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Congratulations Lily!  My father thinks Piper is a potential nickname for Juniper.  So far we mostly call her June Bug or Junie, but love the name.  So glad to hear she is here and healthy.  Tell us your birth story when you are ready.  Hugs.

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YAY Erica and lady baby!!- you may be closer than expected!!  Yeah on the whole BH thing- I have weird pains and never know what they are- how can you really know unless someone tells you because every woman feels them differently and it is hard to describe them... so unless you have experience with them yourself- there is a good chance we mistake them for one of the other ten thousand pains and discomforts we come across- so wow can't believe you are already so close, I am the last off the boat here, keep us updated joy.gif

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Congratulations, Lily! What an adjective to describe your story hug.gif I love the pic you posted on our ddc of the gorgeous baby Piper!


Great news, Erica! Still hoping I beat you, though winky.gif, but I'm not sure about anything that I'm feeling!?!? So happy that you are almost done with work!


Afm, from my ddc: yesterday I cleaned out the freezer and we did a lot of shopping to stock up, also tying up odds and ends while out. I was pretty exhausted and stuffed after a late lunch. I rested for a while, then decided to bake a cake to celebrate the due date, and by the end my back was killing me. But I still went on to dust the house and then mop the floors after dh vacuumed, since he has some work duties to accomplish the next 3 days and won't be able to do much around the house. I think I was having bh and also back pain while doing that; in some ways I wanted to see if I could sense any rhyme or reason to the sensations, but it was mainly achy, so I'm doubtful that anything I experienced was near a real contraction. My back seems better after the night's sleep, but I'm going to focus on yoga for the next few days. 


This afternoon dh and I are meeting the other pediatrician I decided to interview at the last moment, since they have lc on staff. Then the baby can come! 

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Lily, just checked out the pick Andaluza mentioned. She is absolutely to die for!


Andaluza, thinking of you and wishing you a peaceful labor when it happens (which will be soon!).


Erica, good luck with your last few days at work!


Sparrows, add me to the list of ladies whose DH didn't seem to take labor prep seriously but was wonderful when it was for real.


CountryGirl, I can't imagine trying to prep a class right now. Anything that requires two hands (like typing) is a real challenge these days. Good luck!


Boots, I hope things are settling down now that you guys are home and that you liked the pediatrician.


I hope I didn't forget anyone!  blowkiss.gif to all!


Cara has been a smiley girl lately! Here's the first one we caught on camera.




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Ohhhh, Andaluza... you're certainly going to be before me, Missy! I seem to be having the same back issues as you. I feel pretty good, until I decide to do something... then I'm an achy mess. But sleeping and resting for the night def helps me! I'm trying to relax as much as possible, but it's dang hard when you just want to get stuff done. Can I TELL you how happy I was (even though I was physically miserable) after I mopped our wood floors last week? They looked so shiny and nice. Ahhhh, the little things. Lol.


2sweetsparrows: I'm guessing you very well could be having BH contractions too then! I really didn't know that's what they were. I knew a couple of times cause they were stronger, but I didn't know all of them were. I'm glad the Dr was able to confirm for me, cause what the hell do I know. Lol! And you neverrrrr know. You could be before me too! I know my Dr's assistant told me you could walk around dilated for weeks and nothing happen. OR you could even have zippo dilation and then go into the labor the next day. So ridic.


Caly: OKAY. That is SUCH a cute smile. Oooof.


AFM: I'm pretty much saying work can go shit in their hat right now. The Dr wanted to take me out of work as of yesterday and I told her I had agreed to work till Thursday. So basically I'm just coming in, doing what I need to do, and leaving. Soooooooooooo, it's about 2:20 and I'm leaving now. Hmph! I feel decent, just tired... but when I stand I feel so freaking uncomfortable now. Although now I'm getting a little worried lady baby may not give me a break at all, and might come really soon? I don't even know WHAT I think anymore. I just know I'm on her schedule. Sigh.

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Caly-Oh beautiful smiley baby!  I have yet to capture a good smile on film.

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smile.gif Beautiful Happy baby Caly- 


Erica- two more days... then rest and BABY!!!!

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From the Aug DDC, (thread "medical separation and breastfeeding")


Lily's sweet baby girl Piper has to stay in the hospital for a lung infection. :( Let's send lots of love for both of them blowkiss.gif

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Such a cutie, Caly! I can't wait to see more smiles!


Erica, you're almost done with work! Sounds like things are definitely moving along faster for you, though, so don't be surprised if you get to meet her before my little guy decides to show up! 


I was so sorry to read about Lily and Piper, but it sounds like they caught it early and hope that the time flies by and Lily can feel good about the milk.


Afm, nothing new or exciting to report, except not sleeping until about 3:30 am because we were having tremendous thunderstorms. I took a long walk today and maybe had a bit of back pain but that's really it. Well, also a bit of crampiness once in a while. We'll see if my cervix has made any progress at my 40.3 appointment tomorrow.  We've been dtd and nipple stim, but no contractions as a result. I had dh install the co-sleeper last night and I organized all the baby clothes. At this point all that's left is for dh to install another cordless blind...we're running out of little things to do and I'm not in the mood to work! I'm trying to be patient with my body, though.

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blowkiss.gif Lily and Piper- healing love your way, keep us update when you have time- 


Anzaluza- Your the next contestant BABY- COME ON DOWN!!!!!  Hope things start progressing- use the extra time to rest- I know easier said then done, I am sure there will be great baby updates soon!!

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privateeyes.gif Coming out of lurkdome to say you're in my thoughts Lily and Piper! goodvibes.gif
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Thinking of you, LilyTiger and little Piper.

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Lily-Hope your little family is home soon.

Erica-congrats on the final day of work.

Hugs to everyone.

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random pregnancy comment:  I really don't know why I am shocked and irritated each one of the FOUR times I have to get up to pee at night, I have been doing the 2,then 3 then now 4x a night thing for several months, and each time I am think..." well should I, or should i just try to sleep through it, nah, that is really bad for you, just try to stay asleep while you walk, but don't trip- that is even worse, it will only take one min, then back to sleep." 


thats all from me- can't wait for baby updates, 

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Hi ladies! No progress, really, but I'm managing to stay calm about it. I had my 40.3 appointment today. His heartbeat is good, his position is definitely very low, my bp has been stable, but I was about 2 lbs down from last week, which worries me a bit. Cervix is softer but only a fingertip open and then she couldn't get more in to try a membrane sweep or anything. Now I'm bleeding, though, which is a little annoying. She said if it is more than a period amount to go in, but it seems relatively light. I did walk around the mall for an hour after the appt so now I'm going to take it easy the rest of the day.


I had an u/s and he's about 7lbs 11 oz, give or take, and everything looks fine. I'll go back on Monday and have another u/s and regular appointment to see if I'm progressing and if all is well in there. Then we'll schedule an induction for Thurs (I'd go to hospital Wed night) which will be 41.3 if nothing has happened. Not looking forward to that, but I have hope he'll come soon!  Come on little guy!! We want to meet you. I would push to wait until 42 weeks, but that is dh's first day of school and he really doesn't want to miss establishing a rapport with the kids. He has a special population of refugee students and I agree that it's really important for him to be there the first few days. 

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andaluza, you have marching orders! Thinking about Lily an what we went through with Lyle (although it is not nearly as serious) and I just want our next August Bajingo babe to be born healthy with no extended hospital stay!  I totally understand the anxiety about induction, bleh. I hope things start to progress quickly for you, you know they did for me, I was barely dilated or effaced when my water broke. I know the fear of the cascade of interventions, and i would not want to wish pitocin on anyone, but I think I was convinced and looking at the statistics that inductions would lead to c section. The only "induction" med i didn't have was a cervical ripener, and I was still able to give birth vaginally despite hearing some whispers about whether I could do it at my size. (The doctor who delivered me  kept saying I was diabetic, --wtf, I saw on my chart where it said passed glucose screen--, and then they wanted to put my legs up more but thankfully my nurse was there to stop them because I was having terrible back labor/nerve pain on one side. So that's where the discussion of body size came in. Ugh)

I really hope you don't have to be induced but those are my 2 cents about it.


erica, yay for being done with work! You need your rest and mental energy all to yourself.



As for us, BF is getting a little easier after being fine before the bottles and hospital and then being super stressful after. We saw an LC which was somewhat helpful, but also just a few days with no bottles and lots of chances for Lyle and I to practice...

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Lily, thinking of you and your sweet baby girl.


Andaluza, you sound like a much cooler cucumber than I was at 40.3. Like Boots, I had no signs of labor before my water broke, and I went on to have a vaginal birth after pitocin. The odds are good you'll go into labor within the next few days. Hang in there!

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Lily: I hope babygirl is doing well! I've been thinking about you guys...


Caly & Boots: Ummmm, I want more baby pics! You know, cause you're not busy or anything. Sheepish.gif


andaluza: I got to the Dr. on Monday again too. I'm wondering if I'll have any changes going on by then? I know I'm a couple weeks early, so I don't know why I have it in my head that she's gonna be here like... in 2 minutes. Lol. I hope you're still feeling well. I seriously feel like this part of pregnancy is the HARDEST part. The freakin waiting! wink1.gif


2sweetsparrows: I laughed out loud literally on your last post. I do the SAME thing. Then I end up sitting there for 5 minutes awake, when if I justttt go my fat arse up and went to the bathroom... I'd already be back on my way to lala land.


Hi Tear and Scowgirl!!


CACountry: Um. I love your last pic of Juniper on fb. She has so much hair, it's adorable! I still don't think I have that much hair. Haha.


AFM: Well, it's my first freeeeeeeee day! I feel like I did a bunch of stuff I wanted to do off my list already. Hmph. That was quick. Lol. My DH was working an overnight shift at the firehouse last night, so I was home alone (which is typically 2x a week, so I'm used to it) but all of a sudden I woke up 2 different times thinking... "Oh my God. What if I really do go into labor? And I'm by myself?? I have to pee... But I don't want to stand. Maybe my water would break!?" Such a freak, I know. And especially since my Mom lives rightttt across the lake from me and my in laws live a few strees behind us. Since I feel like birth is so imminent for whatever reason... maybe I'm just panicking. I dunno. My friend is stopping by now for a visit though, which is nice!! I never seem to have enough time for that kind of stuff, but since I'm homeeeee now... yey, I do!!

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Hey everyone!  Sorry for not updating sooner, though I know everyone understands. 


Piper is still in the special care nursery, though we find out tomorrow if she gets to go home with us.  The frustrating thing is that by all accounts, she's a perfectly healthy baby, but her c-reactive protein level came back very high on Tuesday morning and it's an automatic course of IV antibiotics.  We're glad they caught whatever it is early, but it was completely exhausting to transition from sleeping with my beautiful newborn on my chest to running back and forth between hospital and home to be there for feedings every three hours until my milk came in.  Pumping and nursing non stop worked wonders and once she was taken off the monitors and I could breastfeed in a private little room off the nursery, things got better.  I'm still struggling with how much different this first week has been than we had hoped.  Instead of a week of just hanging quietly in bed and recuperating I found myself running back and forth across parking lots loaded with breastfeeding supplies, lunch, and reading material.  DH has been wonderful, but he was also struggling with not being able to help more since he can't pump or breastfeed, obviously.  It also sucks that this was really the only week we could afford for him to take off completely from work, so he'll be going back right when she gets home.  The important thing, of course, is that she's healthy and happy.  Nursing is going well, though she's still using a nipple shield because I have pretty darn tiny nipples and she can't get a good latch otherwise.  We'll work on transitioning her off that when we get home, but I had about two hours of warning that we'd need to get a good latch before she got taken away so I really wasn't worried about nipple confusion and whatever else.  


The good news is that after being told it wouldn't happen, we finally got access to the overnight room in the SCN, so Piper, DH and I will be able to spend tonight together for the first time since Tuesday.  The hospital staff have by and large been wonderful, though we were frustrated with nurses imposing their ideas about breastfeeding on us.  One nurse told me early on that I was being "too maternal" and that I needed to be more "aggressive" with her.  She said that Piper needed to learn that when she's being held by mom it's time to feed because otherwise I'll be exhausted when I got home.  She seemed to think I was insane for wanting to breastfeed on demand and that I'm perfectly fine having a baby strapped to my chest for the next three months.  I understand that doesn't work for everyone, but it's frustrating that she tried to force her ideas of parenting on me in an incredibly stressful situation and under the guise of medical advice.  But again, by and large the staff have been wonderful.  I can't wait to get Piper out of the flourescent lights and recycled air and into the sunshine.  I'll let everyone know how the last test goes (it's for bilirubin levels, so nothing serious) and whether we get to go home tomorrow.  So excited!  For now, however, she's sleeping peacefully on my chest and preventing me from finding the remote or eating lunch.  These are pretty awesome inconveniences to have right now.

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Boots thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience! I know that many inductions go well, so I am trying to focus on that. Sorry about the annoying diabetes error the ob made. I read what you wrote on our ddc about your bf. Hope you find the support you need.


Thanks for sharing your experience, Caly. I can't remember how long you went past your dd? 

I recall that scowgirl did too, but I also don't remember by how much. And I know Lily was due one week before me, so I think she went 6/7 days over.


Erica, sounds great to be off work and getting through your list so quickly! It's wonderful that you have so much support so close by. I keep worrying that my water will break every time I heave myself out of the bed in the middle of the night, too!


Lily it sounds like things are going much better and you have adapted well to the unexpected. It's great that you will have a night together again. 


Afm, I was thinking about acupuncture last night, but didn't make an appointment. Then today dh and I were out in the morning and I realized we were close to one of the highly recommended offices that also takes our insurance (although I have to meet my deductible first, apparently). I walked in to asked if they performed any procedures to prepare or help induce labor and they did and had a cancellation later in the day. So dh and I ended up killing some time in a local bookstore and then having a great Thai lunch (I remember your last meal, Boots, before your water broke!) and then I had acupuncture (first time). I checked with my ob to see if it was ok to try. It was interesting! I don't feel much different yet (well, some cramping), but we'll see how tonight evolves. Dh and I went for a long walk last night and I'd like to again tonight if it doesn't start raining. I will have leftover Thai for dinner and we'll work on other natural induction methods tonight...

The only annoying thing about being "overdue" is my mil and dad's assumption that the dates must be wrong. Nope, I was charting, did opks, and had a +hpt right on schedule and the 8 w u/s only moved the edd back a day or so from the edd based on lmp. 

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