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Weekly Chat Thread (thru 7/1)

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Wow, the end of this week is July already!!! 


Question for the week: What have you been buying for baby lately?


AFM: I just bought a (used) swing. I think my next purchase is going to be a crib mattress. We're going to sidecar the crib but DD is likely still going to be using the crib mattress in her toddler bed. I'm trying to decide if I should spend the extra money on an organic mattress. I'd planned to get an organic one last time, but we ended up getting a free one with our crib so we just kept it and used it. 



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24 Weeks today! Yay! Baby greeted this milestone with its first hiccups!!! awww! I feel like I didn't feel hiccups with ds until much farther in the pregnancy, but these were pretty obvious and SOOO cute! lol


We all survived our flight although there was a terrifying amount of turbulence at the start of our first flight thanks to that awful storm drenching Florida right now. I don't think I ever want to fly while pregnant again...ugg, but it wasn't as bad as I expected although I think that's only because I dreaded it so much it couldn't possibly have lived up to my expectations of awful! lol


So, our rental set-up fell through a few hours before we got on our plane...which sucks HARD CORE, so we're in a hotel, but should have something lined up by the end of today. We're looking at two places...one that's a fully furnished two week rental that would give us the chance to check out the area better, and one that's an unfurnished huge place that's available immediately but a bit pricey. So, we'll have to see, but at least we'll be out of a hotel by tomorrow evening!


As to the question of the week- LOL! I've not been buying anything. I've got clothing covered now with what I've sewn/knit and the few things I picked up a while back from the thrift store...I'm going with like 5 gender neutral outfits because I know I'll want to shop for it's specific gender once it's born. And, we don't need a carseat since we're car-less again. And, I'll probably just stick with my sling and Moby until later on, so...hmm...I guess I just need diapers and a few things shipped over from storage. Mostly we need to spend on getting our set-up ideal for a birth without help...like crockpots, a bed for ds, some toys for ds that will actually keep him entertained, ect... and I need things, like more pillows, birth ball, herbs, extra sheets and towels for the birth, some nursing bras/tanks, etc...


Anyway, hope everyone is having a great week!

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Pregnova: I'm glad you survived your flights, turbulence and all. I was thinking of you yesterday! So exciting you can check out your new town now! I hope you find the place you've been dreaming about birthing in very soon. And oh yes - I just got the list of what I need for the birth fro my midwife last week. Not sure when I'll start working on it though - I'll probably put that off for another month or so. I don't think we'll need TOO much for it, other than having to order the $50 kit and maybe get some washcloths and towels and receiving blankets. I used to have TONS of useless flannel receiving blankets that were too small to swaddle with, but i made them all into wipes. 


My DD has started sleeping crazy late! 9:30 on sunday, 10:15 yesterday. It's 8:55 and she's still not up. LOL. Only problem is, I need to drop my car off to get a recall issue fixxd in half hour. Off to wake the sleepyhead...



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I'm not buying much of anything until our move in a couple weeks.  Well, I think we're going to stop by Ikea and get another little potty before we go.  There's no Ikea by our new place, and ds is still really attached to his Ikea potty, plus it will just be easier to have two kicking around the house, more likely to be one in close proximity when we need it!

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We're not buying anything just yet.  We've received some second-hand items for free, and more are coming from friends who don't plan on more kids. Between these generous folks and our families throwing baby showers, it's best just to wait for now. 


Pregnova, what do hiccups feel like? 

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I bought a Moby Wrap and a breastfeeding pillow on the weekend. I had a nursing pillow but got rid of it because my son was a puker and so it was majorly stained. I got a My Breast Friend one this time around with a cool pattern. I paid too much for it but I know I'll use it a lot. I've never had a Moby before but always wanted one. I didn't like using my hotsling during the newborn stage but I think the Moby will be perfect.
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I have bought 1 towel/washcloth set, 1 set of pacifiers, and 1 longsleeve onesie....  That is it....I wish I had more shopping to do b/c it really helps to be excited about nesting when you're feeling pregnant and huge.  Between my sister and I, I have almost everything that I will need.  I will get to go clothes shopping though, b/c my 2 other babies wore a lot of summer clothes when they were newborns.  I am excited to go clothes shopping, but I will have to wait until the cooler weather clothing comes out in stores. 

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Dandy- Hiccups feel super weird to me! lol Much lighter than kicks, but super regular...like little taps that just go on and on until suddenly they stop. lol Makes me smile though because it makes the baby seem so real and cute!

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Dandy: Like Pregnova said earlier, I didn't notice them until way further along last time. When you are further along, you can feel baby moving from the outside. My husband used to like to feel the hiccups last time. I wouldn't have known it was hiccups this early, had my midwife not pointed it out (she had hiccups while the midwife was using the fetoscope). But now that she has, I've noticed them almost every day! They are like lighter kicks and very rhythmic. Maybe every 10 seconds or so? I can't feel them from the outside at this point, even though I feel lots of other movement. :-)



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Thanks, Vegan. From the outside, my tummy sort of twitches or shudders. I could see it moving yesterday, and I just wondered if that was it. It sounds like maybe it is?

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Aw - hiccups are so cute! I haven't felt any yet. A couple of times I almost thought so with the rhythmic kicking I was watching and feeling, but it was too short, and I don't think he's big enough to see them from the outside yet. I'm just enjoying pressing on all the body parts that poke out right now :)


I'm like Sillymom - I have pretty much everything, except in different seasons, so I just need some sweaters and snowstuff to layer over what I have. I'm pretty sure I'll need a carseat  (still haven't chekced the expiry on the old one) and we do need a new bed (I'm thinking convertable crib) to sidecar to the bed.  I think I will purchase a Moby too.

Hibiscus - you've reminded me to find where I stored our breastfeeding pillow (can't remember which one it was) I found it useful too.

I''m going to pick up the alpaca wool today to start knitting the hats - I can't wait to knit a tiny little hat! 

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I keep feeling the baby's bum...or at least that's my best guess as to what it is, and every now and then I feel something very hard and longer that I assume is maybe a leg? It's crazy to be able to feel body parts! I'm not sure why, but this one really likes to bunch up...it's spent the past few days head down, (yes!!!) and instead of flipping, it just bunches up and I can tell the bulge of what must be the bum. lol Silly baby!


Yes, and the hiccups yesterday I couldn't feel or see from the outside...they were very low as well.

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I'm really enjoying reading about hiccups and babies moving around.  We had to travel to see family for a long weekend and the baby was extremely active the whole time.  Now that we're home it's gone back to being still much of the time and mostly moving if we're in the car or when I'm in the bathtub and right around meals.  It seemed like that baby got hiccups at least once an hour one day while we were gone.  It was actually a little tiring for me too by the end of the day...lol.  I'm thinking that it must be in a head down position too since the hiccuping was coming from really low down.  DS was super active all the time at this point and did lots of tickling and pinching me from the inside....this babe seems much more mellow most of the time.


I haven't made many baby purchases here recently.  I feel like I need to get this house organized and set up and then I can go through things again and see what else I think we're going to need. My mom's been sending stuff that we've stored at her house a little at a time so I've also been focusing on getting all of that sorted and put away. I'm still doing baby knitting too, but I'm also thinking that I need to get some things completed for DS for school next year so I need to start focusing on knitting for him a bit now too.  I ordered yarn for his "school sweater" today and he's putting in orders for some other mama-knits he wants as well.  He also wants the baby to have items that match some of the things he wants for himself....very cute!


I just realized we forgot to get our carseat and base from my il's while we were at their house over the weekend.  I thought about it all weekend and then forgot to get it out of their basement before we left....ugh....this was probably our last chance to get it from them before the baby comes too...sigh...

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We had our first baby hiccups this morning!  So cute!  Also, I'm amazed some of you can tell the position of your babies already.  I feel plenty of movement, but I can't really feel any particular parts yet, seems like there's still too much swimming room for that!

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I met with our doula today. OMG!!! she's amazing! I'm so glad I found her! She's actually had two unassisted births herself although one of them wasn't planned, and is just a super awesome person. I feel like we would have been friends even if I wasn't meeting her for a specific purpose! Yay!


Angelorum- lol about feeling baby's position. I have the opposite thing going on over here. It feels like there's barely any room left in there! I really have no idea why, but I feel like my belly is SO uncomfortably tight all day long and I feel like the baby is right under the skin half the time!

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Hi all!


Sorry to be MIA but it's been a crazy week.


Preg, sooooo glad you've connected so well with your Doula! I can't imagine the difference that makes.


I'm not sure if I've felt baby hiccups yet but I have a terrible time telling which part is which! He's moving around quite a bit, though.


As for buying things... not much. DS was a July baby so we have a lot of stuff but it's the wrong season. We'll also do the layering. I was given a lot of clothes a few weeks ago, though, and this past weekend I spent the day washing and organizing everything. it took so long but we have a nice stash of baby stuff. I also washed the bedding and liner of the Moses basket we never actually used for DS... actually he spent 5 minutes in it this weekend as he played 'sleeping baby'. Here's a sweet pic:




What are your plans once the baby arrives... anyone staying at home, working outside of the house, etc? I will have most of the semester off (I'm a professor) but go back mid January. I actually handed in my notice today as Chair, though I'll serve the rest of the year. It's such a major relief to be stepping down.

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I just got 2 big boxes of meds and supplements for breastfeeding in the mail yesterday and today!! I ordered a 3+month supply of fenugreek, goats rue and domperidone. Now I feel all set! LOL!


Plans for after baby arrives? I stopped working after I had my DD. I hading planned to go back but changed my mind 2 months into my maternity leave. So I will just continue to be at home when this new baby comes. :-) Though it would be nice to be getting paid maternity leave again. LOL. 


Zub: Cute pic!! I'm glad you were able to resign your Chair position and alleviate some stress. :-)


Pregnova: I'm so glad you clicked with your doula! I'm sure that is a huge relief! How are you guys liking your new town? I hope you have luck with finding your rental.


Undertheoak: Matching outfits is such a cute idea! I bet my DD would love a matching outfit with baby. We have only bought 1 new outfit for baby and it is monkey pajamas. DD was in love w/my DH's monkey pajama bottoms (purchased for him by his mommy LOL). So I ended up getting some and she did as well - now baby will have some too. Bummer you forgot the car seat!! I suppose shipping it might cost as much as getting one on craigslist?


I've been pretty slothful today. I woke up with a horrible headache and it's never totally gone away. DD and I haven't gone anywhere at all today! The one good thing is, I was actually home to sign for a registered package.



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Cindy- We LOVE it here. I know you'll understand how crazy it is (for us), but we're actually planning on renting unfurnished with a year lease! aaaah! I can't believe we'd never been here before. I will say though, rent is ridiculous here...like, more insane than your area which was a bit unexpected...particularly for unfurnished!


Zub- Cute Pic!


My plans for after this babe are to continue staying at home, but I will add that we plan on putting a pause on having more children for a long while. It's a mutual thing although I def. will want more at some point years in the future. So, it opens up some possibilities for me as far as 'working' goes. I had planned on training as a midwife in the future, so maybe once this babe is weaned might be the appropriate timing. Idk though things are all mixed up in my head as to how I think I'd fit in to birth work now that I'm going the unassisted route...


In other news, I've FINALLY outgrown my bra. lol With ds the boobs exploded overnight and it felt like I was constantly needing a new bra, but apparently it took until 24 weeks to have any breast growth this go around. And now, I'm dying...lol, I think I'll be shopping for a new one first thing tomorrow!

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I cannot believe that I am several weeks away from my 3rd trimester!!  This pregnancy is the fastest I have EVER experienced.  It's exciting and scary at the same time.  I typically am so much more prepared in terms of getting things done ahead of time, but I have done almost nothing with getting ready for baby (other than reading pregnancy and birth books). I keep thinking there is no point to get everything out yet b/c it will just collect dust between now and October.  But I go back to work in late August so I really need to get clothing sorted--but do I wash it this early??   I know that it is b/c we moved to this state 8 months ago, so I have been organizing and re-organizing our house, starting a new job, etc...  I just feel so different this time around-- I guess b/c it's #3???  I am just as excited--possibly more b/c we tried to get pregnant for so long.  


Anyway, blah blah...  enough of that.


Zubeldia-- I love the picture!!!!  I always loved Moses baskets, but was never sure if I would use it. 


Pregnova-- my doula is awesome too!!  (She's my sister) LOL


I too have felt hiccups-- I love it!!

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I forgot to mention that I am not sure what my plans are for after the baby is born.  I work 3/4 time in a great job-- I only work with the boys are in school (930-3) and I have summers and other long breaks off.....and the insurance is GREAT.  I am only paying $250 for my entire birth at a birthing center (barring complications)... And, I really like my job....


When I found out I was pregnant I immediately decided to stay at home-- but after thinking about it--- I am not sure what the best decision is for our family.  We can afford it, but it cuts our budget down A LOT.  And when we look at our future financial goals, I'm not sure it's a good choice.  Also, I am not sure how I would deal with being at home on a restricted budget, while sleep deprived.... 


I has been a very stressful decision to think about, so I am trying very hard not to think about it.  I honestly don't think I will know until I am on maternity leave.  I am taking 12 weeks off for FMLA- so I will go back sometime in January.

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