you don't mind sharing, are you dilated or effaced at all?


Andaluza, I agree I really want the stupid bag packed especially since I'm going to work tomorrow through next Friday. Maybe I will push to have huz help me with that tonight. We sort of have a list.



AFM, like I said, ouch, damn cervical check but I am no longer a fingertip and am a "good" 1 cm dilated. Fundal height measuring 40 weeks.  Still no real effacement. I also started Evening Primrose Oil orally and vaginally last night (I think I'll be doing 1 1000 mg orally and 1 1000 mg vaginally daily, unless I read a better recommendation). I was hoping having a little moisture up there would help the check feel better, but no such luck. She did say she could feel his head. Crazy! Also, we need to start DTD, seriously.

I am not happy about going back to work but it's probably honestly good for my mental state. I have an appointment next Wednesday and then on 8/6. She said they could induce next week but I told her I'd wait, she isn't pressuring me (yet, I say, because I know I can't go past 41 weeks).

Been talking to my friend who was induced at 39 weeks (Due to GD) at the hospital I'm delivering at, very informative and she had good things to say about all the staff.

38 weeks tomorrow!


Thanks for all the sweet comments about the nursery and the shower pics! :)


Hey who wants to do threadkeeping for August/September? I kind of didn't start this one until later so it's not super long but I guess that doesn't matter.

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Boots, the first cervical check (at 37 weeks) was uncomfortable but the second was pretty painful.  I also thought I might pee on the table.  My doc is really awesome, but she was trying really hard to feel the head and the baby just wasn't cooperating, so it went long and was more invasive than I think they usually are.  Hopefully I'm out of the cervical check woods for the moment.  I REALLY don't like them.  I'm not effaced or dilated at all, which doesn't really surprise me since I'm not feeling much activity down there at all. My mom went from 2cm in the hospital with regular contractions (they sent her home, hilariously) to giving birth 8 hours later, so I might stay closed and tight until the end.  Or I could open up this week.  It's interesting to have no idea. 


As far as breech goes, my doc's major concern was that we could hear the heartbeat on the doppler all over the place and her palpations weren't really telling us much.  After the cervical check she said it felt different from the week before, when she was pretty confident the baby was head down.  So her concern over breech wasn't one thing but a combination of just not being quite sure.  And because she does not deliver breech babies, she wanted to make extra sure so we could schedule the version for this week if necessary.  I just e-mailed my doc to see if she can rule out posterior positioning, since if it is I'll be spending the whole weekend on my hands and knees.  eyesroll.gif


Have any of you 37+ week ladies started having contractions?  I had the first one I'm pretty sure was an actual contraction last night -- I went to pee and for about two minutes after my whole uterus was hard and I felt a consistent, very painful menstrual-like cramping.  It was painful enough that I was a little worried I had underestimated this whole "labor" thing.  I breathed through it, but it was kind of intense.  That's the first of its kind I've felt.  Prior to that it's been pelvic stuff and short Braxton-Hicks.  Anyone else?

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Thanks for sharing, Lily. I am just wanting to check that I'm not too abnormal finding these checks so uncomfortable. I tried to breathe through this one an it was better than the one where I was just a fingertip, that was long and she was really trying to get in there, like you said. I can't even reach my cervix anymore so I don't know what's going on up there! Someone in our DDC said once that you can tell if the baby is dropped by how your cervix feels, but like I said, I used to be able to check it during TTC but no longer.


Contractions are an interesting topic. I mean, I have been having BH and I have them pretty regularly, with basically no pain. I had one night (I think Monday) where I almost thought I was having "real" contractions because they hurt more but honestly I wouldn't even qualify them as "very painful" like you said, just maybe like a 3 or 4 out of 10 in pain/discomfort. I sat on the yoga ball and that helped a lot. I had more contractions two weeks ago, than one week ago, and this week it's back to more like two weeks ago. I am still foggy on BHs vs "real" contractions, I guess the question is are they actually productive? But even that doesn't make sense because it seems like many women walk around 3 or 4 cm dilated having what they thought was nothing more than BH. Also, I don't really get what "prodromal" labor is.



Hey andaluza I saw you post on that Motherhood Mavens thread, did you sign up? I was curious so I did, don't know what will come of it...


I am having my first can of coconut flavored La Croix, yum!

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