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Ive gotten 2 dresses for this baby.. One was bought before I even found out the gender (it was a long sleeve black and silver cat dress that was marked down to a dollar, I figured even if I didn't use it I could use it as a shower gift) and the other was choosen by my oldest when we found out the gender (a yellow cat dress, can you tell we have a thing about cats over here??).. Other than that I haven't been doing ANYTHING to prepare for this baby.. Im 26 weeks on Saturday and other than choosing a name and pulling all the 0-3 month clothing out (we were unpacking anyway so pulling the clothes seemed logical) I haven't done anything. I don't know if I can even count choosing a name since I had one choosen since DS was 2 months old and hubby was deployed haha..


Plans for after the baby: I homeschool my children so Im making about 2-3 weeks off around my due date.. I don't see myself going early or late (my other three were born 39+6, 40, 40+1) so I figured that it will give us enough time to adjust to the baby. Hubby gets 10 days off and then he goes back to work, although they have told him if needed he can apply for leave after his paternity time to help. We have already told everyone that we really don't want visitors, our house isn't big enough to allow for overnight guests (840 sq ft with soon to be 6 people is a bit of a tight fit). I figure after our "time off" Ill start back on a light schedule unless I feel up to doing more. I have had really rough recoveries with 2 of my 3 births so Im playing it by ear on what we can do. I figure since we homeschool we aren't really on a "time line" anyway. Im not even technically required by the state to do anything until my daughter is 7 (she is 5 now) but I want to keep her somewhat on the same level as her peers just in case she ever has to attend public school.


Anyone lacking motivation? I don't know if its just me or the pregnancy or what but I can't motivate myself to do ANYTHING.. I haven't even started crafting for this baby yet! Or doing anything on my baby to do list..

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Hi, all you beautiful mamas! Just back from a week in Vancouver with my husband, celebrating our last few months together as a couple. It was wonderful to have that time with him, but it's also great to be home again and back in our own bed. Kind of forgot what a pain cooking can be, though. ;)


I'm heading into the busiest teaching season of the year, so I'm not buying anything or really doing much in terms of the baby right now. But I am on my way to interview two peds this morning that came recommended from our midwife. Other than reading some pregnancy/birth books, I'm just figuring that I'll buy the stuff we need in September . . . or at least later this summer. But my focus is so much on my students and getting some $$ in the bank to squirrel away some more funds for maternity leave (I'm self-employed) that I don't feel like I have much space in my head to think about anything else. 


We just found out two days ago that one of our midwives has to drop out of our care because she took on a full-time job, and she feels she can't juggle everything and give us the care we'll need. Too bad because we actually chose our team based on this particular midwife. Oh, well. We do like the other midwife, and now we'll have to try to get to know another one fairly quickly so we can determine who will be a good fit for our homebirth. It's such an intimate experience that I want to be sure we've got the right match.


In terms of post-birth plans, I'm planning to take 3 months off and then start back up with my teaching again. I work from home part-time anyway during much of the year, so I don't think it'll be too huge of an adjustment in terms of fitting in work again. Or at least not like having to go back to a job full-time, anyway! But we'll have to figure out childcare after the baby is born. Probably we'll have someone come in in the afternoons/early evenings until my husband gets home from work. I guess the only thing I'm really going to have to figure out is when/where to pump in between students. Right now I've been having students come to my home, but after the baby is born there won't be any space for that, so I'll be teaching in the library 10 minutes from me. I guess I'll just go out to my car?? How long does pumping usually take, anyway?

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Boston pumping depends a lot on what type of pump you have and your body.. I had a double electric, I use to pump at least 20 minutes at a time.. every 2 hours. If I didn't pump every 2 hours I would get mastitis.. My main worry would be about keeping the milk cool enough so it doesn't spoil.

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Bostonmummy-- I have always worked part-time.  Previsouly I worked in early intervention and so I drove around all day doing home visits...  I pumped between visits with a Medela pump.  The pump had an insulated cooler in the pump, so I would put ice packs in it and that would keep the milk cool all day.  Then I would keep the bags of milk in my fridge, putting the oldest one in the back, so that they were used in the correct order.  Pumping usually didn't take long at all-- maybe 15 minutes.  I only pumped one breast at at time b/c I only nursed my baby on one breast at a time- so I pumped for 15 minutes every 3-4 hours.  I often was gone for 8 hours-- but I never had a problem keeping up my supply or keepin the milk cold!!  You'll do great!!



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Thanks, Sillymom! That's really encouraging and helpful!

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Okimom, I hear you on the lack of motivation.  I've got 2 weeks before my move now, and uh, I really need to get some important stuff done. 


I'll be mostly a SAHM, as I have been since school ended, after this baby.  I do want to work on some creative ventures a bit (publishing music, publishing knitting patterns, maybe a small etsy shop) but I'll have to see where I can eek out the time to do that kind of thing with the new baby.  I worked very part time doing alterations at a suit store when ds was teeny, but they were awesome and let me take him with me to work. 


I just checked out the Birthing from Within book from the library and I got some birth meditation cd's I ordered in the mail yesterday.  Hopefully if I start actually thinking about the reality of the upcoming baby/birth it will motivate me to get going on stuff!

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Pregnova: Wow, a yr lease? That is crazy long for you guys! :-) That's awesome! Do you feel a sense of relief to be staying someplace that long or do you feel a little trapped? LOL. I'm happy you guys love it there so much! It sounds like a perfect place for you. I am surprised it's even more expensive than here!!! Although not too surprised - a lot of people head there from California. 


Bostonmummy: I didn't pump while working but pumped every single night before bed to have extra milk to supplement with the next day (since I had low supply). I usually had 2 letdowns and was able to get all the milk within 10-15 minutes of pumping. Add a few extra minutes to attach the bottles and clean the parts off after use if you think you'll be pumping more than once while out. I do think they sell special wipes for cleaning the horns etc when you aren't near a sink. I'd think that with a nursing cover you could easily pump in the car. They definitely sell adapters that plug into the car. 


AFM: Holy heartburn! Intense heartburn has set in this week. It's daily now and super annoying. And not responding to papaya enzymes. My midwife just sent me a list of remedies to try. Yogurt was one of the things listed. I just ate some - and yep, I still have heartburn. Tomorrow I'm going to buy slippery elm lozenges. I have a feeling I'm still going to be taking tums though. Crazy to think my throat is going to be burning for 14 more weeks! 


Also, I think baby has her back facing out and her feet kicking toward my back. So I'm not feeling strong kicks the past few days. It's been making me nervous - even though I definitely feel her moving. It's just not as strong feeling. But I'm guessing position is why? I'm still feeling hiccups - at least daily now! And DH felt them from the outside last night. He was surprised how rapid they were.



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Another thing if you are going to be pumping is see if you can get a hands free pumping bra.. It helps to have your hands free to do other things (such as maybe eat a sandwich once in a while ;))

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Boston, I worked and pumped at work. I had no supply issues AT ALL and it didn't take long. I didn't have a hands free thing (I may this time, though) and would sometimes just pump from one breast at a time so I could have my other hand free to read, browse on the computer, etc. What do you teach? (I'm a professor).


Vegan, at my last scan baby boy was facing that way and I couldn't barely feel kicks. A few days ago I was feeling super kicks and now back to the very muffled ones. I'm sure it's position, though I know it makes me nervous, too. And I'm already on the Tums. Not often but once a day... I carry super high so I'm guessing that isn't helping.


Ack, I'll have to come back tomorrow and finish up this email as DS is calling for me.

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Oh I had a hands free bra for pumping. LOVE that thing! I forgot all about having to hold the things up! Well worth the $!


Zub: I'm short waisted and carrying high too! Thanks for letting me know you had the same experience with the position and lack of strong kicks!


So baby didn't move around much today. And after hearing Dandlez's news, I was so on edge about it. I mean she was moving but it was harder to notice unless I made her or really focused on it. But we went out for dinner and I had an outrageous meal of filet mignon, baked potato and creamed spinach - followed by some chocolate cake with ice cream! Baby was wiggling like crazy! I think this girl is going to be a carnivore. LOL. And I ate so much she got the hiccups at the end. LOL. I guess nothing else had excited her today.


Anyone with toddlers or preschoolers notice their little ones are more clingy lately? Mine is sooo clingy. It's sweet bc she is always telling me she loves me and wanting to cuddle, but she freaks if she is away from me. She even cried at the farmer's market today when I left her with DH so I could get some things without dragging her through the crowd. She's always fine w/DH - but she really missed me, she said. I can't quite tell if this is an unrelated phase of bc of the impending arrival of baby sister?? I tried asking her if she is scared or nervous about anything when the baby comes but she was very emphatic that she is excited. 



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Pumping - I stunk at pumping last time. I had weekly mastitis infections due to oversupply and needed to focus on DS nursing. If I pumped after he nursed to clear the breast it would only increase my supply. I couldn't skip a feed to pump since DS needed to nurse (he had trouble nursing in the beginning) so I gave up. I'm actually wanting (and possibly needing if I get back into my program and need to be at school a couple of times a week) so I'm hoping to get the timing thing figured out better this time. I'll also have to figure out pumping while at school if that's the case.


Pregnova - congrat's on the new pad. At least a year will give you time to really settle in with your new little babe, maybe make some other great connections in the area (like your doula!)


Post baby plans - Still planning on staying home. I'll have some courses left in my program to finish, but have some flexibility in starting back up. I'm eager to get it finished though so I can start my business. It will all depend on what little personality this guy comes with.


No heartburn here yet - I don't remember having it with DS. I've been playing with keeping my stomach acid at a good level to hopefully still not get it this time. (typically low stomach acid causes the heartburn due to the fermenting of food happening in the stomach, b/c the stomach acid is too low to help predigest foods like normal. THe fermentation pushes the food and acid back up.) Although with some people's build, I think how we carry must influence it too. This little bean likes to tuck in low still during the day, and I think I must have carrying DS similarly. I have a pretty spacious torso too, so who knows if heartburn is something I would normally get anyway. I know I have to adjust how much I eat at time otherwise I get too full, but no foods triggering it yet.


Baby movement's - I totally have days where I start to get to a little worried too. It seems like one day he totally wears himself out kicking, and needs a day to recover after. Now that he is getting bigger I can at least feel a body part and poke at it to get him to move a little if I'm really worried. He's finally off my bladder and cervix too - thank goodness, I almost peed myself a couple of times with his kicks!



I'm sure I'm missing some topics and people - my apologies, we have a busy day ahead :)


Still thinking of Dandy if she's ready and hoping all is well too...

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Ack...idk what it was because it didn't feel like kicks, but I kept waking up last night with some cervical pain...I'm pretty positive it was my cervix, but baby was kicking up high, so I'm confused as to why I felt it in the first place. We're walking miles a day now though, and I'm carrying groceries back on occasion,and I've noticed some soreness down there if I'm too active, so maybe I just overdid it yesterday? It was a lot like a throbbing feeling, but no braxton hicks or anything to go along with it.


Cindy- ds is is usual self, but he's stopped the comments about hurting the baby and goes around telling ppl that he's 'already' a big brother. He has been play-acting that HE'S a baby a lot more though...like he'll take a blanket and try to swaddle himself on the floor and then pretend cry and tell me he's a baby and needs to be picked up. lol I'm pretty positive he will take the transition to having a sibling horrendously. lol But, there's not much I can do about that now ;-)


In other news, we thought we'd found the perfect rental...a furnished one at that and DH shook hands with the guy to confirm that we'd be taking it for a year. We were supposed to move in today and sign the lease. And YET AGAIN, this perfectly normal, seemingly going to work arrangement fell through. Seriously, I don't know what's wrong with this town and how they operate renting properties. We've rented across the country for the past three years and NEVER had this happen to us until we started approaching rentals here! So far, both rentals that have fallen through have been because the ppl renting suddenly decide with hours notice that they'd rather stay where they are and not lease out their properties...to anyone! So bizarre. So, now it feels like crunch time again because we're down to just over a week left at this rental, and the findings are very VERY sparse.

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Pregnova: That is SO annoying! I think DH needs to push to sign the lease ASAP when you guys decide to take a place. I hope you can still find what you are looking for in the next week. May be worth staying in a hotel for another week to make sure you find something you'll be happy in for the year. I'm sorry this keeps happening to you! No idea about cervix pain other than I am always sore down there now. Any time I walk a lot or stand a lot. And if I don't get out of bed correctly I can feel my pubic bones pulling apart! I also sometimes get "cervical twinges". I first had them with DD, a couple days before we got married. I was terrified I was going to lose the baby that weekend! But my midwife told me when I got back that cervical twinges are actually a good thing. But those felt more like lightening bolts down my v-gina. So I get them sometimes now and thankfully I don't freak out over them anymore.


I definitely had a couple braxton hicks this week that were undeniable contractions, not just baby moving. I felt crampy and then my tummy got really hard. I had 1 each on 2 dif days. After standing or walking a lot both days.


I was going to be a volunteer in a prenatal massage class at a massage school this morning. Free massage! But I woke up w/a sore throat and stayed home. I'm a bit bummed. But right now I feel like resting more than schlepping myself into the city and looking for parking.



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I bought a swaddler - was purchasing something else from Amazon, and decided to throw that in my cart in order to get the free shipping.


Very happy to have passed the 26 week mark. I'm on bed rest, and at risk for PTL, so it's a huge milestone to have made it so far.

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I've been getting some pretty intense cramps when I turn just the right way when I'm lying down. They are so painful, and I have to practice slowing down my breath and keeping myself from tightening up. They usually take about 30 seconds to diminish. Anyone else get these? I figure any pain now is good practice for the real thing in a few months!


Zubeldia - I've had my own business for 10+ years tutoring students in writing and the SAT, and in the past several years I've moved more into a role as a college coach — helping students apply to colleges, write their personal essays, etc. I love what I do, and sitting down with students to get to know their stories is my most favorite thing in my work. I just wish that the busiest season of the year wasn't in my last trimester! I told my husband today that next time we can't start trying to conceive until the summer so that the 3rd trimester falls during the much quieter first half of the year.


Pregnova - so sorry about this rental thing! It's so frustrating . . . I always figure when something happens like that that there must be a good reason why it didn't work out. I bet there's a perfect place awaiting you. Hope you find it soon!


Thanks for all of the tips on pumping, you all. It's really helpful! I think I'll try to start pumping before I actually have to start teaching again so I can see what's involved, how long it takes, etc. Sounds like I should probably block off a solid half hour to pump in between students. Less than that would probably be stressful, I imagine.


Oh, and what are people doing for birthing classes, if any? I'm just starting to try to figure all of this out and am going to be researching the Bradley Method since Hypnobirthing is feeling a little too out there for me. Not that I know a ton about it, but I was reading Birthing from Within, and I just couldn't get into all of that birth art and foot bathing, etc. I just want some tried and true techniques, you know? We may just end up hiring someone to come do a one-on-one class since I'm going to be so busy this summer. Pricier, of course, but less costly in terms of stress levels!

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Oh Preg, I cannot believe it. I hope so much the perfect place shows up for you. Very sweet about your LO swaddling himself. I'm uncertain about how our DS will do.


Vegan, DS is a little like your DD. He is mummy obsessed and keeps saying, 'bye daddy', as we get into the car - hoping it's just us two! He totally loves and adores DH but, man, he won't leave me alone and I'm a little worried that he's going to be super sad. He is talking about all the baby things a lot, calls the baby, 'baby Charlie' (or baby Toast!), and kisses my tummy, etc., but the reality is going to be hard for him. I also think he's weaned. He's 3 on Saturday and he hasn't asked for milk since last week. I feel both sad and relieved as I think it'll be easier on him if he's not competing with his baby brother for milk time.


Are you feeling any better? Bummer about missing out on the massage. Hope you're feeling much better soon.


Chrisa, so glad you've reached such a milestone! Woo hoo!


Hiya, springmum!


Boston, what a cool job! I wonder if you send students my way! You know I did hypnobabies. I am not a very hokey person at all and I LOVED it. I did the homestudy course and it was very effective for me. It helped me by putting me in a very specific frame of mind and I was able to relax very deeply through the entire labor and delivery. It also offers more tools than hypnobirthing, apparently. I'm definitely a fan of it.


AM: So stinking hot here. A very busy weekend with lots of exercise and walking and beach time, and now I am so tired. How is everyone's sleep? I have been waking up throughout this pregnancy super early and unable to get back to sleep I end up getting up. This morning I was up at 4am and I ran 6 miles before 6am. I was back in bed by 8am but couldn't really sleep. Hopefully I'll be out like a rock tonight.


Anyone have appointments this week? I have a scan tomorrow (I have a lupus diagnosis so I get many scans) and a midwife appointment on Tuesday.


A quick question: I have a New Native pouch, an ergo and Becco... I am looking for something a little different for the newborn stage. Does anyone have a carrier or wrap they love? I don't want anything too fussy or difficult to get on or off, and while I like the pouch I worry about not being to see the baby when they're so tiny, and I prefer having them closer to my body/chest/

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Bostonmummy: 1/2 hour should be good to block off. It's great you have total control of your own schedule - you will definitely figure out what works for you. As for birth class. I was lucky that last time my birth center fees included a 10 week birth class. That said, it went over a ton of stuff and not a whole lot of focus on pain coping techniques. We talked a lot about possible interventions, what if we transferred to a hospital, etc. Watched a lot of birth and breastfeeding videos. My SIL did a Bradley class and I think she really liked it. I've also seen some cool classes offered through yoga studios that teahc positions and beathing techniques to cope with pain. In the end, my yoga breathing and low moaning during contractions was what helped me the most -  the moaning is all I learned from my class that I used. LOL. But I also had a pretty short labor. One thing that is cool about birth classes is meeting other couples in the same situation as you. I still keep in touch with a lot of people from my birth class (3.5 yrs later) and I hear that is really common, no matter what class you choose. Oh and we did some birth art in our class. I thought it was hokey but in the end, it was really cool to see what people made/came up with. Not that it helped in labor or anything. 


I'm just sitting burning up from my heartburn. I tried papaya enzymes then slippery elm lozenges - then gave in and took tums - twice. And then drank milk. Still not gone. Off to try the slippery elm again. Otherwise I think I'm going to be eating ice cream for dinner! It started today during yoga class. It doesn't matter what I eat or how much. A single banana with no liquid will give me heartburn now. Or just doing downward facing dog. I am pretty sure my sore throat this morning that made me skip the massage was from heartburn. I felt fine today. 



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Pregnova-- I am so sorry to hear about your rental...how stressful and frustrating!  Hopefully the right place is going to be waiting for you and you'll be thankful you waited for it!!!


I experienced about 3 days of really bad heartburn- but then it went away after a case a diarrhea.  Looking back, I think there was a GI component to my cold.  Now I'm fine, although I do avoid eating much after dinner so that I don't feel it when I go to sleep.  I do take probiotics 2-3 times per day though, so maybe that is helping (Gr8-dophilus from Now foods in case you are interested- I order it from iHerb.com).


I have been "Sick" for 2 weeks, although sleep deprived for 3 if you count the 1st week that my youngest was sick.  I had a bad cold the 1st week, which started getting better, but now it has turned into post nasal drip and a persistent deep cough that is sometimes productive and somtimes not.  It has been keeping me up at night and has become really frustrating.  My sister attempted to bring me a homepathic medication, but it spilled on her way here!!  :/  I have been using a Vick's vaporizere and night-- and last night I kept a bowl on honey by my bed so I could take a spoonful when the coughing started.  The honey works temporarily...but I am not keen on the taste of plain honey...   Any ideas for anything else I can do???  I really don't want to take any OTC meds, but would take safe homeopathic ones.  I also discovered I had plantar fasciitis, but the stretches helped and I had relief the very next day.  I did buy more supportive sandals that seeemed to help too.


My boys are 6 and almost 10-- so I don't have much clinginess anymore, although my 6 year old used to be clingy and now is clingy verbally-- he wants to talk constantly!!  I love it, but it can get overstimulating at times.  I am at home with them every day this summer so I have been trying to find things to do that are creative and interesting.  Being sick for 2 weeks has not resulted in many great ideas....  It has been SO hot here, that going to the playground is hardly possible until the sun goes down....


Also regarding pumping-- I didn't reuse the parts that came in contact with the milk during the day.  I brought 2-3 of the shields for each breast so that when I was done with 1, I put it into the "dirty" container.  I kept the clean ones in the clean container. 


I need to do more research on CD'ing.  We are doing it for the 1st time with this baby.  My sister gave me what she used with her daughter.  They all seem to be the brand "thirsties" and are snapped in front and then different types of inserts are put into the diaper.  Not sure what they are called (prefolds??). 


Anyway-- just have to say that this Due date club is like a breath of fresh air at the end of the day.  When it's time for me to sit down and relax with my laptop, I love coming here!!!

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Sillymom: Sorry you've been sick for so long! I bought a homeopathic cough medicine for my daughter once bc she is too little to take the cold and cough medicines that I grew up taking. I can't recall if I ended up using it on her or not, so I can't tell you if it actually works or not. It's called Chestal and comes in a liquid form. I think most homeopathics are safe during preg. My midwife said it was fine for me to take homeopathic allergy medicine - and that actually did help me. 


BTW Pregnova I got a chuckle out of you expecting DS to have a horrendous transition. I hope that he proves you wrong!!

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lol, I know, ds is just that type, I'm pretty sure he's going to hate no longer being the only child, but one can always hope! 


Thanks for all the sweet thoughts on us finding a good rental. I'm sure you all are right and we'll find something perfect...lol, certainly before the Baby is born!! It doesn't help things that we've fallen in love with a very specific section of our new town, and need to stay within this area to keep things really walkable with little ones. So, I'm sure a lot of this trouble is us being so picky. 


I feel sorry for you guys with heartburn! I've been lucky to skip it thus far, but I do remember a few bad nights with ds towards the end of his pregnancy. 


You know, the odd thing about all this extra walking is that my Braxton Hicks seem to have disappeared! lol I had just started getting them more regularly, and I've only had one in the past week or two. Sort of odd now that I think about it although I am drinking GALLONS of water now to keep myself hydrated with the dryer air here. 


Oh, and Bostonmummy- I took Bradley with ds and loved it. It was really nice to have other couples to talk with, and hear the experiences of the teacher and her husband. I also liked that it presented a lot of information that would seem redundant now, but was very 'new' thinking for us at the time. The things that stood out the most for me where learning the Brewer diet and getting introduced to new foods to satisfy the requirements for that diet, learning specific positions and emotional signifiers of each stage of labor, and really just being immersed in the concept of birth being natural and normal. There was also a lot of info about cloth diapering and babywearing in our class. You learn coping mechanisms like positions, relaxation techniques, and how to moan properly. lol But, anyway, I really enjoyed it then as a first time mama, and I was die-hard natural birth crazy then too, so I'm sure it would fit the bill for someone planning a homebirth! Also, it was a really nice way for my husband to feel even more involved as a lot of the focus of the class is on the birth partner and how best he or she can relax the mother during labor. 

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