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scowgirl, she's gorgeous!  And look at that beautiful head of hair.  So cute.

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Lily- your lovely nursery got overshadowed by a few lovely babes- but I love it (may have already said this- pregs brain here)  I am also doing a grey/yellow/ neutral theme- love it and great use of space as well!!!


Scowgirl- your little peanut is beautiful, she is growing so fast I cannot believe how much the little guys change in such a short amount of time- WOW!!heartbeat.gif


Boots- Can't wait to see pics- when you are ready we are!!


Next up :- Caly/Lily & Erica- whew!!

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Here's Lyle slumbering at home. We are SO happy to be home. There's a lot to tell since I posted, not so happy with all aspects of hospital care and my perpetually absent OB. But overall we're all happy and pretty much healthy.

I am going to end up going to my GP this week to treat my anemia. Still pretty weak and pale. We called my OB today and her nurse said they'd call in a prescription for something to stop the clotting. (My levels were 6.8 in the hospital but they just told me to take iron pills) When we got the prescription it was full of warnings about not using during breastfeeding. Since my OB did not show up for my birth, did not call or check on us afterwards in the hospital, even when we called her on call service about clotting,  I am pretty much disgusted and not even bothering following up any care with her. What the hell kind of OB prescribes meds not safe for breastfeeding or doesn't even address that issue?

OKay looking at my adorable baby to calm my rage... :)

Hey my milk came in today and I was so happy, there was a concern it would be late because of the anemia...

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Awwwww.... congratulations again!! Lyle is so adorable!!


Such a relief about your milk. I too have heard that anemia can cause issues with that. However, your OB's behavior is totally unacceptable and I think "rage" is about what I would be feeling too. irked.gif Hoping your GP can help with the anemia and that it is a simple fix.

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Boots!  Lyle is ADORABLE, you have the greatest gift of all, a healthy beautiful baby boy - 


I am also anemic and your story is inspiring me to get on taking my iron pills- I hate taking them but I just need to to do it- I have been taking floradix I just need to take it like 4x a day- meeer -


You OB stinks and I am so sorry you had to deal with that junk- 



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Boots, what a gorgeous and healthy little man you have there! So happy for you and your husband. I hope you find a good solution for the anemia soon and am so glad that the milk has come in!


Lily, your nursery looks great! Really nice color scheme and great use of space! We have everything settled in ours, but still have the cosleeper to install in our bedroom. We will also keep the guest bed in the nursery until we end up needing a real crib, which should be next year sometime.


Scowgirl, thanks for sharing the beautiful picstures of baby Evelyn!


Can't wait to see babies from Lily and Erica soon!!! So exciting!


AFM, less than a week left til edd, but I don't have any indications that anything is happening.I have not felt a single thing that could be a contraction.

In other news, we chose a pediatrician in May, but now I have second thoughts because another practice close by has lactation consultants on staff, which I think will be really valuable. So I have an appt for next Tues (after my due date) to meet with one of the doctors there that a colleague uses. We'll see how it goes. The only thing I am unsure about is that this colleague and his wife are real chatterboxes and they said that the pediatrician loves to chat with them for a while after the appointments. Does this mean that she's never going to be on time? 

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Oh my goodness- more beautiful babes!  Lyle and Evy are lovely.  And more babies are coming soon.  I am really loving this thread right now.  

Boots- seems like you have had more than your fair share of crappy docs.  Find a pediatrician you love.  And get lots of rest and eat lots of iron rich foods- feeling like a steak?

Andaluza- ditto on the Pediatrician.  Many hospitals have lactation consultants as part of your stay there (if you are having a hospital birth and if not midwives are often knowledgeable).  I had a lousy, assembly line type Pediatric practice for almost a year with DD1.  When I found the one we have now, it made all the difference in the world.  I would say make sure they are small enough to always remember you and your child without the chart and it is a big bonus if you can get a doc that will return phone calls personally.  I am SOO glad my daughters have a doc who treats them as individuals and treats me like an intelligent person who has my children's best interests in mind.  Chatty may be better than overly efficient if it comes with the kind of care we got with the first practice.

Lily- I know its late- but love the nursery pics.

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Andaluza- ohmagoodness- ?!? forgot you on the shout out for upcoming babies- EVERYONE is having their babies- I am so on the tail end here now- errrr.  I am interviewing a pediatrician tomorrow, I hope it goes well- I picked her because she is close to my house and gets rave reviews on YELP  - like a lot of them that seem very real- I hope to cross that one off my list- I wish my OB was a little more 'personable' but the chatty types can run late- maybe you can see if she has reviews on YELP or Angies list- if you are a member- I won't pay for that but YELP is free.


AFM- continuing my Bradley Class- I do like it it is long though.  I already know most of the information but have learned a few new things.  In the beginning of this pregnancy I wanted as much information as possible and I wanted to make lot's of decisions and take lots of classes, now I feel like I just don't give a crap- and I want to just go in and let nature take it's course, and spend my time doing other things like reading and nesting and hanging out with my friends doing things I will not be available to do after the baby comes.  I feel like I had all of these opinions on things and now I just don't care as much, I think what is going to happen is going to happen and I know enough so on with the show.


I had my 33/34 week appointment and to my dismay, I thought there were secret 3rd trimester things that happen- like you divulge your plans for your preferences or your labor- and no- these appointments are very short and nothing really happens- it seems that in this beginning there was so much more drama- and interest- and now it's like- 'oh well, the baby is growing'  I am happy about the drama free- but I get worried that I am missing something here- My blood pressure was higher than normal, I think I was moving around a lot just before- and the MA said- that it was high and the OB did not say anything-  I am measuring big again- I have gained 4 inches in two weeks- more than they normally see- so we will keep an eye on him.  if they decide he is huge- the hospital makes you do an amnio to make sure the lungs are developed, they will keep an eye on the babe to see in two weeks if he is still big- ugh.


My dh and I did a nice weekend trip for our 5 year wedding anniversary to Monterey where we had the best massages - my therapist put coconut oil all over my belly- it was so sweet, I liked her so much better than my own massage therapist here.  The drive was only 2 hours but almost too much- That will be the last pre baby trip we take, I cannot handle the traveling.  I am a little anxious about the size of the baby and induction- I asked the OB if I got an induction if I should just go for the epidural- and she said not to plan anything yet because you do not know how your body will react to pitiocin- so not knowing what is likely is making me nervous- mer.

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Ladies, all good thoughts appreciated. Lyle was admitted to the hospital yesterday for very high bilirubin levels. 21. He's been under lights all night and on an IV. He is still our HB and has been super feisty. We had another huge scare because they did not make clear to us here that we were to feed him at regular times so he went about 7 hours just on IV fluids. Now he's getting whatever I can pump and then the rest formula. I am so exhausted and we feel do guilty about delaying the ped visit a day. Any longer he could have been at risk for brain damage. I just want this to end and to be home with my boy.
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Boots- hug2.gif- your baby will be bouncing very soon, healthy and loving thoughts!!!

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Boots: Aw, little sweet Lyle!! He'll be home before you know it. You know me and my lame positivity... it'll be over before you know it, and you'll be getting in the swing of things. Many hugs to you, my love!


Lily: I totallyyyy forgot to comment about your nursery pics, andddd I freakin love them. I know I told you already that I'm obsessed with your changing table, but I super love the chandelier and color selection. It's all awesome together!!


2sweetsparrows: Erm. I'm kinda feeling like I don't give a crap about anything lately either. I'm such a bum. I just wanna sleep and be lazy and do nothing.


AFM: Well. I had an eventful week. My bday was on Monday, so we had my family over for cake on Sunday. Of course, I was a freaking lunatic all weekend cleaning (shampooing the carpets even. Really??) so I seriously was beyond the point of exhaustion when they came over, my back was killing me and I felt like I was paralyzed. Lovely. And on top of that, I'm nowwwww becoming an emotional mess forrrr no reason whatsoever. My Aunt had texted me and said she wasn't coming Sunday, yeah... I was in tears. Ridiculous. I know. So famly time was very nice EXCEPT my stupid MIL annoyed me (she's been the sole subject of my annoyance during my pregnancy). She said to me (let's keep in mind here... I'm clearly a very annoyingly positive person... my MIL is the most negative nancy on the PLANET. She's very anxious, nervous, etc. Everything is doom and gloom. I freakin hate it.) Anyway... so she said to me, "So you're going to call me right when you go into labor, right?" I just looked at her and said, "Mmmmm. Nope!" And then she gave me this pinched up face and looked hurt. Why the HELL would I call her? So she can say horrible things and pace around the hospital? No thank you. She also doesn't even freaking drive on the highway. Nowwww she's worried about getting there "on time" and her "printed directions". Dude. The hospital is 30 miles from us. It's not in Zimbabwe. Freaking ANNOYING. I told her I planned on laboring at home as much as possible (which I get another pinched up b*tchy face for) and that we would call her when I'm closer to actually having the baby. We plan on having NO ONE in the room with us after the baby is born. Just us, and the bebe for a few hours to just take it all in and bond together. I don't freaking want her there then. Why does she not grasp this? I know she's excited, but seriously... she's light years past excitement onto lunacy and being cuckoo for coco puffs. She seriously acts like its HER kid. It's so aggravating!! irked.gif


So then comes Monday at work. I'm training a new guy to cover my position while I'm out. He's nice, but doing this makes me even more tired. Yesterday, I'm training him and all of a sudden I feel nauseous (which I have been randomly since Sunday) and light headed. I stuck it out for another hour and just asked him "Do I look okay?" I felt very pale and weird. So I went to the bathroom and ended up call my Dr. She wanted me to come in. I had a coworker (who is also a friend) drive me because I felt like I was going to pass out. I knew I ate, and drank plenty of water so the only thing I could think of was my bp. Dr checked everything (and did my first internal exam) and everything was perfect... except my bp was 90/50. No wonder I felt gross. She thought it was my iron, so she tested that again and nope! My iron was even higher than last time (I've been doing my best to eat iron rich foods... and apparently it's working) so my Mom met me at the Dr's and we went and got some lunch and then I just went home and layed down for the rest of the afternoon/night. I feel better today, but still a little nauseous and just beyond tired. I just want to sleep. I'm supposed to be training this new dude till next Thursday... I know it's only like a week away, but it feels like a lifetime and I don't know how I'm going to make it! Gah! And my Dr. made me laugh cause she hesitated when she said it, but says... "You may be the only pregnant person I've said this to... but try to eat just a little more salt." Haha. Sooooo, I had some Doritos for dinner. They made me happy, and not cry over nothing whatsoever. eyesroll.gif

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Oh Boots, big hug2.gif to you and your DH and Lyle!

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Boots, sorry to read this, but it sounds like something that will be resolved soon. hug2.gif It's great that he's so feisty! Thinking about you.


Sparrows, sounds like a great trip for your anniversary! 


Erica, sorry about the low bp scare. That's crazy. But the salt could be a good idea--since it's at about 36 weeks when the pregnant body holds the most fluids, it could very well be for that reason. 

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boots--I am so sorry about this turn of events (I hate that there is so much about this that is outside our control)--but he will be just fine and home with you so soon. You are doing a great job and will be snuggling him full-time again before you know it. Huge hugs to all of you. This must be so difficult.


Originally Posted by ericaf View Post

Anyway... so she said to me, "So you're going to call me right when you go into labor, right?" I just looked at her and said, "Mmmmm. Nope!" And then she gave me this pinched up face and looked hurt. Why the HELL would I call her? So she can say horrible things and pace around the hospital? No thank you. She also doesn't even freaking drive on the highway. Nowwww she's worried about getting there "on time" and her "printed directions". Dude. The hospital is 30 miles from us. It's not in Zimbabwe. Freaking ANNOYING. I told her I planned on laboring at home as much as possible (which I get another pinched up b*tchy face for) and that we would call her when I'm closer to actually having the baby. We plan on having NO ONE in the room with us after the baby is born. Just us, and the bebe for a few hours to just take it all in and bond together. I don't freaking want her there then. Why does she not grasp this? I know she's excited, but seriously... she's light years past excitement onto lunacy and being cuckoo for coco puffs. She seriously acts like its HER kid. It's so aggravating!! irked.gif


ericaf, I can so identify with this. MIL sort of tried to convince us that we should call when I went into labor too (Paul actually called them once we got to the hospital and were in the L&D room). She has told me and others in my presence the story multiple times about how terrible it was that when they were waiting for us in the hospital, she was first directed to a waiting room on another floor (they do have small waiting areas in the birth center but the large waiting area is indeed downstairs... OK, so this was an error on the part of the desk clerk, but I can hardly bring myself to care) and then "waited for TWO AND A HALF HOURS for an update!" (at this point she looks dramatically around for outraged reactions... I just blink at her, pretty much.) Honestly, who the heck did they think was going to update them? DH was sort of busy helping his daughter be born, and the medical staff didn't know they were out there and don't care anyway. 2 1/2 hours doesn't seem especially long to me anyway, considering the length of the average labor and the fact that (like you), we wanted to spend time alone with the baby after the birth (this was a bit complicated by the surgery on my tear, but DH did at some point take the baby out to show to them). Also, as I may just possibly have already conveyed, I really can't care.


She also asked me yesterday if DD had any vernix on her when she came out, and when I said no, responded in an accusatory tone "Yeah--she was in there long enough," like she had proven some kind of point. I guess you would have to be here to know how annoying this is... she was on me constantly through the pregnancy about when were they going to induce, and how long they were going to "let me go." She was completely obsessed with the idea that I would go way overdue and have a 10+ lb baby, and mentioned multiple times that they "let women go way too long nowadays." Keep in mind she seems to feel that how they did things in the '70s when she last had a baby is the state of the art, so leaving the hospital in a fitted pencil skirt should be your top priority, and an episiotomy would have helped me tear less (eyeroll). In real life, I was 40w4d and DD was 8 lb. and never in any kind of distress, and in any case I'm not sure what she wants me to say about it now. "Gee, MIL, you're right... I really wish they had induced me at 38w on principle even though everything went great"?


I think I'm just annoyed with them right now because they were visiting yesterday and Evy was a fussy mess the whole time. I could possibly have headed this off if I didn't have visitors or if MIL hadn't snatched her from me the second I finished nursing rather than letting her drift off like I would normally try to do ("Grandma's turn!") Instead they took turns hovering around me, criticizing what I was trying to do to calm her down (On swaddling: "Mommy has you all tied up! You don't like that! Poor thing!" Never mind that when they undid the swaddle, she was quiet for 2 seconds, at which point they declared victory over clueless Mommy, and then she started screaming her head off again) and then eventually "got her to sleep" for a fitful 30-minute nap. I'm not saying I know more than they do about how to quiet babies AT ALL--they raised 3 kids and have 8 grandkids--but any visitors are so stressful nowadays since they have the potential to screw up the schedule so much. If they hadn't come then I'd have been able to let her sleep longer in the morning, and maybe she wouldn't have gotten so overtired in the first place. Not their fault... just stressful. Especially since I felt like I had low milk supply yesterday, so I'm pretty sure that was part of the fussiness. If they hadn't been here I'd just have let her nurse nonstop, which who knows if it would have helped, but at least she'd have gotten a little more. It's so upsetting when you feel like they're not getting enough to eat, and having people there when you're trying to feed and panicking about supply is just the worst and only exacerbates the problem.


WOW... apparently I am a mean bitter person since I am choosing to spend DD's nap venting about my in-laws. Sorry for the negativity! I think having to deal so much with family is honestly the hardest part of this for me. Between my mom wanting us to immediately and magically have a much closer relationship than we have ever had and being hurt when I don't extend frequent engraved invitations to come over--yet refusing to invite herself even though we said it was OK--and my ILs wanting to constantly be up in our business, it's just sort of stressful. I really liked it before when we would see family about once a month and do our own thing the rest of the time. Unfortunately having a baby has not magically made me a warmer or more kindhearted person toward the fam. I was kind of hoping it would.

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Hey everyone.


Boots, I'm so sorry you and hubs and Lyle are going through this.  Super tough.  I hope it clears up soon and you can go back home with your little man.


Erica, scary on the bp!  I hope it stabilizes and you don't feel like that for too long.  I had very low bp in college and was actually prescribed salt tablets.  Seriously.  It was soooo weird.  But it immediately helped.  I add salt to everything now and my bp is on the low side of normal. 


Sparrows, good luck getting done with Bradley.  I hear you on it being long and not really caring at the end.  I sort of felt like I got most of what I needed from Ina May's book, but I really appreciated practicing the relaxation techniques and meeting other preggos, so it was worth it in the end.


Everyone else, hello! 


I'm dealing with some serious frustration and am hoping to get some relief tomorrow.  I'm three days over EDD now and my sister leaves tomorrow (she came into town hoping to meet the baby).  The rest of my family (including dad, aunts, and uncles) are all going to our remote cabin on Saturday (my sister heads up via a different route Saturday too, which is why she's leaving here early) and I'm feeling really abandoned and generally pissed off.  I've had a few nights in a row of prelabor, including last night where I was convinced I was in actual labor only to wake up tired and really really pissed off.  I felt better after hanging with my sister all day, but now my feet are swollen and it's pretty much official that my sister won't meet the baby until it's two months old and my father won't be in town for the birth (this one pisses me off a little more since he has a choice in the matter).  My mom is hanging around, which is awesome, and my in-laws are very excited and they'll be here, but I just feel kind of betrayed that the first freaking grandchild on our side of the family is such an afterthought.  My in-laws have seven grandkids and it feels like they're more excited about this one than my own father.  I know it's not really accurate, but it's really hard not to feel this way.  Not to mention my feet are swollen, I'm horribly constipated and bloated for some reason, and for most of the day it felt like my hips were being cracked open with a giant vise.  I'm ready to have this baby and I'm just really really disappointed that the timing ended up sucking so badly.  Once my sister officially leaves tomorrow I think it will be easier to cope with the fact that the timing just sucks (instead of secretly hoping to go into labor every two seconds).  My preggo friend and I have plans to get lattes and pastries at our awesome public market, which will be a small consolation prize for a really emotionally crappy week.  I hope everyone else is doing better!  Hugs and squishes to the Baby Bajingoes!  And lots of hugs and support for the Mama Bajingoes still waiting.    

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Just wanted to let you know we are home, exhausted and frustrated but so happy to be here with our little guy. Thanks for the thoughts.


Lots of love to all, especially those mamas waiting for their babes.

x-post from DDC:(some repeat info)


I had a good birth but have had a crappy post-partum period so far.

When I say I had a good birth, that is in spite of the fact that my OB didn't show up for the birth or to check on me afterwards, never called, prescribed something for my bleeding that said it wasn't safe for breastfeeding, and then had the nerve to have her nurse ask DH on the phone "Dr S said what's the baby's name and how much did he weigh." I don't even know how to deal with the disappointment but for now I am going to my GP to address my anemia and see if he think it's necessary for me to see an OBGYN for some real aftercare. Even though I am so weak and passing huge clots, my OB said they didn't need to see me in the office, just keep taking pills.

Also, we had to be readmitted to (a different) hospital last night because Lyle's jaundice levels were high. I had basically no chance of flushing his system as my milk wasn't in and his levels jumped dramatically the day after we left the hospital. We spent the night in the PICU last night with the bililights, and he responded well. He had to have a scalp IV and it was pretty scary. Also the f-ing night shift nurses did not communicate to us that we were to continue feeding him with the IV so he went 7 hours without food, they just dropped off a box of formula and assumed we'd know what to do (plus it was confusing about how/if I could nurse him with the light and IV, and I had asked for a pump but had never used one. I taught myself to use it last night.)I was so upset when I found out he was supposed to be eating that whole time.

I started pumping and we have to supplement with formula for extra fluid.The good thing was at this hospital I got to speak to a great LC and feel okay about getting him back on exclusive breast milk as soon as my supply is mature. He has had breast milk at every feeding except one for the last 24 hours.

We are so emotionally and physically exhausted, we are home now and he's fine. But his levels did get almost to the danger zone and we feel guilty because we waited a day to take him to the pediatrician when we got home because I was so entirely spent and we thought he seemed fine and didn't want to be pressured to formula feed. They gave us a biliblanket and we also didn't really use that because it was hard to use and upset him, we sat with him in the sun and tried to feed a lot but as I said it just wasn't enough fluid.

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Wow, I didn't realize this thread had dropped off my subscriptions and ended up 150 posts behind! I missed everything!!! So just a quick catchup:

boots: CONGRATS ON HB'S ARRIVAL!!! He's gorgeous!! So sorryabout your stupid OB and the jaundice scare, but I'm glad you're home now and he's okay.

scowgirl: CONGRATS ON EVY's ARRIVAL! She is beautiful! I love the outraged expression too. I have a few special pics of Kayden from about that age with that same expression and they're some of my favorites orngbiggrin.gif

Everyone who is close: Can't wait to see more bajingo babies arriving!!!!!
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boots: So glad to hear HBlyle is home and doing well. I want to PUNCH your ob in the face for you though. I can't even. How unbelievable on all levels. My typical response to that would be a bunch of expletives, and I'm not sure I should be saying all that here so... I'm just going to call him a jerkstore. And the nurses not even telling/showing you how to feed Lyle? That's just ridiculous. How are you supposed to know?? That's a fear of mine. I'm probably going to torture my L&D nurses for exactly that reason. I'm too vocal cause I'm a freakin spaz, and my DH is so quiet and gets so embarassed by me. Lol. Anyway... I know HB is going to do wonderfully now, and he's in the best loving hands ever. Just take care of yourself as best as you can, cause that is what's best for sweet little Lyle. Love his little puss. What a sweet smile. Ugh!


scowgirl: Okay. You made me feel better. I relayed the story of your MIL saying "waited for TWO AND A HALF HOURS for an update!" anddd waited for dramatic reactions (I could see my MIL doing this too!) to my Mom last night and she just laughed a little and rolled her eyes and said "NO ONE wants their MIL in there with them. She should ask her MIL if HER MIL was in there with her. Cause I guarantee she wasn't!" I really don't understand why our MIL's think they're the exception. My MIL actually said to me, "I would ONLY let my Mom watch Michael (my DH). Never my MIL." I just looked at her and was like "Mmhmmmmmm". Really? You don't GET that you're MY MIL and I don't want you all over my freakin kid 24/7?? She's actually in the middle of making a nursery for Ruby right now. Yeah. Cause THAT is necessary. Yes, she'll be watching her but not THAT often. JC. She got a crib and changing table from a friend of hers whose son is now 8 and I asked her 900x if it was a drop side crib. Finally she told me that it was. I told her there is NO way that my baby is going in that crib. She told me that my FIL was fixing it so that it would drop down. And while I do trust my FIL's hand skills totally... I told her there is STILL no way she's going in that. They're freaking illegal to buy/sell. Why would she want her grandkid in there? WHY?? She's so ridiculous with everything else "You HAVE to go to the hospital the minute you're in labor." Um no. And the minute I get out of a Dr's appt, she's f*cking texting me to see what happened. Like all of a sudden I'm housing an alien and not the same baby for the past 9 months. GRRR. You are 100% allowed to have mean and bitter moments ESPECIALLY when it comes to MIL's Freaking step all over our toes. You want another kid? You should've had one. This one is MINE.


Lily: Okay. You seem cranky like me now. And all I can think of is that maybe like boots... it's a sign of impending labor!! Maybe that little baby of yours is coming any minute for real... I think it may!! I'm trying to follow my Mom's advice of not getting upset/stressed over things I can't control. Just do your best to let it go. Everything will work out in the end. Even if it's not exactly what we want. (You know... like me stabbing my MIL with scissors)


andaluza: Yeah, that's all I can think of. I AM retaining fluids all of a sudden, so I guess that's throwing everything else off a bit? How are YOU feeling, Miss? I think you're up next after Lily!


AFM: Yeah. I forgot to say that my feet are all puffy now too. And my hands a tad. I don't know why, but that makes me SO freaking cranky. I feel extra cranky and tired today (and I did nada but rest after work yesterday) I feel like my eyes are little slits today and that's it. I actually forgot one of my rings I got for my bday (my Mom got me a Ruby ring. How awesome is she?!) and it's a tad big, so it actually fits me right now... so I forgot it, noticed while I was driving to work... and started crying. Seriously? I think I'm just so frustrated that I'm still working and training my replacement and feel that our new owners (about 1 1/2 years ago they bought our company) are total douchers and not understanding. I mean, come on. I literally left work on Tuesday and had to have someone BRING me to the Dr. When have I everrrrr had to do that? Never. NEVER. But my one new boss is like, "you have to make it till next Thursday." I want to punch him right in his face. My old bosses (who are still working here) are so freaking nice. They were checking up on me on Tuesday night and saying to forward any emails to them, and they would take care of it. To not worry about anything... put my feet up and rest, and do NOT come in unless I felt okay. New bosses? Nope. They're emailing me all Tuesday afternoon/evening about work, and the one is texting me asking how to set up a conference call. Gah!!! They did have a small shower for me yesterday at work, but that was really all my nice ladies I work with. Not the new douchy bosses. But it was still nice that they did that. That made me happy. Even if the new bosses DID rush through it. irked.gif

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Just stopping by to tell Boots that we had to supplement with formula in the beginning, but Cara has been EBF for several weeks now, so it can definitely be done! I'm so glad you guys are home.

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