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Erica, congrats on your baby girl! Welcome Miss Ruby!

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heartbeat.gifheartbeat.gifWelcome Baby Rubyheartbeat.gifheartbeat.gif

   Congratulations Erica and Family

Very warm wishes for your babymoon

             and homecoming!

  Can't wait to hear about her arrival!

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Congratulations Mama.  Welcome Ruby.  Sparrows- are you up next?

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Yay Ruby!  Congrats, Erica!!!!  So happy for you!  Can't wait to see the little peanut.  (And she'll be coming home to a gorgeous nursery.)  Very exciting.

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joy.gifYay Erica  and baby Ruby! Congratulations. Can't wait to see a picture of your cutie!

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Congratulations Erica! Such wonderful news! love.gif

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Erica, thinking about you and Ruby!! Hope breast feeding is going well and can't wait to see pictures and read your birth story (when you are ready to share) heartbeat.gif

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Congratulations ericaf!  Glad that Ruby arrived on time!


There has been a BFP over on the Bajingo thread - Kimble had a BFP and I gave her the link over here. 

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Okay, trying to write this quickly while someoneeee is drunk off the boob and passed out. Lol.


So... I went into labor around midnight on Saturday am. My hubs was at work, so my Mom stayed with me that night... my contractions were about 12 mins apart at that point and not too bad. My hubs left work around 6 am and headed home. I labored at home with my Mom and Myke till about 12 pm. My contractions were about 4-5 mins apart by then so we decided to head to the hospital. I was doing pretty well using my Hypnobabies techniques. We got to the hospital and they were packed. So I was in the pre-admitting area so they could check how far along I was before admitting me. We were there for 3 hours before I got my first cervical check. I was only 2 cm's!! I'm almost had a heart attack. That was IT?! I was getting pretty tired by then, so they gave me three options. 1. I go home. 2. I have a morphine rest. Where they give me morphine for a few hours and let me sleep and rest, then check me again to see if I progress. 3. Give me cervadil and pitocen. #3 was 100% out for me. I wanted to avoid Pitocen like the plague. I didn't want to go home since I live about 45 mins from the hospital, but I certainly didn't want to pump my baby full of morphine so I decided to go home. They wheeled me out of the hospital in a wheelchair. At that point, I couldn't stand. They were trying to get me in the car, and I just sat there with my head in my hand. I finally managed to get up and we were on our way home. We got about 1/2 a mile from the hospital and I made Myke pull over in a parking lot. I couldn't breathe, I thought I was going to throw up and pass out at the same time. I couldn't talk to him. I couldn't look up. It was ridiculous. He just looked at me and said "We're going back to the hospital right now." He called my Mom and we headed back. They wheeled me in and my entire body was shaking. I felt like I was having a seizure, it was so weird! Myke asked if I was cold and the nurse said "This is her body responding to the pain." They had a resident come in and check me which took at least 5 mins because I was shaking so hard... I was 6 1/2 cm's. In that 1/2 a mile, I went from 2 cm's to 6 1/2 cm's. No wonder my body responded that way... that was pretty damn quick. Andddd at that point, little Miss had turned around and was posterior... now I was having back labor. I would go from having a regular contraction to feeling like by back was on fire. I actually much preferred the feeling of the back pain, but... I didn't get a choice. My body was doing what is was gonna do. My Mom and Myke were beside themselves at this point seeing me like this. It had been 19 hours of labor with no drugs and just the hypnobabies. The nurse said to me "You can change your mind and get the epidural. No one will think any less of you." She was so nice... but I really didn't want an epidural, but I knew that I couldn't keep going and labor efficiently with my body shaking like that. She said "you can get a walking epidural? It's just a smaller version of the epidural. That way you can walk around and continue to try to move things along like you want your body to on its own". I finally agreed to that. They wheeled me upstairs, and I was moaning something fearce. The anesthesiologist came in and gave me the walking epidural. I asked like 900x to make sure it wasn't a full fledged epidural. I wanted to be able to walk around and keep things moving as they should. I was terrifed I would get an epidural and have my labor stall out like I always seem to hear horror stories of. The walking epidural went in, and about 5 minutes later my OB walked in (which we didn't even think she was going to make it because she wasn't on call!! But she did, just for me. I can't TELL you how thankful I was. And I made sure to tell her that 7000000000x) So she checks me, I'm 9 1/2 cm's. How the hell I went from 2 cm's to 9 1/2 that quickly, I'll never know. But, that made sense to me that that was why the pain was so ridiuculous. Of course then I was mad that I agreed to the walking epidural and I had made it that far with nothing. But I suppose it was for a reason, and my body really did need some time to rest. At that point my OB said "Well, I know you got the walking epidural... but I'm really not comfortable with you walking around this close to delivery." I was okay with that and trusted her... and within a 1/2 hour of resting  I was pushing. It was just me, Myke, the Dr and one nurse. Myke put on my favorite Pandora Station (Cat Power) and I just listened to everything my Dr said to do. I couldn't feel the pain of my contractions, just the pressure when each would come. After an hour and a half of pushing, out came Miss Ruby. 8 lbs 4 oz and 20" long at 9:52 pm. I had some pretty bitchin tearing so my Dr had to stitch me back together for abut 40 minutes. She upped my epidural at that point so I felt nothing down there. I was thankful for that except then... I could feel nothing at all. I couldn't move my legs or my feet, I was totally freaked out by that! Grossest feeling ever, in my book. But she finished up her handwork and we stayed in the birthing room just our little family, the Dr and one nurse. Even though it wasn't the natural birth I wanted, I was hugging my Dr thanking her for helping me get through everything. She even sent out a med student cause she remembered that I didn't want any. It was very very calm in the room, so it totally relaxed me and I know help my sweet little lady come into this world. I've heard so many people say that after their epidurals they were so sick or felt like they had a hangover... I honestly felt great. I don't know if it really was the difference of a lesser dose, but I felt nothing adverse about it in the end. It does still annoy me that I got to 9 1/2 cm's with nada, but... I suppose everything happened for a reason. I am so thankful for my Dr, and my husband and Mom seeing me through that. Although my Mom made me laugh and said "I'm sorry honey, but unless you get an epidural next time... there is NO way I could see you go through that again." Lol. I love my Mom. 


All is well besides that. My milk came in so someone with chubby cheeks is very happy about that. We did have to go back to the hospital for a billrubin check (all is good) and the pediatrican once already because of that (he wanted to check her out before we went for the bloodwork). And Miss Ruby lost about 1/2 a lb which is more than the 10% so he wants her to come in tomorrow for a weight check. But now that I'm home and sort of have this breastfeeding thing figured out... I'm pretty positive she'll have gained some weigh because she eats, pees and poops like a madwoman now. Lol.


I hope everyone is doing well!!


Here is a pic at the hospital and one at home passed out after a feeding!





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She's beautiful, Erica!  Your labor and mine sound eerily similar.  I went from 2cm dilated when I got to the hospital (offered the morphine too, which I initially accepted) only to find I was 5cm by the time they got me into a L&D room and the full 10 cm dilated three hours later.  Woof.  It was crazy-time.  I didn't get any drugs in the end, but the entire time I kept thinking how much I wanted an epidural but I didn't think it would kick in in time.  I did not expect labor to go like that... I don't think anyone expects FTMs to dilate that quickly.  And it totally sucked.  Congrats though on a beautiful baby girl!  What a great head of hair too!

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Oh, Erica, she is so precious!!! I'm glad breastfeeding is going well and that everyone is happy and healthy. Sounds like a very intense labor! I also wound up having an epidural, and my experience with it was pretty much the same, no ill effects whatsoever.


Enjoy your babymoon!

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Congratulations, Erica! What a beautiful little girl! joy.gif I'm so glad things are going well. Wow, that's a crazy progression to your labor. I'm so glad that you were able to make the right choices for your situation! Like Caly, I had a good experience with the epidural without any consequences, especially for the baby. I think I mentioned when I wrote about it how weird the leg thing was, but all the feeling returned when I was pushing. It was such a strange realization when the nurse pointed it out to me.


My parents are here and it's been great to see them with the baby and accept some help (although that was hard to do at first!).

We have had some fussiness on and off at night (why is this baby so calm and happy during the day but at night he is full of energy and his eyes are wide open?). At the 2 week appt yesterday we learned that he weighs over a pound more than at birth and has grown an inch in length and head circumference, so it could all be due to a growth spurt.

Last night was great, however. I don't know what to attribute it to: growth spurt is over? We gave him a pacifier for a few minutes when the fussiness began and it never returned, even though he slept and woke up to eat three times during the night, so could that have soothed him enough for a whole night of calmness (I didn't give him the pacifier other than for an hour at the beginning of the night)? Or, could it be because I didn't have any dairy yesterday? His sleep pattern during the day has had no bearing on whether he is fussy at night or not. It's mystifying, but I want him to keep this up.


All I could think all night was what a pleasure it was to spend time with him at night with him so calm and peaceful instead of feeling frazzled and incapable of maintaining his calmness for much time at all like a few other nights we had.


Hope everyone has a great weekend planned!

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Erica, Ruby is a beautiful little doll, WOW- what a dramatic entrance into labor- I alway think it is kind of a trip that they send people away when it seems like you would really know if you are in labor- I am so glad your dh decided to take you back to the hospital.  I also have to consider all of this because of my GBS+ a** and the fact that we are also 45 min away from out birth hospital.  We will be getting a hotel room up there for my mom because they only let one person stay with you at night and my mom is from out of town so I do not want her to have to drive back and forth- therefore I think if we have a close call we will just get a hotel and watch tv until things start up again- unless I end up with an induction.  You story really helped me kind of put this into perspective.  Her little chubby thighs are the cutest ever, she looks so peaceful.  Much love to you and your new little family I hope all is well and you are able to enjoy this time!!!!!



AFM- Project get this baby here has commenced.  I am 38 weeks tomorrow- we have finished our Bradley class (good in the end)  my breastfeeding class- knew almost everything- but watched great video on latch- which helped but we paid 70 for the class to watch a video???  Last- we went to a newborn basic care class- and this was a stab in the dark- I thought I would learn something I did not know- well, I started taking care of my little brother when he was born when I was 10- and I took care of him alone and a lot.  I then became a nanny in high school and college- and even in adulthood.  I always assumed I was doing things right- and I was- I learned NOTHING from the class- the one thing my dh learned was not to give the baby water, so I guess it was all worth the 80 spent learning how to dress, diaper and swaddle the baby.  Also- over the years I have developed very efficient ways of diapering and dressing that was way better than the ways they showed us-  c'est la vie???


We (finally) are getting the nursery done- I wanted it done long ago but every weekend dh wants to have fun and enjoy his time off, my annoying MIL keeps nagging us which really pisses me off because I am 100% sure that when she had my dh- he was probably kept in a laundry basket and given formula- she makes me so mad.  My mom is so much more supportive- she says "all the baby needs is a car seat, love, a place to sleep, diapers and mama's milk, the rest can come later, do not stress.  This helps because although we will get it done I think- everything will be okay.  My MIL- though says- "Well I use prefer things to be organized- that's just me" BULL*%^&!!!  In her house when she has a mess the shoves it against a wall and puts a sheet over it, and turns down the light and puts like 20 QVC battery candles and pretends it ambiance.  I like to do things correctly- so they take a bit longer- ugh  I really do not want her to come out.  Our schedule is to have my mom out for the birth and probably about a month- then my dh will take 2 full weeks off of paternity leave I told my dh (because his mom is NO help- she is a needy competitive CHILD) that his mom needed to come out when he was around to entertain her because I will not be available to host her- then  my aunt will come (to HELP) and by then it will be November, and the first 6 weeks will be over- hopefully I will be ready to be a mama- alone.  


We are going to measure the baby on Tuesday and make a final decision to induce or wait.  I think I may see if they can strip my membranes, and do the catheter thing to see if labor will commence naturally before- at least I would like a very favorable cervix if we are going to induce.  I go back and forth between feeling VERY pregnant and incapable and almost felling like I am no longer pregnant and full of energy it is really weird- I feel like during my "high points" I feel better than I have my entire pregnancy- then during my low points I just want this baby to be born.  I am a little scared of labor- not too bad though- in the end I look at it as the most beautiful- yet physically painful day of your life where you come out the other side with the best present in your life- and you kinda just need to heal.  Not bad- right?  Also I am a little afraid of the tired- I am looking forward to taking this journey with my dh- we have been through so much together over the years I am sure this will bring us even close and I am so excited to share our baby together- he is my very best friend and I am sure he will help us survive this.  I am a little confused by the notion that I will now change a role forever- the permanence of this is quite the existential crisis- No?


Sorry for the novel- I am just in that 'holy crap it IS happening stage- I do have to thank all my MDC mamas who already gave birth- basically all of YOU here accept many one poster- for paving the way with your stories and experiences and sharing- it has really helped me!!!


I am going to start the Fall post - hope to see you all over there- or in the Bajingo mamas group- heartbeat.gif

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How's everyone doing?!


2sweetsparrows: You know, the first resident who checked me in pre-admitting? When I had come back and was 6 1/2 cm's, I guess the Dr who checked me then called the first residents' boss to question her! She ended up coming to visit me the next day to check on me. She was really nice, and that totally wasn't her job at all. I mean, she was really thorough is everything she did with me, so I didn't question her when she had said 2 cm's, I was just shocked that that was all I was! My DH said to me the other day, "I didn't tell you then, but I had NO intentions of taking you home. I knew there was no way we were going to make it all the way home!" Glad my story helped you a little, and I think the hotel room thing is a great idea. I think I was in some sort of pre labor for 3 days before my contractions started cause I just felt off and weird. That's why my mom ended up staying with me that night. We just knew I'd be going into labor very shortly.


Lily: I was seriously irritated when I found out I was 9 1/2 cm's minutes after they gave me the walking epidural. I know everything happens for a reason, it just annoys me to know I made it for like 20+ hours on my own, and then ended up with that just because it wasn't what I had originally wanted. Hmph.


AFM: Well, looks like I fended off a lovely case of mastitis. As you all know, I only have the one breast to feed from and I had looked down one morning and it was all pink around my aerola and really warm to the touch. I ended up with a fever for a couple of nights, but talked to my Dr twice because I wanted to try anything to not take antibiotics. I've been hot compressing my ass off, and did lots of massaging one day and it seems to be all good now. No fever at least, anymore. You know, I'm really kind of irritated someone didn't REALLY show me what to do in the hospital. Because we were there on Labor Day, everything was all messed up and the normal staff wasn't there so the one lactation consultant came in and talked to me really quickly for like 5 minutes and then gave me some information and was basically saying I needed to hire a lactation consultant. I'm sorry, but for all you pay the hospital/Dr's/nurses/etc... someone should freaking give you a little bit of time! Even 1/2 an hour. Sheesh. I keep thinking of Boots because my Mom somehow saw that honey badger video and she keeps freakin calling Ruby, honey badger now. She thinks it's hilarous. Ruby definitely has her days and nights mixed up, so like everyone else... we're super tired. Andddd we also found she absolutely LOATHES being cold or even cool. Pitches a holy shit fit. Last night we ended up putting a little heater on on the bedroom blowing in her direction, and she quieted down and went right to sleep. shrug.gif Besides that, I guess we're doing as good as can be expected! Fall has definitely arrived in NW NJ. It was 42 degrees last night. Sheesh!

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sweetsparrows, I can't wait for you to join us!  Motherhood is so much fun.  And exhausting, but everyone tells you that.  You're totally right that it is a kind of existential crisis when you realize that you are someone's mother.   It hasn't really sunk in for me yet, and I'm not sure it does in any kind of rational way.  I'm totally in love with this little human and feel a kind of ferocious protectiveness toward her, but it's still weird when I think that she's my daughter.  Just a weird feeling. 


Erica, I also agree on the lactation consultants, though our hospital had some great ones.  The one I had the most contact with though would come into my room and say, "Any questions?"  And I would sort of look around, not really understand what was going on and say, "Ummm, no?"  The much better consultant actually followed us to the special care nursery and instead of asking if I had any questions said, "So why don't you show me what you're doing".  And then she gave me pointers from there.  So much more helpful.  I think it's important for LCs to realize that new moms literally may not know ANYTHING, so asking if they have any questions isn't really helpful.  I had read Ina May and so on, but until you've had a tiny creature attaching itself to your boob, it's pretty hard to internalize things you read in a book. 


Andaluza, I hear you on the less frazzled nights.  Piper went to bed last night at 9:00pm, we put her in her bassinet and I had a glorious hour of reading and getting ready for bed without feeling like there was a ticking/screaming time bomb.  She slept until 1am when I fed her and then fed her again at 5am and then she slept in until 9am.  I am glorying in this because I know as soon as she has a growth spurt, it's all over.  But I love spending time with her now that she's more predictable and less constantly fussy.

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