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scowgirl, that is good to know! I will hold on to that hope... Here's the story of the false alarm x-posted from the August DDC.


Thanks everyone. It has been a long day. I didn't go to sleep until 3 a.m.and I was like a zombie walking back and forth to the yoga ball to ease discomfort/contractions. Then I woke up at 5:30 and felt a gush of something, the front of my underwear was soaking wet and there was watery bloody mucous.

We didn't leave for the hospital until two hours, we had to pack! We had a list but it took awhile, we ate and then we left. My back hurt pretty bad but no real contractions, not even what I had been thinking were BH.

Anyway, at L&D they test two ways for amniotic fluid and found none, HB  was sounding good and kicking the monitors and stuff. She checked me (which didn't hurt much this time) and I was still at 1 cm but more like 50% effaced instead of the 10% from yesterday. My BP and vitals were good. So they sent us home.

When I got home I had another gush of watery pink mucous. I swear it's the wateriest "mucous plug" in the world, I had been reading people say it would be like a gummy bear!

I took a nap but not too much of one this afternoon. Then we had to go for the ultrasound to check his growth. He is measuring 93%, 8lbs 14 oz. We had to wait forever for the U/S and I started swelling like crazy. The tech said since he's "so big" she wanted to talk to their doctor, and we had to wait more. My next doc appointment is Monday so they finally released us saying that they were calling my doc right then with the results. Ugh. I don't feel like all that fuss was warranted, but whatever.


The other thing is that I called my work on the way to the hospital and told the secretary to please pass on what was happening. She apparently didn't and at noon I got a text from a coworker that my principal was mad and looking for me, wondering if we'd be ready for the sub on Monday, etc. WTF. I am angry about the whole situation because I found someone to sub for me LAST year but my principal has been waffling about calling him (because he thinks he can get someone "better") and now it's Thursday and school starts Monday. I didn't really feel like I could call the original sub myself because my principal wanted to offer the damn job to someone else and it's not like I have that authority!

UGH. I know I should wash my hands of the whole thing but I only made it to work three days out of the five I was planning to work and get paid for. I could maybe go in tomorrow but I am just feeling SO angry right now.

I hope that's my sign of labor impending because I definitely don't have any nesting/cleaning instincts, I just want to cry or punch someone. Unless I go into labor in the next three days I am still facing deciding about induction and all the "big baby" talk and I just don't want to deal with it.

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Boots, YOU ARE 39 WEEKS PREGNANT! They're lucky you showed up for work at all this week! Stay home and rest and screw the principal. You did your due diligence!


My parents are arriving this afternoon to meet their granddaughter! She's five weeks old today. DH is leaving for Alaska on Sunday. Thankfully, my mom will be staying until he gets back (8/23), but I'm a little worried about doing all of the nighttime parenting without help. We've been taking shifts at night, and I somehow don't think my mom is going to be up for that.


I'll only have a couple weeks of maternity leave remaining when he gets back, so we're going to have to get her enrolled in daycare. The thought of it is just horrifying right now. I can't imagine not seeing her all day long and leaving her in the care of people I don't really know. greensad.gif

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Boots: I totally agree with Caly!! They are lucky you're even THINKING of showing up. Eff them. You do whatever is exactly best for you and HB. I am on the verge of stabbing people with scissors at work right now... and I'm not even 39 weeks! I give you a lot of credit for being able to handle all that you have without going postal. You are seriouslyyyy almost there, and will be holding your little (possibly big. Lol) squishy!


AFM: Not much, but I like I said above to Boots... I'm totally getting cranky and short tempered and whiny and ridiculous. I'm not miserably uncomfortable (yet?) but I am uncomfy and just tired and SO OVER WORKING. They fired my old boss who I loved and worked with for like 6 years... and hired this new MORON and I want to kill, kill, KILL! He asked me where the "enter" button was the other day. @#%#&$%&%@%@#@#$^%$#!!!!!!!! And how to email himself. I find it impossible to not talk to him like a 2 year old. Please don't let me stab my new boss with scissors. I hate him and his face right now. Sheepish.gif

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Oh, erica and Boots!  How I love you both.  I think anger and homicidal thoughts should be added to the list of late pregnancy symptoms.  I'm much more relaxed today than I was yesterday, but I seriously could have stabbed the nearest person.   Fortunately, no one came near me the entire day except the dogs.  They got a few angry looks, but stabbing innocent dogs is not ok so they were safe.  I also had a glass of wine with dinner, which totally mellowed me out.  Sorry, little Fetus.  You'll just have to deal. 


Erica, how much time do you have left at work?  Also, I just made an easy diaper cream with just coconut oil and essential oil for the cloth diaper butt that's coming soon.  I thought of you because of the FB CD forum.  Man, those ladies LOVE their cloth diapers.  


Caly,  I still can't handle how cute she is!  I'm sorry you have to deal with the daycare decision.  Super tough.  Is there a daycare near your work so you could stop by?  Are you planning to pump?  I have to get a mini fridge for my office at some point.  That sucks though all around.  I'll have to leave the little one with someone for a day or two a week and it breaks my heart already.  I hope you find a system that lets you stay close but still get back to work without dying inside.  greensad.gif 


In other obnoxiously stressful news, we just found out that DH forgot to pay his estimated tax this year as a contractor (actually, he didn't know he had to because it's his first year doing this) so now we pretty much couldn't afford any daycare (or anything else at all) even if we need it.  Hopefully something works out.   I have to call Monday and have them seriously jack up my withholding rate and then pray we don't get hit with serious penalties.  I hate being an adult.

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I forgot to add:


Caly: Um, I feel you on the daycare. I'm beside myself at the THOUGHT and I haven't even met little miss yet... and we'll be leaving her with my MIL... which now... I'm hating the thought of cause I want to stab her too. So many ladies do it though... they say it's hard in the beginning and then you're okay. Here's hopin!


Lily: Hah! For real. Anger and homicidal thoughts should be on a freakin pamphlet letting you know this is normal. I keep thinking to myself, "You made it to 36 weeks without being a total psycho... you're good!" I also want to punch DH in the face because my b-day is on Monday and I had to order my own freaking bday present, make dinner reservations and invite my own family to my house for cake. Really dude? REALLY???? Kill. Soooooooo, I have a little less than 2 weeks left of work. Every single day now I'm on the verge of tears getting up out of bed. So not like me. Like I said, I'm just annoyed, aggitated, uncomfy, homicidal. Lol. I justtttttttt made myself a little container of coconut oil last night for my diaper bag! Haha! It was so hot outside, so I put my big jar outside to warm it into liquid and then dumped some in a smaller container. Smells heavenly. So what essential oils did you put in with it? I didn't know you could do that! I plan on making a cloth wipe solution with Dr. Bronner's castile soap (the unscented baby one), almond oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and water. I'm kinda excited about that cause it sounds yummy. Lol. I use almond oil on my face every night (and my body mixed in with my lotion during the day). I love that stuff!! Ooofaaaaaaaaaa about your hubs. I was supposed to change my tax witholding after I did my taxes this year to a higher rate and here it is August... and of course... I still haven't. Gah. I'll be claiming the baby though (hubby and I need to do our taxes separate because of his work) so hopefully that helps. WHY IS IT ONLY 1:59 AND WHY AM I NOT HOME COZY IN MY BED YET!!! So over working!!

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Erica, I made that same cloth wipe solution this morning!  Hilarious.  I just used lavender in both, but I might check out the almond oil too.  I was going to add tea tree oil to the coconut oil I made for myself, but I was worried about it being  a little too strong for the bambino's (I don't want him/her "energized" when going down for a nap either!).  I weirdly don't like the smell of coconut oil, so I'm trying to find an essential oil blend that I really like that will sort of mask the scent.  But the cloth wipe solution was super easy and will hopefully save the li'l butt.  Good luck on surviving the next two weeks!  Or perhaps I should say good luck to your coworkers on surviving the next two weeks.  Homicidal pregnant ladies are always an adventure.

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Here are a few pics from our nursery.  It's really small, so I was climbing on things to try to get a decent picture.  But the yellow and grey (Aw yeah, Pewter Mug!) turned out nicely and very relaxing.




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I don't want to spoil it for her, but I saw on boots' fb page that HB came this evening!! So so do many hugs and much love going her way! Yey HB!! joy.gif
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WOW! Congratulations Boots!!! Welcome honeybadger! joy.gif

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Saw that too!  So freaking excited!!!!  (And massively jealous, of course...).  Can't wait to see some pics of the newest Bajingo Babe!  joy.gif

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Okay bad mood is a sign of impending labor! Screw nesting. I think my water broke because I thought they were being such jerks at work. We went to the ultrasound, had Thai food, and my water broke soon after. Boy did it. I was gushing forever.
Lyle George was born at 628 pm on 8/3. 8lbs 6 oz. 20 inches.
I had to have pitocon to start strong enough cntx to dilate. I had an epi after two hours of pit cntxs. I had two redoses to try to manage back labor but it didn't really help. I had the best nurse in the entire universe and i know I owe my vaginal birth to her support. Actually everyone from the on call OB who delivered him to the antithesia nurse were so supportive in that regard. I pushed for 1.25 hours, second degree tear. Lyle is in the nursery rig now. We are pretty exhausted so it has been amazing. He'll be back in about a half hour for his third feeding. He's latching pretty well on the left but not so much on the right. We love our perfect HB! I will post pics soon.
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Oh my God, Boots, I am crying right now! I am so, so, so happy for you! Welcome to the world, Lyle! joy.gif


I can't believe we both finally have our babies! What a crazy journey these past couple of years have been!

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Wonderful story, Boots, especially the ending joy.gif! That is also wonderful that you had supportive nurses and ob. Enjoy your time with baby and rest!

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Welcome Honey Badger Baby, Lyle!!!  Congratulations Boots, hope everything goes smoothly and you enjoy your first days with your little love!!!  Can't wait to see pics!

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CONGRATULATIONS! Such wonderful news! joy.gifjoy.gif

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Yeah Boots!  So glad he's here- and pooh to the worries that he was too big- that is a perfect weight.  Welcome baby Lyle.

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Oh I'm welling up with tears I'm so happy for you, boots! Welcome honey badger Lyle. It'll be pretty hard for me to think of him as Lyle instead of HB, but I'll try. I can't wait for pics. Woohoo!
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joy.gifjoy.gifCongratulations Boots!!!!!!!!!   So happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!joy.gifjoy.gif

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Evy has been sleeping quite a bit today so I realized I had time to post a couple of pics. Well, OK, I always "have time" but I haven't figured out how to organize my life real well yet. smile.gif Here she is:


Just born:




Getting ready to head home from the hospital (I love the outraged expression):





This one shows her luxurious locks:




One of our favorite photos so far:




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